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The Ranger *new Pics In Post #32*

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and the vids, when the colossus was in there.

hair trick FTW http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/hairtrick.gif

the roof

there will be new pics and vids when i get the subs back from recones and custom caps :spiteful:

thanks to everyone that voted for me!

rusty for the KICKASS subs

stewie for the badass amp

jonathancullen89 for the help installing and tuning!

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congrats my bro!!!! good shit man for sure!!! good to see a cactus sounds amp in the mix!

thanks steve! means alot comin from you!

very nice :)

i thank you!:)

videos with the cactus at .5 NAOW!!

new pics and yes new vids are comin soon! waiting on getting the woofers back from rusty after D1 recones and some custom dust caps :spiteful: will then have the cactus at 1ohm on the 2 XL 15s! got 40sqft of damplifier sittin at home to that will be goin in soon too! hoping to bring my 147.2 on music up the the mid 148s maybe 49s w the added power and deadener, and if not ill be building a new wall w a bigger port.

so there are a few decent up dates comin

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Congrats bro.

I gave ya a good run tho...Its all good one day Ill be system of the month material

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