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  1. My bad for saying what I said. I guess my point was ( I put it in a Bad way) was I don't trust others to do my stuff because wheb I do it I know it's to my standards. I really do hope what I said can be forgotten. My bad and welcome back jp Thanks everybody for the warm welcome back.Hope you been doing well noob.And Sanitarium It has nothing to do with backing down or anything like that. I guess I am alot easier to admit fault and say Im sorry than some people. I understand pride that people have too
  2. Thanks meade, It feels weird posting here as I know there is a lot of hate / animosity towards me. I've had a bunch of people tell me that they just didn't like me because meade didn't. I know not everybody will ever like everybody, thats just the way it is. I too apoligized to meade a while back for the dumb/childish stuff I did back then.Through text, now here for you all too see.Im not too good to say Im sorry.I still dont get the whole "If you dont install your own stuff, you suck and shouldn't be in car audio" attitude that alot of people seem to have towards me.I'll be the first to admit, I don't have the time or the skill to do something like I wanted done, a build of that magnitude is just not realistic for me to do in any way. Yes I installed some smaller things on my work truck (big 3, cd player, sundown 100.4, neo pro 8s/ 10s etc) but then picked up another shift at work and more side work also and wasnt able to finish it. Nick at obsidian had sent me 4 10s along with nick at incriminator sent me a 20.1 to go in there and it had all been sitting in the box for over 6 months. I didnt think it was fair to them to send me product to use and It not be installed so I took it all to James Taylor to get it all installed and I couldnt have been any happier with the outcome, I gave it an 11/10.( THATS WHY MY TAHOE IS AT HIS SHOP NOW)Yes I was torn because I really wanted to do that work truck all by myself but heck I dont know how to build no box! I tried twice wway back when (with help from people on here) and it looked HORRIBLE to say the least. Anyways I won't bore yall anymore, but Id like for everybody to get along also.Hope yall have a good night. just noticed I have 4,147posts on here, I spent a good bit of time around here id say
  3. Once a cheater always a cheater , reason why I've been single for 6 years, I've sat back and watched the game ( while just playing from the sidelines) and know how it works , I watch all these people get in relationships then one of them cheats lol.... It's like the way of the fure I swear. My motto is " if he ain't cheating , she's cheatin" just stay single and play the field like I do, you can find or attempt to find a relationship when you get older. Variety is good lol, I often wonder How people that are married or in relationships for a long time don't get tired of hitting the same stuff all the time lol but I guess that's where that " love" word comes into play
  4. Still watching man,thinking seriously about coming up and going to the carlisle show witcha..let me know when its done son.ED,sick work man,looks great!
  5. i like this shirt the best this one looked pretty good too on the floor next to her anyways
  6. tha fuck you talking about?i was gonna buy shit from him that i dont even need just to help him out if he had to start selling it to pay for stuff or to make it,sorry for that,you can buy all his stuff instead if he ends up having to sell it.
  7. lolz you a foo only thing i think tommy is scared of is paying for another windshield lol,to my understanding he gave people 4 YEARS to catch up and beat him and it never happend...am i right?
  8. they are whip audio,they are the loudest,cleanest sounding mids ive ever heard,no component set will ever compare to them,im sure its all about the install,but they scream so loud and clear its unreal..ill be trashing my components soon enough you are correct thats all it is,he knew the cheereleaders would get riled up over it and start running off at the mouth lol,wasnt ever directed to meade i dont think (cause he has no control over them),its just a joke,maybe its hard to see over the net or in a video,i never expected meade to get his feelings hurt over something tommy said jokingly.
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