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  1. please do not post video's on this site, promoting your website. Thank you.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f_vkEEYUrI
  3. My bad for saying what I said. I guess my point was ( I put it in a Bad way) was I don't trust others to do my stuff because wheb I do it I know it's to my standards. I really do hope what I said can be forgotten. My bad and welcome back jp Thanks everybody for the warm welcome back.Hope you been doing well noob.And Sanitarium It has nothing to do with backing down or anything like that. I guess I am alot easier to admit fault and say Im sorry than some people. I understand pride that people have too
  4. Thanks meade, It feels weird posting here as I know there is a lot of hate / animosity towards me. I've had a bunch of people tell me that they just didn't like me because meade didn't. I know not everybody will ever like everybody, thats just the way it is. I too apoligized to meade a while back for the dumb/childish stuff I did back then.Through text, now here for you all too see.Im not too good to say Im sorry.I still dont get the whole "If you dont install your own stuff, you suck and shouldn't be in car audio" attitude that alot of people seem to have towards me.I'll be the first to admit
  5. Weeds not bad, don't get stuck up on one lying girl, get on to the next one, there's millions of them out there, believe me, I'm running thru them one at a time lol
  6. i like this shirt the best this one looked pretty good too on the floor next to her anyways
  7. i blew thru a thousand to about 1500 and it slowed down to a crawl from there,still picking up a few to 10 a day..but yeah its a long process..fun times tho
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