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  1. i did that right when he posted too but still no answer
  2. you really should practice on fake skin first not your self at least until you can make even straight lines and shade without scaring the crap out of yourself . Ive seen too many people who get a gun and call theselves a tatoo artist . puting it to skin is alot harder tahn puting it to the paper. No offence intended but please practicebefore you sdo more of that to your self
  3. i justwanted to knowif the trade ins for the presale onlyappliedto 3000d's or can i use the 1500d also and howmuch appies to the presale for the 1500d
  4. Ok Bro , here's some picks of the 1200d. Just letme know whats up with the vid ,and what you want to do .