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  1. there was one on caraudio.com yesterday
  2. looks good Bro . looks more anime inspired than bio or brutal . IM more into the paul booth style myself
  3. i justwanted to knowif the trade ins for the presale onlyappliedto 3000d's or can i use the 1500d also and howmuch appies to the presale for the 1500d
  4. check it out still at $200 and less than 48 hours left not sure why its flawless and retails for $3400
  5. itsmy brothers amp he just started it at $1 sosave on the fees . its almost new and he just payed $3400 for it a year ago and barely even used it . hes hoping hegets back atleast $2000 on it .
  6. CRITICAL MASSS UL-A2500 $3500AMP ON EBAY FOR CHEAP http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170352002213
  7. this is what i came up with so far does this look about right top/bottom 40x22 right20.5x13.5 back40x13.5 ft34.25x13.5 port1 15.5x13.5 port2 10x13.5 then just add 45's i came up with it being [email protected] does that seem about right
  8. i really need a full design if you could . its going in a tahoe so whatever you think will be best for a daily groundpounder box . thanks bro
  9. im looking for a daily ground pounder box for a 18"nightshade. JacobI thought I saw somewhere that youhad some designs .If not someone please help me out . Its for a tahoe so size dosent matter . perfer sub up port back . thanks everyone . if you dont wantto post it here email me at [email protected]
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