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  1. pstone11


  2. That looks good man, love that pallet of subs!
  3. Ah crap - I am getting pretty old - RIP old man..... Adjusting the V-hold to get the channel to come in right with that sweet purpleish tint is a good memory for me...
  4. Thanks for the info. Ray - It's a 12 spoke and the SP4.
  5. Somebody has to have a couple baskets lying around to match up. I have a feeling that the TI basket might ba a hair wider..
  6. Box is in Italy along with the car. Building a new box isn't much of an option at the moment. Just looking to see if a direct swap is do-able.
  7. Does anybody know if the standard 15" 12 spoke basket and the TI basket like the SP4 uses has the same mounting size and pattern? Reason I'm asking is that we have a box with studs permanently installed for invert mounting 12 spoke subs and want to switch up to the sp4 but don't know of they will bolt up. Any help would be great.
  8. Well, if you read the rules you should have seen the part that says YOU NEED PICS WITH YOUR USERNAME AND AN ASKING PRICE. Try again.
  9. I use an epicenter but not for a "bass knob" like you guys are talking about. It is very valuable for adding a bit of bass in to songs that are lacking or songs in a different genre. I still use my gain knob that came with my 12k 99% of the time but the epicenter knob will let me hairtrick on country music with just a little tweak...add/restore a little bass is what the good units do. The PG basscube is also a good unit.
  10. Yup - the search function goes a long way on this forum. Do a little research - there is a TON of info on this site already about these amps.
  11. Not enough posts to sell here. Please read the rules
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