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  1. B and this truck is like a sneakerhead and his Jordans.... just changing stuff up like a madman, never know what is coming next - love it!
  2. Woa, first time I've been called bubbly - I had the disclaimer up at the beginning of this build that I am an extremely sarcastic person.. Bubbly is just...weird. I think I'm a little uncomfortable now.
  3. That's a trim panel. It isn't "sealed off" right there - I guess I wouldn't know since I'm not legit.... thx...pstone....did not do it his build.....#""""""B"""""" did it.....HIS RIDE :) :) :) ....ONLY GETTING "B"etter .....lolllllll Wow, more proof - don't have the skills that you do it seems....
  4. You know what I love about this truck...? I have to compare it to fostering dogs like me and my wife do.... We take animals in from bad owners, love them, train them, build them up to be healthy and happy, then move them along to (hopefully) better owners. This truck came to me from a bad owner, it was neglected and in poor shape when it got here. I did my best with what we had to rehab it, love it, and build it up to be an awesome, reliable, and badass machine with a full compliment of awesomeness. Then, I moved it along to it's rightful owner who, as you can all see, is helping it grow into something that is above and beyond anything I had ever imagined... This truck "B" pretty sweet....Very happy it is being so well cared for.
  5. he better send me pics.... no sloppy seconds for me..... BRIAN! - Don't make me come down there.
  6. I love how this truck just keeps progressing - always something awesome in the works, or a new surprise on the works! Glad I could deliver the foundation for this ridiculous (maybe neverending) project! Can't wait till the random pics of the new stuff show up on my phone!
  7. Guess the quote button doesn't like me - just replying to 2000lade - Thanks man - what's wrong with the kicks? That's pretty much the only place I had left to get those 4 6.5's mounted in there. They are a little bit of a pain to maneuver around, but they sound good.
  8. Man, you guys are crazy - Who said that there was a failed triple joint on that first sub that went out? I sure didn't because that's not what happened. BTW - Notice that the hatch and amp rack still open and close just fine after 4 wheeling and getting stuck - - - imagine that, Right? Looking forward to the upgraded animal.... gonna be crazy.
  9. I only have that first pic I took right after I put the recone in - It did a 58 and change during tuning with plenty left in it. I pulled a quick 59.4 before I put it on the truck but my neighbors weren't having it.... Brian can go ahead and post up the first 60.
  10. Haha - love that video!! I have the #'s I was sweeping before I sent the truck off but that's up to B to let out of the bag. Who said anything about switching sub companies?
  11. Brian - - - -- Don't let the thread die. Stormtrooper is leaning past unreal and into the unstable zone.... It's going to be wonderful.
  12. I have some for it already - getting the transmission ready to go back in/gotta pull the steering gear and rebuild it as well.. Should see it on the road in a couple weeks.