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    A big one would work with any size subwoofer or surround. It would just have to be positioned correctly each section.
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    @Taxed1 that’s a smart idea and it can double as a bass recipe, over easy, for sure. @MG88 i like your idea too. y’all are some smart bass heads. But when you do so much bass’n like I did, then your brain cells tap out and get out the vehicle lol!
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    I agree with 1.21giga. Even the pre/pro fab from D4S for a single 15 is 300 bucks.... For that price you can get a box custom built... And for that SUV, i would go with Sub up and port back to the rear if you had the room for it. But using your current box is a possibility... But i would not be surprised if that enclosure is tuned a bit high if it was custom built for that 3515 by someone that had experience with the older non ESP DD subs... Back in the day is was very common to tune boxes for those subs around 40hz. And they worked in a WIDE range of sizes... Even the newer 15s are listed from 3-6 cubes per sub... Thats a BIG variance. Not all subs work well in that big of a variance. Its always best to have a box built for the sub and vehicle it will be in... But in order to pick the perfect sub for that box we would need to know tuning, port volume, and net volume. If you have any tools and experience working with wood you could likely build you own. 1.21 is great at designing boxes and if you sweet talk him he may help you out if he has the time. If not, there are a lot of builders that sell plans, designs, made for your vehicle, sub, and power. There is also builders that sell flat pack/ glue and screw boxes... Meaning you order a box that comes with the wood all precut and you just assemble it, which makes the price cheaper than a built box and reduces shipping charges... Or you could order a completely built box.
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    Thats comparing apples to oranges there. The last DDs i had were the very lowest level subs they sell, the 200 series 10" subs, in that case YES, the 12" sundowns were better, BUT i have also used the DD 3512s, and they are much better than the sundown SA series.... It really depends on the series of woofers you choose for each brand. I will say you will get more bang for your buck with sundown. DD is very expensive to get their top of the line woofers. Sundown aint exactly cheap, but compared to DD it is a good bargain.
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