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    Measured results??? Pfft...are you blind?? did you not see those flapping shirts and that sweet ass half window up paper trick??
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    The problem is your port velocity won't be low. It will be over 50 m/sec, you will be throwing 2/3rds of your amp power away to port compression. As far as all the examples you posted, there are two problems. The first is we don't know the specifics of those installs (box size, tuning frequency, input power, etc), so I can't say whether they have enough port area or not. The second problem is just because they are getting good performance with what they have doesn't mean they wouldn't get a lot better performance if they ran more port area. Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't, again without knowing the specifics no one can say. Its your build, do what you want, I really don't care. I'm only telling you this stuff because I'm trying to help you. Its up to you whether you take my advice or not. I've personally done a fair amount of port optimization testing where I used a calibrated mic to actually measure output and what happens to it when you don't have enough port area. But if you would rather rely on the ear-o-meter or how hard a shirt flaps in a youtube video, good luck with that. If you want to see the testing I've done you can see it here: https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/204068-port-compression-and-optimization/
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    Yeah especially after he already posted videos of everyone else's system but can't figure out how to post his. Its more like scamshairtricks
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    Dear wannabe suicide bomber: Fuck your martyrdom, you piece of shit. I hope you shit in a colostomy bag for the rest of your life in prison. Sincerely, MURICA
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    Not sure if that makes this situation better or worse. 😂
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    You are correct that lower tunings will have lower port velocity compared to a higher tuning, but are you aware of how much lower? In your case it won't be enough. Here it is in WinISD: The green line is your Skar 15 in a 4.16 cu box, tuned to 21 Hz, with a 6" round port. The yellow line is the same thing tuned to 32 Hz, for comparison. As you can see the port velocity is less with the lower box, like you said, but its still WAY TOO HIGH. You need to be under 30 m/sec, and even lower would be better. Now if you still want to debate with me why you think I'm wrong, that's fine. But I'm only going to participate if you are able to come up with some actual evidence to support your opinion, and by evidence I mean measured results.
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    Haven't been able to get full numbers but the box is tuned to 29Hz and so far seems to peak at 31Hz. Should be good for a 140dB+ daily after some testing! Would be higher but there's a lot of cabin space to fill in that Suburban. Everything sounds great and I couldn't be happier. The timing was awesome as well since I literally just got this truck and was planning to put in a system. Nothing's better than that SOTM WINNER Banner though! 😎
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    That old main battery is killing your second battery, a bad battery will pull all other batteries down, and not the other way around where it raises your bad one up.
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    What youre hearing is the port noise from your undersized port
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    Found a bad battery in my bank (heard a very subtle whistle/whine and noticed the bump in the 3rd cell). Also, weather cooled down a bit and with the removed dead weight ^^^, gained 0.8dB from the last time I metered it, didnt rescope amps or anything.
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    finally going to finish this! ive installed a 250A singer alt.. but bad news is ive destroyed a passive radiator. i ordered new 'high excursion' PR's which will hopefully keep up with the lms. while im waiting on the new prs ive decided to rebuild the box, re do the tablet mold and mold the processor control into the console.
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    Bout to get fancy with this PDC from Tony at CE Auto Electric. Life's kinda busy with the holidays and all so I'll be wiring this thing up when I get some chill time in the garage. Im really happy to have my bass squat back. Stanced up proper
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    Just wanted to let everyone know I received the skar winnings! Super pumped to get this stuff installed in my car! Again, want to say a huge thank you to Steve and skar, and everyone who made this possible!
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    Ya that's Cindy Lou whore not c8ndy Lou who. And on that day it wasn't the Grinch's heart that grew three sizes...
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    Reason why I never plaster my rides with stickers, thieves probably wouldn't have even noticed it if it didn't.
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    Not true. We all know Herbert is into Chris and Stewie, not Meg
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    never seen 4 awg welding wire, and I know a lot of welders at least 10. lets call him "Mr. 300", because he brags about getting a SKAR amp and SKAR sub for 300 bucks. Probably got it from some meth head that stole it from someone that knew what they were doing but he needed a quick fix. really though CAM's pics of fail. Or is your system just that crappy to not show and you are scared to be made fun of. You pop up out of nowhere and have this slamming ass 20htz system but no proof. no build log, no pics of your equipment nothing. I post pics, videos, and prove my shit. So step up or STFU.
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    I posted this in 18+ thinking it was inappropriate but never mind, lol
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    Cam, your just being ignorant. You have some grandiose delusions on your box, tuning, and port size. You can't hear 21hz, that is just nothing more than a glorified air pump for hairtricks. You have been given great advice that you simply ignore, and substitute it with your own.
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    It's funny that every time I see this guy post the thread is hot and top of the forum for a couple days.... But I feel like there is nothing to be learned here (other than you can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it)...
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    Werk werk werk Prepping that bus, buster Fuse block Super cheap to fab your own fuse blocks. My Sonic got some fancy shit from 12V MetalWorks, but I dont think I'll ever pay for a fuse block again after having done this for my buddy's JK. Proper tools make this a breeze More coming soon.
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    And it's kinda odd yours played good 35-40 , and he said his, no matter where he tuned the box only likes to play like 11hz or something? Different styles, of the same vehicle or ?
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    Careful there, 77... Walls dont impress Cam. Not one bit.
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    Many years ago, i too had the ginger mullet
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    Bungholes welded. Oil pan back in. Time to start the top half. It's about to get upgraded fuel pump and injectors. All this work and we still haven't gotten to the fun stuff haha! well ONE header is on....
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    Updated a few things on the build... Added the alt and the 4th bank of caps.
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    In theory, two subs on half power would be equal to one sub on full power. In practice the two subs will probably be slightly louder due to less power compression, etc. In your situation, I'd just wire the two subs to .5 ohm and make sure your gains are set properly.
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    Come on, dont lie, we both know they dont drive any better the rest of the year, lmfao.