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    the pussy and ass is centimeters away so if you eat pussy right, you licked an ass. Besides, what if the rainbow came from her pussy lol
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    You just havent met the right girl.
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    After much deliberation, I've started ordering gear! I've ordered: 150' welding 1/0 from wireandsupply.com A shit load of 1/0 lugs Heatshrink and battery terminals from Sky High a Sony MEX-XB120BT and a couple RCAs from Sonic Electronix An SPL Cartel mini-grenade bass knob in American flag finish An Orion HCCA 8000.1D A Winston 90ah lithium bank with passive balancing At this point, everything but my alt/mids and highs are ordered. Stay tuned for more often updates; I'm trying to get this playing in the next month.
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    Power rating or not, the amps hold up to abuse to my knowledge. This Orion craze, well let's see where it's at in a year and what product failures are presented. Some think having a tech on site to repair amps at a show is dedication. I see it as a complete lack of quality. Build an amp that doesn't blow up when people need it the most and you won't need a guy there to repair amps... Just my $.02.
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    Here is my latest project build! Starting with the finished look: For this box build I'll be using two Focal P25FS Shallow Mount Subwoofers. These have the Flax Cone. I'll be using the new Mobile Solutions Carbon Template Started with cutting all my wood, and making the speaker hole cutouts
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    I got a couple hours of filling/sanding done yesterday, and built a new, thicker port retaining bracket. I also made my final home depot run list for this build; I'm getting stooooked.
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    You'd rather lick something that looks like this than a chocolaty startfish?
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    Added threaded fasteners, these will secure the subwoofers in place Box assembled, and looking good, the front face is sunk down in so I can add the beauty panel I laid out my plan for the design on this outer board Here I am making the main insert piece. I stick the templates to the board and will flush trim them on the router, see the video for more details.
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    After I left the lil get together last night I realized my bass knob was about a quarter turn down and I didn't give the car any gas... Took score from passenger kick panel area. First time metering anything. Car has more in it. Original plan was two X12's but I didn't want to build box in trunk and I got a SUV so I chilled on the 150 number ( I had no clue what a 150 took until I sat in a 150db vehicle). I understand 5db is a lot. I'm confident that 2 2500rms 12's on a lot of power will get me close. Not chasing numbers cause I love music but I'm rebuilding soon. Thinking a 5k board wired down might have a lil something to say. Lol. I should've left that damn meter alone.
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    God damn. I'm loving this CZ. Dare I say my fav ive played with ever? Its wicked accurate right out of the box. (Shame I'm not,.. meh) I'm about 400 rounds in on my personal CZ, and it's just getting better. The trigger... is the best I've handled. I know that isnt a large group but, I love it. Nate,.. thanks for the recommendation dude. Sincerely. I'm super pumped to even know and now own the piece(s) . Got some swag coming for one, the other is for friends/fam, and to sit in my safe. Anywho... get out and get shooting!!!
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    Have you tried to move the port though?? should be first step in any audio system
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    Hell yea you can play a tone measure the ac output of amp 1 then set amp 2 to that same number insuggeat disconnecting subs for this no this is not how you set gains for a clean signal but will do just fine for gain matching
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    The ECO tray is a great set of router bits for those just getting started. It worked awesome to do everything for this build along with the new Carbon template shape.
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    Now that this piece is flu sh trimmed I add the chamfer on the inside. I also cut a piece of PVC material to give a nice accent to the insert piece. The outer insert was also fabbed up to flush the center insert into place. I then cut out the center hole and the board thus allowing the subwoofers to play through it. I wrapped the insert piece with grey vinyl. Really happy with this wrap job as it turned out perfect. For all the steps in this project I used the new Mobile Solutions ECO Tray that I helped them design.
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    This is a prime example of not always gettn what u pay for. Just because its expensive and a big brand name doesnt mean its the best. Definatelly something goin on. I mean sure it does rated at 14.4 or high 13s but damn. To say any test that doesnt show their numbers they got is wrong is just shitty imo. Especially when its implied at u big d. If anything you give a best result scenario with high voltage and dual inputs. Love your tests man. Ty alpinenut for sharing all these dynos.
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    Wonder what kinda shit storm this will cause....... Getting my popcorn ready.
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    You aren't weird, well at least not in this regard 8" drivers are for when you absolutely can't fit anything bigger. They aren't real subs IMHO for exactly the reasons you described. There just isn't enough room to have a decent sized coil and still have space for a spider big enough to allow some good excursion. Real subs start at 10" and go up from there.
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    I Was in the hallway and my aunt was in her room with the door closed. It was pitch black and silent in the hallway. She farts unladylike and scares me
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