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    10$ of copper from the local supply, beaten into shape (I dont have a press brake... yet?) drill some holes Got the main bus and stock ECU fuse block floating in air Rep it Finished under the hood! ...4/0 chassis and alt grounds, 4/0 power cable from the alt, and 4/0 power/ground pair going to the rear.
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    The 2017 HiFonics Brutus BRX3016.1D has a spec of 3000 watts at 1 ohm, but no mention of this being an RMS, MAX or Peak rating. We know many of you out there are interested to know as well, so BigD coughed up $260 to buy one of these amps to test for you guys. Make sure you watch all the way until the end...there are quite a few extra tests after the credits, including some very surprising results! Please like, comment and share this video! Watch on YouTube in 1080P HD or embedded below:
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    These subs are WAY more impressive in person, I am absolutely in love with these things. The guys at DC out did themselves on these
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    well this person beat their box rise issue....
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    I have been going back and forth on sub selection and finally decided on a Soundqubed HDC3. This company, unlike most posts box designs specific for their speakers. So I'm giving this a shot to see how it works out. I mostly listen to classic rock so a super low tuned cabinet is not required. For wood selection I went with $50 a sheet A/B grade 3/4" 7 core birch plywood. It's really tough stuff. I took all the dimensions from the SQ website and drew up a cut sheet in CAD and printed it out. Then I went to home depot and rented a makita table saw for $50. What an awesome tool! It made quick work of the job. The brand new blade they put on there made the cuts perfect. I used my router to cut out the speaker opening. Dropped it in for a test fit. Then started gluing and screwing. I'm pre drilling holes for counter sunk 2 1/4" deck screws to hold it all together. Then gluing all joints with gorilla wood glue. 45's in the corners. Port laid in. Now for a second front baffle to stiffen things up. Then I coated all the seams with lots of epoxy. Then I used spray can Bed liner (thin) on the inside. All sealed up. Test fit. For the finishing touch, I'm taking inspiration from my bass rig I used to tour with in the 80's. It will look just like a Mesa Boogie road ready cabinet. I ordered up the ata case parts and they should be here Friday. This will add extra stability to the cabinet seams as well. I started covering the box with formica last night but only got 2 sides done. Should be finished tonight. I'm using T nuts to mount the speaker and 1/4-20 Allen head screws with loctite. More to come tonight.
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    Needs another coat of bedliner today. but its coming together.
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    JY's new amalgam logo is kinda funny Also got a pack of Damplifier Pro to go on the floor along with that Lux Liner Pro Love the satin finish
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    Looks just like my car except its a Mercedes and cost $195,000 more.
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    More progress tonight. I got the formica all done. I got the wiring all ready. The terminals install by drilling the proper size hole and thread them thru. No cut outs or terminal blocks to leak air. Now I just have to wait on ata case parts to arrive.
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    Rad weekend. Complelty beat. I'll post more, when I even wanna talk car audio. Cuz right now, I don't. Don't want anything to do with it for a while lol. Anyway, all the Utah guys did great. And all my Cali peeps crushed it, and made us feel welcome and at home. They are family. No doubt. Anyway Adam pulled a 2nd with a 163.3 in Extreme and we pulled a 2nd over All losing to my besty Christian in the finals round of 149.99 bass race. More on all that later. What a bracket. Wow!!! And the rad news. We finally got over the Canadian hump lol. Yepper, a WORLD TITLE in psyclone. We posted the higest score over all EVER. Since the format was implemented. A 415 and change. Hell, I remember when 380s where uber high. 400s sheesh. Anyway, paper work for world rings has been filled out and should receive in February. Thanks to everyone. The norcal spl guys are awesome and Every One there took us in like family. Great people. More to come when I feel more up to it.
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    Went to db world finals today. Going tomorrow too. Kenney got a 155.6 @ 20hz psyclone. Daaaam son!
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    hey, it was a late nighter i know...but it's still a badass little milestone. It's our 3rd record together and this is the first time this has happened Even us behind the scenes guys get a little excited
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    2nd 80ah is here I've been tossing ideas in my head trying to figure out how to do the battery and amp rack but I think I figured it out. I'm working this weekend so I'll grab some wood on Monday
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    The case parts have arrived! Well I have been out there working on the case parts since 5 non stop. I had to measure, cut, trim, grind, round, each one of these rails to get them to fit. On top of that, I had to run a 1/4" Round over bit around all the edges so the rail would fit flush. I was struggling over gluing the rails on or screwing them on. I decided on Epoxy. They are held securely on by the corners, they just need to be stuck along the length to keep them from shifting. So 1st test fit....This is when I found out I had to 1/4 round the edges. You have to fit each rail so they dont overlap on the ends, then round over the corners. 1st set glued in place. Measuring to see if any trimming was needed where the speaker sets in and yes. I had to trim part of the rail to clear the speaker on both sides. 1st corner in place Rails clearanced for the speaker. Corner 2nd corner cap in place. and I ran out of screws. crap. oh well I guess its miller time. I will start again in the morning after a quick trip to lowes.....again.
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    List updated! Be sure to post your links to your build logs in this thread, and a few pics for people too see! I almost didnt enter 1 person because they didnt post a link to a thread, luckily I easily found his build log by going through all his posts, but sometimes this can take a bit of time which is why we ask for you to post your build log link in here with a few pics!! Im letting nominations stay open until the 24th since it wasnt posted on the 1st right away like normal. Thanks! -Brian
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    460 to the tire in a cam/long tubes sedan lololol
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    You can wire all four series-parallel and get 4 ohms, so you only need one amp. I've got an Behringer iNuke 3000DSP and I love it. The DSP is awesome and you get a lot of power for the price. With the amount of sub you have I'd look at the 6000DSP. If you REALLY want to get down you might look at getting a FP14000 clone, how does 14,000 watts in your house sound? :-) You gotta run a new power circuit back to your breaker to use it though.
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    It should be fine, as long as you have good clean power going to it,I have a single 15sa rev 3 on 1000 watts. These subs are under rated.
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    They can have pretty wide bandwidth, by car audio standards. The low end boost you get from cabin gain helps widen the bandwidth significantly. In the end though the goals of wide bandwidth and max efficiency do become mutually exclusive.
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    Decided to take this thing apart since it was already out of the car. Brands inside: CapXon Nichicon Forgot my D'Amore CD was inside Any self-respecting Japanese electronics company would surely have some Nichicon caps on the board. The black cap that says KM is a CapXon Chips and such The CD functionality takes up most of the space in the Single DIN casing Had to tuck in all the ribbons to put it back together. DSP and RCA switches Faceless Face
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    No I didn't get a chance to re meter. Blew one before I got to it. I'll Meter both drivers and passenger side when I get my recones in. And thank you! Love the look!! Can't wait till I wall to get room to display the 8 spot one looking at buying a third car for a daily driver. That way that frees up my blazer to go all in. B pillar with 4 hdc4's and 4 3500's is the plan. Won't become reality for a while. But it's coming sooner or later
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    What's your reasoning for wanting a bandpass box? In the space you have available you could easily run a single ported12" or possibly even two ported 10"s. Both of which will stomp the hell out of two 8s in a bandpass box.
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    I had that SD 8000.1 on these things getting RIDICULOUS on the shop floor. I am very confident this thing has a lot more in it with more power. Maybe we will rip out the RF amps and put in SD amps. I dunno....time will tell.
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    Haha, me too. Ran the 4/0 power and ground from front to rear Techflex is niceee My trunk didnt open all the way due to the placement of the gas struts, so I installed another set of press nuts to get the trunk to open more
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    The roof is in and it is solid! It is 5 layers in a few spots , it is built from the roof down and once the enclosure is fully built , it wont budge.
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    1 Sundown SAZ-60002 Sundown ZV5 15's1 Sundown 200.4 v11 Sundown 50.44 Phoenix Gold Ti Component sets 6.5's1 SoundQuest SB2000 (front battery)Wall tuned to about 36.25hz...Awaiting:1 300amp Excessive Amperage alt2 Stinger SPP2150 for now....4 Sundown SXMP 8's
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    With the first baffle secure, we made the 3 additional baffles so that the subs will mount onto 4 layers. As you can tell, it's a pretty long enclosure with Adam laying in it LOL. We reinforced the baffles with (3) 2x4 in the middle of each cut section with an additional and (12) 2x4 on both sides of each cut section. Seems to be pretty damn strong. 1" trim pieces were also added to ensure full sealed chamber. These trim pieces will be sanded and smoothed in case anyone was wondering. Lastly, we continued to work on the loading wall building it up to about .5" below the baffles. You'll see why we're doing this shortly.
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    Got the box in today and attached to the front of the wall. Just test fitting mids. Had to see it. They will be coming out for paint tomorrow.
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    Nice build man! Im guessing youre in Czech Rep by the Skoda? Shipping mustve been brutal.
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    Nice! Are you going to wait for those parts before u test bump the box??? I would be so anxious to hear the box lol.
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    Shot the honey badger this weekend. With the Barking spider on there its pretty quiet... Not suppressor quiet but a lot less than a regular muzzle break
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    If u already have a dd1, id still check it. Just for the sake of eliminating possibilities.
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    Check the deck on its own with the dd1 connected directly to the decks output. If thats a clean signal, connect ur rca wires to the deck and connect the dd1 to the rcas right at the ends that would plug into the amp. That should narrow it down. Check the deck, if thats good, check rcas you could just need new/better rca wires.
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    Wish this thing was bangin already haha. Taking the kids to the Houston zoo in the morning.