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    He's gonna make for a funny looking ladyboy.
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    >mfw pic of 13yo kids turns everone into 13yo kids 😂
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    $25 support level is well worth it! 30% off gear at WCCarAudio and i just got this swag package in the mail! Thanks a bunch Steve 😎👍🏻
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    Assembling the fuse block 1/32" thick neoprene foam gasket on the amp cover Turns out when you lower the rear seat, the seat support folds down and laid ON the cable as it was previously ran. We pulled the cable and cut a huge hole in the floor and used some plumbing pipe in to protect the leads from everything. Custom notch using the dremel. Still need to backfill with silicone. Underside There is so little room everywhere on these Jeeps. This was the best way to route the wire to keep it as high-up as possible. This is how we had to route the cable to clear the fold down seats Installing stuff Decided to rip out the previous lug post. Made 16 leads look clean New posts for the leads Bottom of box The PAC AmPro remote wire stopped working, so we just checked for a proper ignition-on fuse and added an add-a-fuse for the rear relay. Funny thing is we added the circuit to the horn fuse in this pic. We didnt know why the amp wouldnt kick on. Then I said "honk the horn"... the amp-fan kicked on for a moment and I realized this was only hot when the horn is honked. Always check for both ignition on and ignition off when adding a circuit to a fuse panel. We have since moved the circuit to another position. Ready for gain settings. I always like to know at what voltage the amp starts to clip/distort so I usually run the DD1 with the DMM. 1/8" neoprene foam for the box back/port (didnt get a pick of the back installed but its shown mocked up on a previous page. So this is a temporary chassis ground. This same hole will be cut to a larger size once the grommets arrive so that we can ground direct to the frame rail. Got the box inside and tilted forward for hinge installation Hinge install Folded down Final check before attaching sub leads. We're expecting a little bit of impedance rise so 1/3 ohm is fine. Coiled the wire so it lays nicely when you close the lid Yep lays in well And then we drove around and jammed for half an hour. This little fourth order gets down! Time to break these 8s in before finishing stain and other details. Definitely more to come soon.
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    If you are even a little curious what happens at .7 ohms (Series) AND .175 (Parallel) then check this out. 😁
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    Quality RCA cables are a huge need. Something I use to always overlook. By quality I dont mean the most expensive, because lets face it theres some audiophile guys out there that will buy RCA cables that cost 50 grand... But a good cable is a must, not some chincy tiny gauge wires. Small gauge wires, with piss poor connections to the plug makes resistance which only gets multiplied the longer the RCA cables are. So if you have a 16-21 foot cheap RCA cable chances are you will lose a lot of your headunits preout voltage at the other end of your cables where you plug them into your amp. So if your radio has 4volt preouts, you'll be lucky to get 3 volts of said preout at the end of the cables. Does this really matter? Yes and no... You can always turn the amps gain up to properly match your headunits voltage even after the signal has degraded, but then you risk introducing more noise into the system, and of coarse those cheap cables probably have cheap shielding as well which can introduce more noise or amplify it ten fold... What too look for imo: I prefer to like the Co-axle cable type caples myself, but twisteds can be alright if made properly too. The cables should be soldered with silver solder not regular 60/40 rosin core solder. The ends should be nice and solid and offer strain relief for the cable, and have a solid hold when you plug them in. SMD rca cables are great, its what Im currently using. SounDrive cables are great lots of happy customers. Id venture to say the droppinhz cables are decent because they are a spitting image of theSounDrive cables, but I never tested their resistance, however same components you should be good. I personally dont trust any cable made by any manufacture any more, they are all made in China as cheap as can be and Ive seen so many quality high end cables fail just from being ran through a vehicle. Now here I will put the nail in the coffin... Watch the entire video, its a little under 5 minutes long, but will open your eyes about cheap cables. I have 3 sets of cables Im testing to see which have the least resistance. A NEW Certified Bassheads 1.5 foot cable, a USED SMD 3 foot cable, and a USED SMD 6 foot cable. Naturally the shorter the cable the less resistance it should have right??? I mean thats ohms law... So then why are used cables that are 2 and 4 times the length having a lessor resistance than the shortest cables test??? Simple answer: Cheap China cables made as cheaply as possible with cheap wire, cheap ends, and cheap construction!
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    well, im just a cluster fuck of bloodlines... Spaniard, Filipino, Scottish, German, Cherokee, and a lot of other shit I'm sure. My skin was a lot darker as a kid than now, too. I've been called Chink, Spic, Nigger, Wigger, Cracker, Wet Back, Flip, and White Male CIS. I suppose I have a unique perspective about race and racism... I've been jumped by black guys who repeatedly called me chink and cracker. Been jumped by white guys who called me Wigger and nigger because of who I hung out with. (won my fair share of fights, don't get me wrong) What I find is that using race as an attribute to any part of a discussion, judgement, or rant, is just a small minded way to justify an opinion which is usually not very well thought out to begin with. If it comes to it, I might make a judgement call based upon demeanor or geography (don't take my girls with me if I have to stop in oak Cliff for some reason, and keep my doors locked).. How people think race even matters is just dumbfounding to me. ChinkSpicNiggerWigger signing off./rant
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    Today we are looking at a new amp by Taramps, the MD 1800.1. According to Taramps distributor Daymian, this amp is optimized for bass and mid-bass applications. It is rated to deliver 1800 watts of RMS power at 12.6 volts with less than or equal to 1% THD. Oh yeah? Let's test it and find out... Rated: 505w @ 8 ohms 1100w @ 4 ohms 1800w* @ 2 ohms *the 1800w rating in the manual is stated from 60Hz to 1kHz <=1% THD as tested with Audio Precision APx525 on resistive loads. We tested at 40Hz and also compared at 1kHz near the end of the video for those who want to run this full range. Check it out!
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    Jesus guys. I thought I was on a DIY centered Car Audio forum, not Sim City decides to pay a stupid amount of money for a shoddy cyclone. $15 for everything excluding the dust sucker itself, which was ~$150 from Grizzly. Beats the absolute shit out of anything you can buy under $500.
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    Small update. Got the shell all done. 45’s in all the corners and shrunk up the volume a bit to get 12 cubes after all displacements. Got all the port pieces cut. Just need to get wood filler tomorrow and then sand and paint the port before I install everything. Also got the baffles all cut and the sub cutouts cut. Slow but steady progress. Working on it at least 2 hours a day every day. Slowly getting there
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    Finally had some good time off from work. Been doing some sound deadening. Full interior, pulled everything except the actual shifter and the dashboard. Ill be adding to the build log a lil bit in a couple days.
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    Ive told my daughter from the time she was old enough to understand what i was saying that the only thing that matters is good and bad, and those two things come in every color.
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    And there up and playing damn these things our beasts all ready seem louder and not even turned up past 1/2 -3/4 bass knob can't wait the week so I can see what these beasts really do and then install cockbox reset gains and get a little bit more out these things.
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    For the most part, the regulars that post here a lot lately are cool. When I first started commenting I thought Broke audio was black so I definitely don't think he's racist, lol. Anyways, back to some pics.
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    Damn, no one got this upset when strange duck actually said the n word. Must be because he called me one or is everyone upset that this dude called a white kid one? Either way, the majority of the people on this forum is racist as fuck. There's a few who aren't and those are the ones I still come here and post for.
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    Not even trolling. He just made a little jab and you had to give us some life story bout bein a single mom or whatever. I swear this place is full of hank hill no fun ass mother fuckers now.
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    So much hate, i take it your daughter must have had the same thing happen huh?
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    Hey guys! Im currently working on a set of custom A Pillar panels for my vehicle. These will ultimately hold two coincident style Illusion Audio Carbon C3CX 3" speakers. For those of you who are familar with my work you know that I document things more on video than in pictures. So here is the build! We will start with this initial picture first to give you an idea on the finished project: The material will eventually be removed from where the speaker mounts, I just needed the adhesive to dry when this picture was taken.
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    That's because he was having dreams of transgender prostitutes, lol
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    OH, I am still saying fuck photobucket. Probably will never upload to it again. Not encouraging anyone here to pay that fee. I am just happy i held out and now it's not 400 anymore Also, for a SMALL fee when you become a supporting member of this site, you can upload directly to this forum, drag and drop into your posts...so you don't even need 3rd party hosting. I don't use anything but THIS forum for hosting myself.
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    6x15 junior series on coupe 😋
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    This video that Mike Singer recorded immediately comes to mind
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    My EE buddy has a 4 channel oscilliscope that i picked up at lunch today. Gonna phase balance my amps to perfection this weekend!
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    No one reads the rules anymore lol
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