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    hey guys. still no update. not what you want to hear, i know. but i bought a house. I'm actually the first one in my family to have bought a house in quite a long time, so i feel like i'm doing good for myself. i also got a puppy, an all white siberian husky who loves to pee all over my floor no matter how many times we take him outside and watch him pee. he is only ten weeks old though, so i will give tiny puppy bladder a little credit there. I also just had laser refractive eye surgery (PRK, not lasik) on monday, so my vision isn't quite up to par yet, but its still 200% better than what it was before the surgery. tomorrow they take the protective contacts out, and my vision will only get better from there. but with my house, comes a decent driveway (i could fit six cars bumper to bumper) and a single car garage (that has shelving and came with a BEER FRIDGE!!!) So i can't actually fit the tahoe in it anyways, but at least i have work space. Ive made some minor upgrades and changes to the house, because i've been home for three weeks straight between moving, taking care of the puppy, five days SIQ for the eye surgery. but hopefully soon, my afternoons will be taken up with working on this tahoe again. having work space makes all of the difference,. i did a lot of work prior to moving into my apartment, and during the two years at my apartment, the only thing i did was build an enclosure, and start a lot of projects of "i want to do this". time for a change. it's gonna be hard to budget a audio fund and a home fund, but we'll make it work. Thanks for checking it out if you've never seen this log before. For those following/subscribed, the next update will contain my wiring a TORK 2 from Tony C. behind my dash, that way i can power my outdated Compustar Dash cam, amps, and meters. Thanks for any support.
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    How do those four configurations compare to each other? Here is the output of all four at the highest power level: The yellow line is the large port config, the pink line is the plugged port (4th order) config, the red line is the small port config, and the blue-green line is the small port lower tuned config. So the whole reason I performed this experiment was to see how a series-tuned box will small rear port area performs compared to one with large rear port area. Does the small rear port area config get louder? The answer is yes, and no. It depends on the situation. Between about 42 - 64 hz it does get louder, above and especially below the large rear port area config beats it though. What I find interesting is the config with the highest peak output is the plugged rear port (4th order) configuration. It has the highest peak output of everything by a fairly significant margin. You can also see that the large rear port config has the widest bandwidth (significantly). Based on what is shown here with the SPL measurements what I theorize is happening is at higher power levels the small rear port configuration gets so much port compression that it begins to perform somewhat like a 4th order bandpass. The peak output increases, but at the expense of higher & lower frequency output (and reduced bandwidth). Since the rear chamber still leaks into the front chamber, you don't get quite the peak in output of the 4th order config, overall the performance ends up being somewhere in between the large rear port config and the 4th order config. If you go back and look at the impedance plots, they show pretty much the same thing with the small rear port config measuring between the large rear port and plugged rear port configs. Next up will be the in-vehicle measurements. I'll try to get those up later tonight.
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    I got some time today to take some SPL/frequency response measurements. I was hoping to test everything all at one, but I screwed up when I was making the lower tuned, large port configuration so it wasn't included in today's testing. I'll get to it eventually. For today I tested the large and small rear port, higher tuned configuration, the sealed rear chamber config, and the lower tuned small rear port config. I was able to take measurements both outdoors and in-vehicle. Over all I tested 48 different port configurations and power levels. Its a lot of data but I'll try to organize it and present it as best as I can over several posts. So first off, here is my outdoor testing apparatus: Mic is one meter from the port opening. I measured at 38 volts (about 360 watts at 4 ohms) and then decreased the input signal in 4 dB increments down to -20 dB. This should show how the frequency response changes (if any) over different power levels. I picked 38 volts for my max power level since that's about all I dare put into my SA-12 at 15 Hz. That should be pushing it right up to Xmax. For the in-vehicle measurements is pretty much the same setup in my Durango. I put the box against the tailgate with the port firing up, mic was on the passenger side dash. So, on to the first test results. Here is the the plugged port configuration (effectively a 4th order): The frequency response looks pretty consistent across different power levels (which is what we want). To highlight differences, in the measurement software I can offset the measurements, so what I do is I offset the lower power levels so they are equal to the max output (-0 dB) measurement. Ideally the lines will then be all stacked on top of each other. If we are getting any compression (either port compression or power compression) that will show up as the higher power measurements being lower than the lower power ones. Here is what we get: All the lines are stacked up on top of each other well, this is good. Now the large rear port configuration: And here they are with the measurements offset: Overall this looks pretty good, we can start to see the effects of a little port compression between 30 - 40 Hz. You will notice the yellow line (higher power measurement) is a bit below the lower power lines. Probably loosing a little over a dB to port compression at that highest power level. Here is the small rear port config: The offset measurements: With the configuration we can see much more significant losses to port compression. Here is a more zoomed in view: Below 45 Hz you can see at each increasing power level there is a further reduced increase in output. Comparing the highest power level measurement (the red line) to the lowest (the yellow line) there is about 2.5 dB of output that is lost to compression between 30-40 hz. Here is the lower tuned, small port config: The results here are similar to the higher tuned small port config, the port compression doesn't become apparent until a lower frequency due to the lower tuning.
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    Bought a new car finally. Dealer said that was their best price when I asked on Wednesday I said alright thank you and walked towards the door, then he said he can do 300 less. Told him have a nice day. Went to the bank today took out some cash and talked to him some more and asked if he can take another $400 off and put the pile of cash on his desk. He gave me a strange look then looked at the money then looked at me again then turned his back and started doing the paper work without saying a thing. LMAO Its so much nicer than my 01 Seville STS, and its like a whole new car at night, the headlights turn whatever direction you turn the vehicle when driving, it has some accent lighting across the dash and doors which I didnt even know about. Granted its not CTS V, but its not the base model either. It has the 3.6L DI engine that is 304hp which is more than my v8 northstar (I think the non DI 3.6L is only 250hp), awd as well, has the luxury 1 and luxury 2 package and performance package. There are windshield washer squirters for the headlights as well (but no wiper like the older Benzs). Also really like the fact that it has an oem 3.5mm aux cable, oem usb to play flash drives/phones/ipods/etc, and has a 40gb hard drive as well. Only took a few pics
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    Got some stuff in today. 4/0 everywhere. And (2) Ampere 5Ks. Gonna see the amps again once theyre installed, so here's the amp guts post if you want to see more:
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    Was able to get a small hair trick on this power. Got the second 3500 in the mail today will be installed and playing with two 3500's at half ohm each pretty soon. Should get a good amount windier
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    Got it in and playing! Sounds very musical. About the same loudness with one amp at 1 ohm as my 18 was at .5 ohm. Once it's on two 3500's at half ohm each, it should get a good bit louder . Definitely moves more air and likes low 30's much more than the 18 did.
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    High Voltage Lithium Initial thoughts and overview. 1 350 volt Michigan Solar Energy High Voltage lithium battery. 1 Taramps T60K wired at .5 Starting voltage: 307 Final Voltage drop: 266 ~220vac 92 amps output ~266vdc 82.7 amps output 92% efficient 20,000 watts rising to 2.4 ohms clamped. The battery FYI is 6ah. Cost between 3-5 grand. Weighs 60 pounds. And the amp is $1700. 307v is less than 20% charge. Battery is 1.8kwh. 1c rate is 1,800w for 1 hour 2c rate is 3,600w for 30 min 4c rate is 7,200w for 15 min So far, I'm extremely estatic about the results and the future possibilities using these technologies together. Just think, you can literally burp 20,000 watts, out the trunk of a BMW or smart car haha. Where this cost would be justifiable, would be for applications that requires a lot of power, low weight, and space savings. This battery is only 27"x17"x4". So the power density per space is truly unmatched. I will be posting more of my findings, so stay tuned. Also, you can add as many as you want in parallel to get some really stupid power levels. *BONUS* The excursion did a 157.x outlaw @ 41hz wit that 20k. So I'm really excited about that! Rayshawn Lawrence built the enclosure.
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    The in-vehicle testing was just a repeat of what I measured outside. I'm not going post the graphs showing each configuration at different power levels since it pretty much shows the same thing as the outdoor measurements just with cabin gain added in. If someone really wants to see it just say so and I'll post them up. Here is the graph showing the four combinations at max power: The yellow line is the large port config, the pink line is the 4th order config, the blue line is the small port config, and the green line is the low tuned small port config. Since cabin gain boosts low frequency output and the large port box performed better than the rest down low it is now the highest peak output config. As kind of a side note, here is a comparison between the outdoor measurement of the large port config and the in-vehicle measurement: You can see the cabin gain really has a big effect especially between 30-40 hz. Its boosting output around 15 dB!
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    Good shit man! Love this thread! No idea how your finding this kind of time, but awesome of you to do that. Going to pin this!
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    hey everyone, Soundigital is back! Oh and i am super excited to show off my new SD 8k. After playing with it on the bench, i really want 4 12k's for "something else" i have planned. If i wasn't so busy i would already be doing it anyway, welcome back SD! Glad to have you back on board!
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    Put some paint in the trunk, but just to protect the wood. Still planning on laying vinyl. Whoops, accidentally knocked a hole in the side of my box Need to freshen up the inside of this box this weekend.
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    So I've been gathering some things and I think this build is going to be pretty nice, I hope. It's not going to be an app monster but it will be something I've always wanted. Second Skin is going to lace this build with all kinds of sound deadening goodies. Expect to see a little of everything they carry in this build. I really want to keep outside noise to a minimum and maximize the output of the system. I haven't had much time to work on this, but the first thing I did was pull the dash bezel out and got started on the iPad mini. It still needs some work, but it's getting to where I like it. Here are some pics of equipment going in this thing and iPad mini install. This was before I sanded the primer. It gave me an idea of where my low spots were. The built in ac control should look way better when I get around to adding filler to it. Pics of the other stuff going in: ive been saving this stuff for a build that I felt was worthy of it. Can't wait to use my damp bro and spray the living crap out of the inside of my doors and other hard to reach places. Expect to use a lot more second skin goodness 3 sets of Morel Elate 6.5, 2 sets of supremo Picollo tweets, and 2 sets of cdm-88 mid range speakers. All these will be classed somewhere in the vehicle. Moscini Zero 3 to power 2 sets of the 6.5s and a Mosconi Zero 1 that will power my Sundown 8s.
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    Ive been vehicle hunting for about a month now and and these 3 sites have came in very handy, 2 of which are free and even more detailed! Im sure by now many people know about Carfax and other similar sites such as AutoCheck, but you also know the steep cost to run a VIN using these type of sites and if your shopping around these can add up quick! Now days most dealerships will give you a free CarFax or AutoCheck report on their website for used vehicles, but this is not always the case and hardly ever if your buying from a private party. Some people really like and trust Carfax, but at $39 for a single vehicle report, $59 for 5 vehicle reports, or $69 for unlimited reports is getting pretty expensive, so here are some alternatives! The 1ST one is http://www.autovin.de/ A single Carfax report is a 1 time paypal payment of $4.15, you can also add additional reports such as AutoCheck for another $4.15. These are huge savings if you want an actual Carfax or AutoCheck reports but down want to spend $39+ per report. The 2ND one is https://www.research.com/ Its free and works great, simply click "Click here to get free report" enter the VIN and info galore! The 3RD one and most detailed one is https://www.mycarfax.com You will have to make a free account which takes seconds to enter your email address and a password. Once your account is created you can add up to 8 VINs in your garage, and delete ones you no longer need. This service is also completely free, but the best part is where CarFax just says a vehicle was serviced and provides no actual service info, this site will give you actual service info, such as if the vehicle had brakes done, timing belt, wash/detail, oil change etc. Between Research.com and mycarfax.com there is no real reason to ever pay to run a VIN again, especially when you are getting back more detailed reports for FREE! These 3 sites have been helping me greatly recently, so I figured I would pass this along to anyone else that maybe looking at used vehicles.
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    Got my box all finished. Came out pretty good I think! Will be putting it in tomorrow on my 1 3500 at 1 ohm. Have a second 3500 on it's way and will be here Tuesday. Will have them on full power with 2 3500's at half ohm each
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    Haha puppy pics inbound! The first three are from before we picked him up, the last one is from last week. He's gotten a little bigger since last week. The PRK was good. I was in and out in five minutes. They propped my eye lid open, scraped the top layer of skin with a dremel like tool, hit it with the laser for a few seconds (laser is already computer-mapped to my cornea to correct it where needed), moved to the other eye, same process, put a protective contact in my eye to help the top layer of skin heal. I just got the contacts out today. Vision is already 20-20 with some slight fogginess, but they said that the fogginess is normal and goes away over the next month or so. A total of six months for the healing process. Some minor discomfort through the week, but nothing big. It's kind of like seasonal allergies, all the time, no matter where you are or what you're doing. But that's gone today it seems
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    Update these subs suck loading by yourself. But I am doing the hydraulic jack trick so its making it easier. But yet no fun lol
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    Ok so I'm still alive. After handing my baskets for the XLs of to my powdercoater and waiting a month for them to not get done, I finally got them painted and finally reconed. Plan is to pull the Hammertechs out Saturday and get the XLs back in. This go around I will be putting direct leads on the XLs. Truth be told I'm actually trying to sell them. After talking to Jeff, I want to get myself into a set of Droppin' Hz Alphas, but I suppose for the time being the XLs will have to do . 20170809_054332 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20170810_181608 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20170812_100653 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20170813_163130 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr 20170817_180433 by tgrfly4@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr
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    LOL the guy that honored my state inspection really liked the setup. He didnt have a problem with it, or with the 12 cubic foot box blocking the view out the rear window!
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    Just scooped up my 2 Ampere Amplifiers. Here's some porn:
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    Got the second 3500 installed. Not quite yet playing because I need to pull the subs to re wire them. Will maybe get that tomorrow and get it playing. It was a tight fit, like most everything else back there, but it's in and I am still able to put the seats up. Dont mind the spaghetti wiring will be cleaned up soon
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    I sold my 2002 Yamaha FZ1 last a couple weeks ago and have been working mad overtime so I could buy a different bike. Well I finally had enough to start looking. Yesterday I found my new ride. It is a 2009 Harley Davidson Fat Bob. I bought it from the original owner who was 55. He put a ton of money into mods on this bike. It has full ohlins suspension. The front forks are off a V-Rod and have ohlins internals. Brembo front brakes with full floating rotors, exhaust, FI tuner,air filter, dyna wide glide rear fender, blinkers ect. I would figure he had about 5000K into mods. It has 7500 original miles and is clean. I gave 8750 cash for it. Only thing I want to do is have it dyno tuned.
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    Had to take my amps out while I rebuild, so here's some shots of my little Arc Audio KS125.2 BX Mini. Under the top panel
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    hot the dash with a little water and 400 grit to smooth it out. 1 Mosconi Zero 4 will be used for a pair of Morel Elate 6.5s and a pair a of Picollo tweets that will be going in the back door as "filler" speakers. The other Zero 4 will be used to power 2 sets of of the CDM 88 mids amd 2 sets of Picollo tweets. pics of the truck how it's sits today. The LS2 does have a Magnuson Supercharger cam shaft, push rods and springs. 1 7/8in. Kooks long tubes with customs stainless steel dual 3" exhaust. .456 gears with Detroit tru track posi system. It has a Magnuson cam and I went with 1 7/8in headers because the truck will be be getting a small blower (TVS1900) in a few months. My goal is to have a 600hp daily driver that I won't have to worry about. Suspension will be taken care of after the install and performance mods. Mazulla off-road and king will replace the stick suspension.
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    got her around 2 weeks ago, 14 week old french bulldog named FIA. 😁
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    I don't know what I just read
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    1. DMM method that is posted is inaccurate ( basically ass ) 2. The 3/4 volume on the HU is complete BS ( basically way for people to set the HU to a non clipping point but generally, like in your case leave shit loads of pre out voltage on the table) 3. Having a proper tool for setting gain is crucial ( oscilliscope or DD-1). With something like a DD-1 or oscope you know 110% that your gain is dialed in perfect.
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    I wouldn't worry about .3 or .4 volts. There are a lot of things that need power in a car that might turn in or off. This will change the load the alternator sees. Like radiator fans power steering pumps and power brakes (maybe). Differences in ambient temperature will play a role in alternator cooling which will effect output. Does any one get a rock solid 14.7v all the time?
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    Looks fucking great dude. Youll love the alt. If i wasnt such a singer nut hugger, id roll with Dan. Hes actually here, and we are planning on going to dinner. Anyway, youll love the alt, and support you get from him. Good poop dude.....
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    CHECK THESE OUT! What can YOU build with them? We offer all the parts you need to build your own kit here - https://ceautoelectricsupply.com/waterproof-power-distribution-centers/ These are PERFECT for projects of all kinds. 12-position GEP Waterproof PDC Base Kit 12-position assembled PDC, example of one of countless combinations 48-position GEP Waterproof PDC Base Kit 48-position assembled PDC, example of one of countless combinations GEP Triple Relay Waterproof PDC Kit GEP Triple Relay Waterproof PDC Kit, assembled Multiple PDCs can be interlocked for large builds!
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    A ported box is going to have more output down low around its tuning frequency compared to a sealed box. Just how much more output depends on the parameters of the box, the install, and the sub being used. More output down low may or may not be something you want based on the specifics of your install and how you like your music to sound. Most people around here like the extra output. I try to avoid generalizations like "sealed boxes have better sound quality" or "ported boxes are more boomy". Both sealed and ported boxes can have excellent sound quality, and they both can sound terrible and have boomy, sloppy bass if done poorly. It all comes down to the equipment being used and how the box is designed and implemented. People can't just say "sealed boxes sound this way, and ported boxes sound that way". Its a lot more complicated than that. For my own tastes, I like ported boxes that are relatively small for the size of subs being used and are tuned pretty low. I also carefully pick subs that work well in this configuration. This usually gives a flatter frequency response and good low end extension, but it does come at the cost of some output potential. I am telling you this not because I think small ported boxes are "best", what's right for me may not be right for you. Its just an example of what can be done and how to approach the decision making process.
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    So we powered her today... no mods and highs, taramps 800x4 coming in tomorrow but dam does it get down. Very very musical. Still not sealed off and already floating shit!
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    Just your local law enforcement taking a picture with a teenager
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    Hardware: Sony XAV-601bt (17 watts x4 cea 2016 certified) Boss Audio Phantom 6x9's 10 amp, 12 volt PSU Car audio FM/AM Antenna 1 inch solid pine Originally I was looking for a decent Bluetooth speaker for my laptop and phone use but they all pretty much suck or are very pricey. Since I had some old car audio gear in my garage and the HU had bluetooth and DVD player, I decided to build my own boombox. It ended up being a bit larger than I initially wanted but figured the larger air space would help the speakers anyway and this is only for garage and laptop in the house use. On the back I have power input and RCA out for subwoofer if I ever want and the antenna was long so had to mount it sideways. The speakers have LED's in the eyes and they are supposed to light up but they don't work cause Boss is junk. They put the leads to the LED's on the speaker inputs but maybe it needs more power than the HU can provide? I wanted to mount my old RF Punch 60ix on this puppy but no way that 10 amp PSU would support it. Overall the Boss actually sounds pretty good, clean highs surprisingly, could stand more bass but certainly sounds better than any other boombox I've ever had. What sucks is that everytime I disconnect the power, the HU's settings go back to default. I considered a small 12v lithium battery but figured it wouldn't last anyway and probably not worth spending money on a good one but I probably should put one in anyway to make it more portable from garage to house.
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    Bass boost should be at zero. If you're using that gain knob a little too much then you could be introducing some clipped signal. What size are those subs? How are they blowing? Surrounds ripping off? Burnt/Wound coil? If that amp is a SS T series 2k then you could be sending some dirty power. I had one of those amps couple years back right when they re-cased them. It was ok for when I started out but it gave me issues. For those subs that amp should be fine as long as you keep it clean.
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