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  1. reliability wise ill go for the 4runner, but if its mainly for a system, ill choose the blazer. edit: you should also look at a ford exploder. theyre pretty cheap nowadays
  2. or just go with a port daily and be careful on the bass knob
  3. you should upgrade your mids and highs and make sure to deaden your doors. usually people think their subs sound shitty but its only because their mids and highs can't keep up with their subs. you should also try a sealed box if you want to go pure sq
  4. love it when the honda owner got shocked when the bass hit on jeezy's song.. great vids meade!
  5. oh man i want those DD 8's! im looking forward to this build. btw, how much did you pay for each?
  6. honda fit, honda civic, or toyota corolla.. all have Great mpg ratings!
  7. go here to vegas and feel the 115 degrees. i don't even like to go out during the day, hell even at night, its just too hot
  8. congrats on the new place rusty! damn dc audio just keeps on growing!
  9. The guy just proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Bellagio Fountain. I was gonna take pictures of the fountain but was surprised when the guy went on his knees and proposed! Bally's and Flamingo Hotel Jesus Loves You! Bellagio
  10. before you pulled up to the store, how long were you playing it? did you full tilt it? do you smell something when you full tilt it?
  11. not really unless i started doing it professionally. go post up the middle east pics!
  12. new rules: can you guys put the camera and lens(if applicable) that you used? thanks!
  13. any members who are interested in photography? post up some pics of your shots here.. Please post the camera that you used, and the lens(if applicable) here are some of my shots taken with my canon rebel XSi, using the kit lens
  14. clean truck bro! i love the stance.. get some vids asap!
  15. i have a sundown 100.2 and a 50.4 and i love em both
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