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  1. i have 2 rockford fosgate T15004's inbox me if your interested
  2. Whats your zipcode,i will figure a price.
  3. i have 4 925's,not sure if the 375's are smaller or what
  4. i have a brand new set of 5 1/4 and a used set of 5 1/4 of the rockford T152-s,i can get you a price if interested
  5. i have 2 sets of T1652-s asking $120 plus shipping each
  6. i got 2 15004's trying to get $550 shipped for one and would cut you a deal for the pair
  7. I have a bunch of bnib Rockford fosgate anl fuse holders.I can get you a quanity tomorrow.The model # is RFFANL and id do them for $15 each and would cut a deal on multiples.
  8. assman

    wtb xs 925

    I have a few 925's would do $135 shipped each.I can get pics if your interested.
  9. i have some chaos 10's for sale,dual 2.4
  10. i have a few dual 4's with yellow carbon fiber dust caps,id sell for $150 shipped each.
  11. i have 4 925's i'd sell for $140 shipped each or $540 shipped for all 4.If interested i can get you some voltage pics.
  12. im to lazy and not sure where to look but does anybody know what the bolt pattern for a 2002 ford focus is.Its 4x??? Any help is appriciated.
  13. the ones i have are 6.5's,it was never mentioned if thats the size your looking for
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