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  1. i have a RF T15004 asking $425 shipped
  2. I've been around,i dont come on here for long,just to check things out He is from the Baltimore Maryland area ^^what he said Damn Randy where have you been lol
  3. I have no system's anymore,i bought a jeep wrangler and playing with it,thinking about starting to hook it up tho
  4. <<<<< name above avatar says it all cause cone area is cooler,would you rather see something with 24-15's or 2-15's
  5. i have rockford fosgate RFFANL i'd do 3 for $45 shipped *edit* they are BNIB
  6. i still have mine ill send you an email.
  7. Holey Fuck... RANDY? my ducky senses went off LOL.....i troll the site every now and then
  8. i had a build log on here..was about 5-6 years lol but i have a bunch of videos on youtube,just search solofocus
  9. i bought it when i was running all rockford...24-T1 15's,12 T-1000's,2 T15004's,1 T8004 and a ton of highs.
  10. if i was hard up for crack money id sell it for $150...but seeing im not if it dont sell for what i want for it i will just keep it
  11. I was hoping somebody from RF would chim in with some info and what not
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