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  1. Looks good Steve I personally prefer 6000k but that is because all if my LEDs are 6000k. Always move to have everything matched makes it very clean sir.
  2. That's impressive as hell looks like I lost with my negative number
  3. I'm going to be the first to do this but being that it is a certified test and from what I hear, no first hand experience, is that DC amps are damn good but I'm going to guess (-113 watts)that is negative or under That is still damn close to rated but I am just going to go with it.
  4. Just relocated to Las Vegas, looking forward to meeting some of the guys here as well as learning some things so I can do more to my ride.
  5. Hello my name is Brandon, I am an avid audio enthusiast. I have been reading about and watching videos of steve meade and his products and creations. I figured I would join to learn some more things as I am upgrading my new ride.
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