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  1. That's basically what I'm trying to ask is how do I wire in the second alt considering it has a wire plug.
  2. The factory alt is a dr44 which has a 2 wire plug. My apex 320 has the exact same 2 wire plug in it. I had the 320 running the whole truck before I got the dual kit for at least 8 months now
  3. Hey guys I have an 07 escalade with a dual alt bracket. Factory 165 for running agm up front running the truck. Second alt is an apex alternator 320 running 120ah xs power lto bank. My question is both alts are 2 wire plugs but I know the computer cuts down the factory alt but how do I prevent it from doing it to the second alt so it can stay at 14.8-9
  4. Thanks for the info I know Richard from mechman pretty well. I originally wanted to do lifepo4 batteries but so many have told me to run lto so I'm so confused but I just want steady voltage without feeling like I'm wasting money on the wrong technology
  5. OK like I say I have an apex 320 but the Escalade drops voltage on its own through the computer. Is there a bypass for this or would the lto batteries keep the voltage up on their own?
  6. With the amount of power I'm running especially at half ohm how many banks would you recommend
  7. Hi guys I have a 2007 Cadillac Escalade. Doing 4 deaf dance 305 15s on 2 orion hcca 5000.1d at half ohm. I have an apex 320 alternator and 3 runs of 2/0 welding cable. One taramps 3k on mids another 1200 and 400.4 on other mids. My question is which is my best option for holding great voltage using lithium batteries or cells? Been looking at lifepo4 100ah batteries or xs lithium cells 45ah banks. I would love some input on which is my best choice
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