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  1. OK update. I've went through every wire change volt meters and added made sure every connection was solid before I decided to add more banks or caps. Right now at crank up my voltage is steady at 14.9 and full tilt on music I have seen no lower then 12.7. What would possibly be my next step to get a higher steady voltage at full tilt
  2. I actually have no id3a what my grounds read. But I was thinking of switching from the 2 5000.1d to having just 1 md 12k but not sure if it's Enough power to push the 4 subs
  3. Took bank apart just to check each cell. Each was sitting between 2.4 and 2.5. Changed fuse holder on positive run. And made sure every connection was right. Only thing I noticed was alternator ground was a lil loose on frame. When I crank the truck and let it get warm it still says 15.2 volts. So I'll test it draw on it tomorrow
  4. Bank has 2 2/0 grounds going to frame and 1 2/0 ground from alternator case
  5. 1 I'm grounded to the frame from alternator 2 the voltage was being checked at the bank while playing 3 I actually don't have 6s. I simply put all the cells and equaled them out together and all had the same voltage. 4 I took every connection power and ground sanded them with sand paper and reconnected. Took frame grounds sanded metal reconnect and sprayed plasti dip on them
  6. Hey guys I have an 07 escalade dual alternator set up. Factory alternator powering truck nowhere connected to music. 2nd alternator is an apex 320. Had an alternator shop change it to 1 wire to excite the alternator and put a diode so it charges at 15.2. 1 run each of 2/0 welding cable front to back for power and ground directly to 120ah yinlong back bank. Alternator grounded to frame also and bank has 2 2/0 grounds to frame. I have 2 orion hcca 5000.1d at .5ohm on 4 avatar stu-1546 subs in a flat wall. Deaf bonce 2900.1 and powerbass 600 and 800 for mids and highs. The issue is the alternator post says it is charging 15 volts but is only 14.5 at the bank. Then when I'm playing full tilt I've seen the voltage drop down to 11.2. And even on the drive home no music playing it doesn't seem to charge the bank up. Any help or suggestions in this matter 20220801_142049.mp4
  7. That's basically what I'm trying to ask is how do I wire in the second alt considering it has a wire plug.
  8. The factory alt is a dr44 which has a 2 wire plug. My apex 320 has the exact same 2 wire plug in it. I had the 320 running the whole truck before I got the dual kit for at least 8 months now
  9. Hey guys I have an 07 escalade with a dual alt bracket. Factory 165 for running agm up front running the truck. Second alt is an apex alternator 320 running 120ah xs power lto bank. My question is both alts are 2 wire plugs but I know the computer cuts down the factory alt but how do I prevent it from doing it to the second alt so it can stay at 14.8-9
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