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  1. I got one of the "test" one's they sent out before they were released to the market. Came with the mile range remotes, sensors, and siren. Been installed on my wife's car for probably close to two or three years now. Been pretty awesome. Install is a breeze on any vehicle that runs mostly on data. Get pretty much everything you need from the vehicle on just a small handful of wires (some cars only need like 4 or 5 wires). Still has the ability to be installed on an older vehicle that requires all the w2w hookups, but then it's about the same as any of the older traditional systems.
  2. This isn't really anything at all like a 360. It's just loc, not a processor. It has their little built in bass restoration thing and is able to sum, but that's the extent of the processing capability. No crossover or eq. It's for someone who wants to put aftermarket amps on a factory deck, and start with a clean signal.
  3. I love the audiocontrol loc's. FWIW, the little 20-40 dollar pac ones are good too. They don't give a very high voltage, usually 1-2, but will give a clean signal and have summing capability. They'll take a much higher input voltage than the cheapo's too. Some of the audiocontrol's or higher end pac pro's will get up near 8v output and accept like 100w inputs. Long as you can get a flat signal out of the factory setup, that's just as good or better than an aftermarket. The axxess and scosche ones have been junk. Like you said, most show a dirty signal even with the pots all the way down and the radio volume just strong enough to get a reading.
  4. They don't know how to shoulder a rifle or you have a scope with terrible eye relief that's positioned too far back to compensate?
  5. No kidding. I'm at about 14 months now, stuck in the infamous "fbi background check" mode for two toys at the moment. Just started another process on two more cans about two months back, hope they don't get stuck too. Such bullshit.
  6. Can't go too wrong with a 1911 so long as it uses standard 1911 parts, which I believe that one does. Long as the frame isn't complete junk, you can build the guts over time to change things you don't like about it. I have a ruger, which is definitely a budget-ish 1911, and it's thrown a few thousand rounds down range without a hiccup. Had a surprisingly decent trigger from the factory too. Little long, and most stock triggers are a little heavy, but the break is clean.
  7. Right call. Don't put your life in danger for someone you don't know. You could get yourself killed, permanently disabled, and/or cost yourself thousands to hundreds of thousands in legal fees. Not worth the risk. Always flee if there is an out. Cops, military, first responders, etc-get paid to put their life in jeopardy to protect others, you don't. They have insurance and lawyers paid to represent them if things go south, you don't. It just isn't worth it.
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