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  1. Devin made me a playlist with one of those Tiny I-pod MP3 for the gym. I heard of BVB but I thought they were a teen punk pop band. Man this song is F**kin' killer for working out to. This song sort of sounds like a mix Bon Jovi's rhythm and chanting rear vocals, mixed with A7F's guitar riffs. -Frank
  2. Travis Tollet, the first quadrapalegic to make it up Pikes Peak, passed away today after living with a C6 and C7 fracture that left him paralyzed. Bad deal man. He ended up winning a few UTV championships Well some good news. The surgery was long and they were able to stabilize the fractures remove 3 disks. Next surgery will be to stabilize the rear portion of the vertebrae. The surgeon said the cord is bruised with swelling but not severed. -Frank
  3. Spinal Cord Injuries!!!! Just found out today Lisa's cousin Jarred Williams #949 raced in Baltimore today. Somehow he wrecked and suffered a spinal cord injury. He was rushed to the hospital and "could not feel his legs". Lisa has layman's terms-limited information -as of now. Last bit of info from the family was -he has a C6-C7 injury was rushed to surgery. This tells me the fracture was unstable and there's cord compression. Even with stabilization, there is no guarantee of neurological restoration. All smart ass comments aside please say a prayer for Jarred. This saddens me because Jarred's only 21! And Lisa and I were JUST talking about getting my ZX7R back on her road for this coming summer. May want to just sell it. -Frank
  4. Back to listening to almost all rock now. Love this band. -Frank
  5. Just bought a Samsung S6 and I'm scared to use it til I get a case for it. -Frank
  6. Funny story, 2 yrs ago I took the kids to Charlie's Steakhouse and told Devin they if someone wants to date her have him take you to a fancy place like this. I told Christian if he took a date to a place like this I'll kick his ass for wasting his $$$. They asked why the difference? "That's just how life is. Devin, if he likes you he'll take you period!". Well since Devin is now single Lisa overheard Devin telling this new kid "I've been to would like to go back to Texas De Brazil". Hahahaha. Wow she actually listens to me!!!!!! -Frank
  7. Since I posted up about setting the Crossfire EQ and didn't get any input I went ahead and started looking at a AudioSource RTA-1 because I am really wanting to have a SQ system. It has a calibrated mic right on the top of it. Yeah kinda corny to buy one for the every day Joe, but what the hell. It should arrive next wk. -Frank
  8. Eyeing a Kenwood M.A.S.K. on Ebay now. 6 Days left. From what I am seeing, this might be the last series before the change to a dual motorized face like the Pioneer DEH-P960MP I had. I'm going for 1 for every year if I can find them. When purchasing these units, I am starting to see a pattern.....no wiring harness in the auction. No lit screen to see lit up. And "No turn" when I receive it and plug in my harness. Maybe still a coincidence. lol. Come on, the cheapest harness is $4.60 or best offer w/free shipping. My bet is this unit does not work. lol. That just bothers me!!!!! -Frank
  9. Nah, she'll be fine with it. I'm going to bring the power tower to Play it Again and sell it for $15 or so just to move it. -Frank
  10. Yeah, I should have said semi commercial since the under $500 models super flimsy. This one as you know is solid and didn't vibrate or have the belt hang up. If the motor goes there should be sort of motor that they still make for it.
  11. Did some Xmas shopping. Lisa kept bugging me for a treadmill for the past few weeks. Picked up a used Proform Xp 550S from Play it Again Sports for $140! As usual, someone bought this thing and never used it!!! This thing is mint. Original cost was $599.99 in 2000.(equivalent to $847 inflation rate). It's their mid level unit in their line up. It received great reviews on line. I just hope she uses it like the power tower she wanted last year "Babe so I can work out my abs". (Eyes rolling) If I go upstairs right now I know I will find dust on the power tower. lol. Just stoked I got a commercial type unit for an awesome price. -Frank
  12. That "eureka" moment that you realize there is a market for just about anything. CL is killing my Old school pawn shop/Ebay side gig. So I have to look for other ways to have paypal $ to buy on Ebay. It hit me the other day. I went to LKQ to get an antenna base for Devin's truck. My neighbor used bondo to keep the antenna together when he sold it to me. Well, last week it finally broke while Devin was driving. What I noticed at LKQ- there were so many trucks, but very few antennas. "Hmmm, this must be a replaceable item??" Well, it only cost me $2.44. Ebay sells used ones for $29 shipped. Going back there now to pick up at least 3 of these and do a test run on Ebay for $20 shipped and see what happens. I know I had to pay $109 for my Bimmer power antenna. The cheapest E36 antenna on Ebay now is $65 shipped. Maybe if I pick up 2 of these I can put them up for $40.00 shipped just to move them since they are $15 at LKQ. For anyone that is reading this, there's other ways to make play money than working. That's the point of this post! -Frank
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