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  1. Travis Tollet, the first quadrapalegic to make it up Pikes Peak, passed away today after living with a C6 and C7 fracture that left him paralyzed. Bad deal man. He ended up winning a few UTV championships Well some good news. The surgery was long and they were able to stabilize the fractures remove 3 disks. Next surgery will be to stabilize the rear portion of the vertebrae. The surgeon said the cord is bruised with swelling but not severed. -Frank
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries!!!! Just found out today Lisa's cousin Jarred Williams #949 raced in Baltimore today. Somehow he wrecked and suffered a spinal cord injury. He was rushed to the hospital and "could not feel his legs". Lisa has layman's terms-limited information -as of now. Last bit of info from the family was -he has a C6-C7 injury was rushed to surgery. This tells me the fracture was unstable and there's cord compression. Even with stabilization, there is no guarantee of neurological restoration. All smart ass comments aside please say a prayer for Jarred. This saddens me because Jarred's only 21! And Lisa and I were JUST talking about getting my ZX7R back on her road for this coming summer. May want to just sell it. -Frank
  3. Just bought a Samsung S6 and I'm scared to use it til I get a case for it. -Frank
  4. Eyeing a Kenwood M.A.S.K. on Ebay now. 6 Days left. From what I am seeing, this might be the last series before the change to a dual motorized face like the Pioneer DEH-P960MP I had. I'm going for 1 for every year if I can find them. When purchasing these units, I am starting to see a pattern.....no wiring harness in the auction. No lit screen to see lit up. And "No turn" when I receive it and plug in my harness. Maybe still a coincidence. lol. Come on, the cheapest harness is $4.60 or best offer w/free shipping. My bet is this unit does not work. lol. That just bothers me!!!!! -Frank
  5. Holy Crap! Look at how your board compares to a Older Rockford Fosgate 800a2. 960W x 1 @ 4 Ohm Class ab, looks very similar !!!!! Found this as well. This is claimed. No certificate to visually prove it. Brand New Bare (internal board only) Rockford Fosgate 700s (883 watt rms) I was trying to post this earlier but it said I had less than 5 posts and that it could be spam so I'm just posting the item number so you can check it out: 280161929368. It is just the amp itself with no casing. It is a brand new rockford fosgate 700s with certificate of 883 watts rms. Good for a custom chassis or to get an old ugly unwanted chassis like Pyramid and put it in there. Trick everybody including thieves. LOL. Don't hink they'd want to steal a pyramid. -Frank
  6. The subs could also have unloaded because the prior owner may have tried tp play lower then tuning. I love buying HX2's in sealed boxes. I'm always leary of ported HX2's. But that's just me! -Frank
  7. Cool. Those tinsel leads are alittle on the short side if you chose to repair it. If the lead broke at the post you can push the post forward to make up any length loss, or unsolder the leads, remove the nut that holds the post. Remove the post, you'll find the posts are screwed in with a phillips screw. Loosen and spin the post around so the tinsel part of the post is now closer to the spider than retighten the phillips and reinstall the posts. This will give you about 1/4" inch advantage if you need it. I had to do this to the Power Hx2 I had. I reconed it, but it rubbed. when I cut the lead instead of unsoldering it (I was pissed) I found I was short 1/4". Live and learn. If you're not going to use the bass knob let me know! -Frank
  8. Nice score on the subs! People on here will tell you back in the early 2000's these things were awesome. 3" voice coils. 500W RMS. They get pretty loud. I had several of them. I just sold 4 of my D2 version. I installed 2 D4 12s' in my gf's daugther's truck. I still have 3 D4 sitting here right now. One word of advise. check the ohms of the coils as well as seeing that the coils are shiny copper. These things can definitely take a beating so just check to make sure. Mine all read 4.1-4.2 Ohm per coil. Check the spiders as well. If they are alittle depressed that's ok, since they are broken in. I dismantled a fried Hx2 and found RF reinforced the spider with another spider believe it or not. lol. It was just cut down by 2 ribs on the outer aspect. Also, If the box does not measure 4.15-4.25cf internal you may want to build a new one. Each sub needs 2cf a piece with a 4" port, 10.75" long per manual specs. http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/rftech/library/2000/5_Subwoofers/LIT10683_DVCwoofers_MAN.pdf As far as the amp, these are still good amps. Their amps went main stream and could be found at Best Buy. They all produce power as rated with 14.4V. I believe they are class AB. Someone correct me if I am wrong. The only complaint most people had is that they get pretty hot to the touch so a well ventilated mounting area is a must- not an option. You may have to call RF directly because my 800a2 has the 2 gain knobs and the manual does not state anything on how to set it, other than call RF tech for further info on how to set the gains. http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/rftech/library/2002/3_Amplifiers/MAN3769B_2ChPunch_MAN.pdf One cool thing is that you have the bass knob. That thing sells for $49.99 new on Ebay when you can find them. They are a replacement for the a2 series amps. I know because I am looking for one now! It looks like they have the same chassis, just a new heat sink. Can't say much for the internals. Great find overall! Enjoy them! -Frank
  9. I paid off most of my c.c debt a few months ago. I was sitting on about $880 just to show credit. I thought I was still paying $106 a month. Thinking "Ok, it will be paid off in a few months. Than I happen to see the monthly withdrawal go from $106, to $60, and now $35 a month. I look at the new balance and it was $932.55. WTF?! I have automatic withdrawal?! Discover was just skimming the monthly to go towards interest only. So, I went ahead and paid it off! Bastards!!!!!! Completely c.c. debt free for now at least. -Frank
  10. When working in the ER, this is what I tell my patients. It drives me insane when patients take off their footwear and the aroma starts. "Can I take off my boots?" I tell them "If your feet stink, please leave them on". They look at me like "A$$***e!". People believe it's only the fungus that stinks. They also feel buying new socks, even new boots/sneakers will remedy the situation. NOPE! I won't. It's actually the bacteria on your skin that make the odor that you are not addressing. If my patients do decide to take off their footwear, I *make it a point* and give them the info I am writing below. "1. Spray all of your foot wear with Lysol DAILY. Especially if you plan on keeping your footwear over 6 months. Place it where you put your footwear. Once you get into a rhythm of it, it will be second nature. 2. Keep you nails short. If they are long and discolored on the ends, it's either your diet or bacteria growing on both surfaces of the nail. 3. Get a pedicure at least every 3 months to get rid of the nail cuticle. This skin ridge will harbor bacteria! Walk into any nail salon, men really do get pedicures>>>more than you may think! 4. Buy a mini handheld grip scrub brush. Scrub away any bacteria on your foot, in between toes, and under the nails WITH EVERY SHOWER. 5. Soak your feet in a 2" tub of water, hot enough to tolerate, with a 1 cup Epsom Salts, and 2 black tea bags once a week. These 2 products will remove odor, kill bacteria, and tighten up your pores so your feet sweat less." Trust me, this routine works wonders, especially here in hot and humid Florida. Lisa used to complain about my stinkers until I did something about it. Now, she rubs my feet daily. And someone is going to call out "Bro-Science" on me, but chics really dig guys with clean feet. Next time you wear flips, and meet up with some of 'her' friends, watch they will look at your feet. Also, if your leery about walking into a nail salon,.........tell your girl "Babe, I think I need a pedicure to get rid of the stink". I bet she will have a big smile on her face and even be willing to pay for it! Everytime I bring up the topic with my male patients, the wife or girlfriend at the bedside all say the same thing. "I've been trying to get to him to come with me to get a pedicure, but he won't!". Hahaha. -Frank
  11. The woofer should be getting most of the power since it has the bigger motor. Most tweeters are rated at 25-50W. Some even at 100W crossovered at X frequency, but the way the crossover is, all those caps, and resistors cut into the power as it reaches the tweeter itself. I'd say 65/35 split. I'm no expert by any means, just giving my 0.02 cents. You can always do a reading on the wiring coming out of the crossover with a DMM. -Frank
  12. You're going to have to use Photobucket. Read my other post. ^^ They're "Bestford Buygate" subs, He or He2. -Frank
  13. Looks like they are the He or He2. RF made a Fast and the Furious series with these He2's. $50-$65 for the pair, if you can get someone to buy them from you. -Frank
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