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  1. So I can not view anything I posted picture wise without the "Photobucket.500" gimmeck popping up. I looked into it and they want $399/yr to allow me to post pics. What other sites are there for 3rd party picture hosting. Thanks in advance. -Frank
  2. Thanks Karkov. I was so having bass in my vehicles since I was 21. It's hard not to! The Crossfire VR1000D started to smoke when I was up in NYC back in March. It was cold outside, I went to crank up my car and saw a spark coming from the ski port, then smoke. So I've been driving around with no bassy-bass since March. Something had to give. lol. -Frank
  3. Coming together. I couldn't build the enclosure without testing and retesting where the subs would hit parts of the enclosure. Very time consuming. Pretty tight clearances once mounted. Had to scoop out a lot to clear the magnet. I have a 2x4 area where I have about 1/4" under the magnet. Had to clear the front surround as well as behind the baffle because the stamped basket was also touching the bottom of the enclosure. Like I said, tight clearances! Well, I guess any suitcases will have to sit in the back seat! Tomorrow I finish the top and front. The port will fire into the cabin via the ski port which is about 8.5" of distance. So most of the port will not be in the enclosure. I'm going to have to install the box then go inside the car to install the port. -Frank
  4. Ok so I've owned this 645ci since November. Primarily taking her out on the weekends. She has the Logic 7 upgraded system which includes 2 slim subs behind the seats firing into the cabin. The bass is surprising but it's faint and lacks the oomph that I am used to. I told myself I would not touch this car but I am starting to change my mind. I emailed JL Audio about bandpass specs for the 10W3V3-2 subs I have. They replied the following day with these specs which now I can't find but I remember what they were: "1.3 sealed, 1.7 ported, 25 ci port area, 10" long port. Will play down to 35 hz". Just can't recall the upper portion of the bandpass. I tried last month to draw out the enclosure on graphing paper a few times. These damn subs were about 30-35mm taller than the 10" Round Solobarics I have. SMH. The height difference made it difficult to angle the subs in a 3cf enclosure. Last night I tried again for about 3 hrs, drawing the gragh again and again. The only way to make them fit would be to scoop out areas where the sub would hit the wall. Yes it may weaken the enclosure but I know those prefab Ram truck enclosures have small thin panels so it worked! So went Home Depot. They were out of 3/4" Birch! So I used Sande wood instead. It's what I used in the 328i. Slowly started coming together. I needed about 3/8" clearance for the 10.5" sub surround to clear the top and bottom of the enclosure so I had to route out the base to lower the subs!
  5. It sorta acts like a bandpass enclosure. It will act more like a bandpass when I close off the sides with a vanity cover. -Frank
  6. I thought about running: A)2 I.D. IDQ 12 Dual 2- but I needed a 2 Ohm stable amp. I do have a Lanzar Optidrive 50C but draws 139 amps at 0.5 ohm! B)2 Rockford Fosgate T1D2- I have the T1500-bdcp, but again this thing draws too much amperage. C)2 Rockford Fosgate HX2 12" Dual 4. I have a 800a2 I can use, but no end caps. D)1 Phoenix Gold Elite 12D Dual 2 But who wants only 1 sub?? lol. All of these designs obstruct the ski hole. Decisions, decisions. The 645ci comes with a stock 180 amp alternator, but I read these cars are sensitive to any sort of voltage drop and you'll get DTC codes like crazy. I played the radio/ car off, while testing and I dropped the battery voltage to 11.58V. The computer went crazy. The car would not start and it said I had a "Right license plate bulb out". lol. I didn't. -Frank
  7. Update: Work has been sporadic lately. It's either feast or famine. When I purchased the rims I worked 13 out of 16 days. I told myself "If I work 5 shifts this week I can go ahead and spend some of the money on the car". I got my fifth shift in on Friday so I went ahead and purchased a used OEM BMW wind diffuser. On Saturday I went ahead and used scrap work to make my proto box. 0.65cf per sub. JL Audio 10W3V3-2's. Sensitivity is 87. JL recommends 350rms a piece. I had my 328i Crossfire VR1000 on them at 1 Ohm and they played fine. Doubt I had 1K on them, only turned them up 25 out of 30 on the Alpine. I really didn't like the subs facing the ski hole. The bass was not impressive at all. So I flipped them around to face the back and they played louder while playing "Black Beatles". Moving the subs to the very back of the trunk it played even louder. lol. Unfortunately this hogged up all of my available trunk space. I decided to cut the box in half and run the boxes separately. Subs facing the back under the convertible top area. As you can see, the ski hole is not obstructed. The subs are under the top cargo area. I can build a vanity cover so when you look into my trunk you see nothing but black. I have grocery space now! Now to figure out what amp to use. Due to their sensitivity, they need a good about of power. The VR402 or VR602 ain't going to cut it. -Frank
  8. Thanks guys. 400 mi. on her so far since ownership. Taking her out in a bit. I have to keep a super close on out for potholes or uneven pavement. These wheels are alot lighter than OE. Took the OE wheels out of the trunk and backseats today. WOW, they are heavy! Can't wait to start measuring again for the 10's. -Frank
  9. I really wanted 20" Rohana RC22's but didn't want to pay the price tag for them. https://goo.gl/images/Zlmo5q -Frank
  10. Update: I found out the driver's side rear had 3 cracks on the inner lip edge. Seems the Style 121 made by Gilardi for BMW had a class action law suit due to poorly made 19" upgraded rims yrs ago. The verdict forced BMW to pay back owners up to $500 per repaired rim with receipt. This class action ended yrs ago so I'm S.O.L. So my options were to buy another refurbished Style 121 rear from Ebay and take my chances or get after market rims. I chose the latter. STR Racing 607 Titanium. Staggered set up. 19x8.5 et 15 fronts, 19x10 et 20. 245/40/19 front and 285/30/19 rears. Great rear wheel clearance. I will probably go with 40 series when the rears wear down. 285/35/19 is what is on the M6. Had to buy 2 new front tires. Got a deal on 2 barely used Good Year Eagle RS-As. One had a slit on the side wall, so they're getting me one from the Clearwater Store. Right now there's a China brand on her now. Next project. Subs. -Frank
  11. THE TRANSMISSION IS FIXED. SHE IS ALIVE AND SHIFTING!!!!!!!! Guess it was the T.V. Valve. He still needs to adjust the TV Cable to get the perfect shift, but she is shifting into all the gears!!! I'm so relieved! Came out to roughly $1k including the valve body rebuild. Better than $2200 rebuild with "Parts that needed replacing were replaced. We did: 1. New Rear output shaft 2. New Planetaries 3. New Reverse Input drum 4. New Sunshell 5. New Seals 6. New bearings 7. New Pump 8. New torque converter 9. Newer TCC solenoid 10. New frictions with proper clearances If we didn't do most of this stuff, it would have been $400 tops. Thanks guys for reading my long winded posts! It's the only way I could vent. -Frank a.k.a Shade Tree Mechanic by day / ED Nurse by night
  12. Tomorrow install new balance shaft, new LS7 roller lifters, then the heads, push rods and stock rockers. Monday order a new oil pick up tube and pan and she's ready to go back into the car. THANK GOD!!! -Frank
  13. Update, my neighbor brought the valve body to a shop near the house. The TV cable plunger worked as it should but the valve that it pushes against did not move. On line most owners talk about slamming the pedal down to free up this valve. Seems to be a common problem. This valve is the bigger valve to increase pressure for a firmwr shift. He paid $128 to have the valve body cleaned, inspected, and rebuilt. Like I said..... i was not incharge of the valve body. We did alot of reading and it had to be the valve body. We will installing the rebuilt valve body tomorrow. Fingers crossed! -Frank
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