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  1. Yea, I've tried reinforcing the hinges multiple times now but they are pretty well warped from all of the flex and abuse. Water continues to find a way inside.
  2. Thanks guys for the replies thus far, its not going to be outside of the car but thing is my trunk tends to leak water in the rain and winter months, collects a lot of morning-dew moisture and a thin sheet of ice often forms on the bottom floor where the base of the box will be so I worry about the MDF wood softening and weakening over time
  3. Hi guys so basically I was wondering if I could use the SMD sunflash alone and on its own (no matting no paint) on the outside of my box to offer protection from the elements of rain ice and snow or if I should just use some standard polyurethane for this? I'm not very familiar with paint products but if I did use the Sunflash resin over the polyurethane my understanding is that there is no mixing required, it is ready to be applied straight out of the can but I do have a few questions/concerns regarding its use... (1)should I sand or prep the smooth MDF wood prior to applying the first coat of resin? (2)should I lightly sand the resin between coats? (3)how many coats should I apply for it to withstand direct exposure to water and moisture? (4)is it best to be rolled or brushed on? (5)how much will a gallon cover on average (6)Lastly does this stuff tend to dry clear or cloudy? Thanks to everyone who took the time to address my needs here and offer any tips experience or advice all input is greatly appreciated!
  4. I have heard that the cooling option does slightly alter the speakers specs but would the difference down low be negligible in a ported enclosure?
  5. New Fi Q's are rated for 1500 RMS stock, 1700-1900 RMS with cooling where as the AA Havoc is rated for 1250 RMS. Older reviews and comparisons say the Havoc hits better down low but im afraid it won't handle the 1800-1900 RMS daily off the Crescendo BC3500D. I would like for the enclosure to be 5.0 net cubes tuned to a medium of 31 Hz either way and I prefer lower end deep and ground-pounding bass in the 28-36hz range more than anything. I want to flex my car to bitts and pieces and "feel" the music more than merely hear it. I want to violently shake everything and make it feel as though my car is falling apart on the lows. My only other consideration would be a Fi Bl but I am afraid it will be lacking on the lows for me as I mainly listen to chopped and screwed music and decaf down low (27-34Hz).
  6. Hey guys so my laptop took a shit on me today and I was wondering with all the new technology now days (nooks, notebooks/notepads, tablets etc.) what would be a cheaper alternative for me if all I need the device to be able to do is exchange emails, create and save word documents and apply for jobs online? No music or movie downloads no doing multiple things at one time just some light core internet browsing or reading/research at most. Idc about super high speed browsing or lots of storage capacity just looking for a replacement for basic every day needs.
  7. Welding supply and coppercableman on ebay seem to be quite popular but what about wireandsupply.com or electronbeam.com (EB-flex ) wire? Also I see that 1/0 welding wire is rated for 350 amps at 50 feet while 2/0 is rated for 400 amps at the same length. I don't expect using more than a 20 foot run at most so what size cable would you guys recommend using for a Crescendo BC3500D at one ohm which calls for a 300 amp external fuse? Lastly I noticed there is an ultraflex cable available from welding supply (as well as from directwireusa.com) that claims to contain 4x the strand count of the standard wire yet the amperage ratings are the same?
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