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Found 88 results

  1. Hey Guys! I am in need of some help inconnection with my battery connection. So at one point it occurred to me, when I played from my batteries only, one is taking more time to recharge than the other. It seemed to me, that the balance between them is equal(I think I was wrong), so I decided to investigate. I know that battery one takes the more "beat" than it should, because it takes 4-6 hours to recharge opposite to battery two which is only taking 1-2 hours, when placed on a charger. I also put on a test tone to see what is up, and started clamping for some amperage measurements. By this I found out battery one is providing 16X MORE amps than battery two. So here is the deal. I do not know what causes this problem, because I have 0 AWG copper wires, and I have 15 inches of wire between batteries counter to 4 feet between the batteries and the amplifier, so I don't think it is the wires. What I could come up with as a solution is to get a dual 1/0 to 1/0 power and ground input for the amplifier for balance purposes. Do you think it will help? Or is it just a waste of money? If you have any solutions/ideas please share it!! Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi I'm planning on doing the big 3 upgrade on my 2000 Chevy Malibu it has a stock alt and i'm using an acid battery also I'm not able to get access to my oem engine block to chassis ground wire so i'm wondering if its ok to use the alt mounting bracket bolt as engine ground instead? I read somewhere that the big 3 can cause acid batteries to explode which leads me to asking if I should wait and upgrade the battery first to an agm then do big 3 or will I be okay for couple of months also planning on upgrading alt but having hard time finding one for my car...
  3. im adding a battery in the trunk and ran out of 1/0 for the ground but i have plenty of 4 guage can i use a few runs of it to ground the battery?
  4. Hi everyone! I just purchased an xs power 3100 but I ran into the problem of the battery being a bit too large to fit in the original spot as the factory wet cell. Any ideas or tips on figuring out a way to fit this beast? Thanks , i'd gladly appreciate any ideas!
  5. hey wassup guys im doing my install in my 1970 mercedes 280sel it has a inline 6 with a 35 amp alternator ive looked for bigger alternators and i cant find any and i was wondering if you had any tips i will be running eathier a audiopipe 3000 watt or two sundown 1500 amps with to 700 watt rms 4 channels all info is welcome thanks
  6. This will be my first post here on the site. Im currently running the American bass xfl 12" subs in a q bomb pro box off a hifonics brz 2400.1 with a red top under the hood in a 95 Avalon. So I need help designing a box where my subs face the rear but my port is facing the cab. I want the port in the center bc I want it blowing through the "arm rest hole" of the back seat. I will be posting a few drawing of what I have drawn up. no measurements yet, just ideas im playing with. This box I've designed is an L shaped ported box with the port in the back. what do you guys think??? will it work?? *******The blue represents the air flow. I also drew braces in the back....
  7. Okay first of all I'm having an issue with my smaller amp going into protection mode with only the power, remote, and ground attatched after about 30 seconds with the volume at 0. I've done the big 3(only added wires). My power is coming from the front to the rear positive term. the ground is going from the negative term to the chassis. the amps are both going to the positive and negative terminals respectively. Is this a good ground? Should I take both amps to the chassis aswell and not to the negative terminal? It is also causing a strange clipping through my larger amp/woofer but no protection mode. The system was working for a couple weeks then just f'd up all of the sudden.
  8. I need some adivce on how long to charge my battery. I topped it off around last weekend, and just purchased a new charger yesterday its not a smart charger but i can charge it af 2.5a. Right now the voltage is resting at 12.3 i have a kinetik hc2400. And when it reaches floating charge recommendations does it mean that its fully charged?
  9. I have an XS D7500 Battery that I am trying to get rid of. It's been sitting in the garage and I don't use it. I fully charged it on the XS Power battery charger a few weeks ago and its currently resting at 12.7V - 12.8V. $500 shipped and it's yours, thanks for looking! ? (If you are local in the Denver area and I don't have to ship it, I will give you a better deal!)
  10. Hi all , what does amp hours mean for a battery For example 110AH Thanks
  11. just got a 2400 kinetic battery.... should i leave my old capacitor in my car to? so i have from my starter battery to my audio battery, from the audio battery to the cap, and from the cap to the amp? or should i just take the cap out and go straight from the kinetic to the amp?
  12. wondering if anyone knows of a fuse holder that accepts 2 1/0 in and 2 1/0 out???? and where to get cheap fuse holders for 1/0 I wouldn't mind having the mounting as ring terminals my current set up uses them im just putting another run of 1/0 so I need to upgrade
  13. I have a stock battery up front in the engine compartment and a CRESCENDO LOGIC F-31HP AGM POWERCELL in the back. I will eventually replace the stock alternator with a high output alternator either mechman or dc power but which ever one would be about 250A max; idling around 180-200A. I was planning on running one run of 1/0 from the battery up front to the battery in the back (+ to + and - to -). But after doing some looking and reading around, I feel like I'm on the edge of the 1/0 amperage capacity. Or am I reading the chart or thinking about this all wrong? The length of the run will be somewhere between 12'-20'. I know, it is a big range, but I'm trying to play it safe by overestimating. QUESTION: Am I safe with the one run of 1/0 or should I have another positive to positive 1/0 wire or also a wire from the back battery negative to the chassis also or one 2/0 wire, or what? I want to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions! Oh, and what size of fuses (2 of them; one close to each battery, right?) should I get for the positive wire?
  14. does anyone know were to find a GOOD battery terminal that has 3 inputs ?? i need it for my battery in the back and i was going to have 2 amps wired to it and have my power wire from the front battery hooked up to it ....... ??????
  15. Hello everyone i have a relatively mid powered system. I am having a issue with my electric system. I know this topic is being discussed million times, but I'm not sure what to believe. my system is as follows: pionner unit x2700bs 6.2" touchscreen pioneer gm-d9605 5 channel amp, 4x 75watts @ 4ohm and 1x 600 watts @ 2ohm (2000watts max) class d amp two nvx 6.5 speakers @50watts and two nvx 6x9 @ 55 watts, plus, two 12" rockford fosgate single [email protected] p1s4-12 connected in parallel for a final impidence of 2ohms, 250watts each, 500 -600 watts total 4 guage wire for + and - of the amp 14 guage speaker wires/ 8 guage amp wires stock alternator 110amps xspower d1200 battery big 3 upgrade with 1/0 guage wire from xspower kit All gains set properly with smd dd1 deck clips at 38 out of 40 but i never pass 31 my problem is that my headlights dims when the bass hits, and also i have voltage drops when the bass hits, at the battery terminals it goes from 13.8 to 12.5, or even lower. At the amp terminals its always 12.8 and it drops to 11.2 or lower. I also noticed a change of the engine noise, meaning that when the bass hits, looks like the rpms are affected or something, because the noise reduces every time the bass hits. I would like to play loud, but also not stress out my other electrics/electronics in my car. any suggestions?
  16. 1/0 CCI ROYALE EXCELENE WELDING CABLE seen a couple people like yu-kong use this kind of wire for his install and i might as well pick some up myself, great deal, $2.48 a foot http://www.wireandsupply.com/category_s/57.htm Any thoughts on this? True wire gauge, etc
  17. I have 2 kicker s15l7's in a custom ported box on a zx1500 amp and i need to add a second battery under the hood. There is a place by the passenger side firewall but there also is a brace. My driver side brace is gone already and i was wondering if it would be okay to take the passenger side brace out too, but i dont want to wreck my car. Also i have the 2005 chevy tahoe.
  18. A week ago I upgraded my old Kinetik battery to an XS Power AGM D925 in hopes to help my headlight dimming. It helps but not completely and the dimming comes back hard after about 10 minutes playtime. Voltage drops from 14.1 to 12/13 volts within 15 minutes max if playing it constantly. I'm running one Sundown SA12 by an oldschool KOLE Audio HK620-2 amplifier in bridge mode 620 Watts I think. Low power for this sub I know but it sounds fantastic and flexes everything. Cannot find much info on my KOLE amp and I know its not class D. If I got a newer "Class D" amp would it lessen my headlight dimming? Also, did the big 3 upgrade with 1/0 gauge wire, and 2 gauge wire going from under hood to trunk XS battery and amp. Have a brand new Bosch battery under the hood as well, and XS battery is connected using a stinger relay/isolator so they're not connected when car is off. Stock 110Amp alternator. Upgrading alternator not an option. Every single thing in my car is grounded properly. After fully charging XS D925 battery externally and installing it still dims after 5-10 minutes and sometimes immediately depending on the song I'm playing. I'm starting to think my KOLE amp is causing these dimming issues somehow. What do you think?
  19. I am new here and have lots of questions for you all. Some of these questions are probably very stupid and I should already know the answers...but I don't, so take it easy on me please. I had been running the same system for the past 5 years in my old vehicle, and I want to change it up. Old vehicle R.I.P, "new" vehicle= 2004 Ford Escape (3.0 v6 if it matters) Here's the plan... Stock alternator, Optima yellow top, big 3 upgrade, SoundQubed HDS315, SoundQubed Q1-1200, sub up-port back... Now the questions: 1. Will I be alright with this, or will I NEED a high output alternator and/or additional battery? ...will have lots more questions based on this answer 2. I should I wire from 2 ohm to 1 ohm...correct? 3. Can I run 0 gauge wire? 4. Anyone have a contact for box design?
  20. I want a an extra battery for my audio system. I drive a 2007 Ford Fusion 2.3L. I have an "ok" stock battery, not sure what, but I think it is Motorcraft BXT-96R. Anyway, I'll be upgrading it to Interstae Mega-Tron II. But that's not the topic, just extra info that you might want to know. My maximum amount of RMS power for my audio system is 2000W. I used the audio calculator to find the best battery for my needs for kinetikpower.com and 4xspower.com. They recommended XS Power XP2000 and Kinetik HC200. On SonicElectronix, they are almost the same price, so the price doesn't matter to me. Which one is known to be "better"?
  21. i have two P1 12's being powered by an Alpine MRX-M50 (500 watt) and my lights already dim when the subs hit, even when im driving. i was thinking of changing to two 10's maybe p3's or W3v3's and a JL jx1000/1. My question is whether i would need another battery to power that amp with or if maybe my alternator or battery might need to be replaced.
  22. Hey guys, just want you opinion before I purchase this. I want to make my setup look cleaner. This should also make my installs go much easier as well. Was thinking about mounting somewhere in the trunk. Do you think this would work? I will have (2) Q2200.1's, (1) Q4-120, and a Kenwood XR400-4 coming off it. Will have all my batteries in parallel off this as well (total of 4 batteries). What do you guys think? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GJUZUMI/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1NZSGX8D9PVM7 Thanks
  23. i have a cheap battery powering my engine but im wondering if i get a yellow top optima battery will that gain me more power and bass. i already got audio battery but I'm needing engine battery....can anybody help me with this
  24. I've read through a bunch of related posts, but I can't seem to find a clear-cut answer. What size of fuse do I need at each end of the 1/0 wire connecting the starter battery to my supplemental battery in the trunk (positive to positive)? More details: - Running ~2000W RMS for audio system, but only 1600W is running off of the supplemental battery; the other 400W is running off of the starter. - Stock starter battery; CRESCENDO LOGIC F-31HP AGM POWERCELL; stock alternator (but planing on getting a 270 alternator from DC) - 2007 Ford Fusion - The run (+ to +) is 20ft long (running underneath car [all proper precautions have been taken to protect the wire]) of NVX XW0BL20 (http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_46862_NVX-XW0BL20.html) I am guessing I will need a 150A fuse near each battery for the run... but I don't know for sure..... and I want to know for sure. Even if I'd guess correctly I'd be forever paranoid of the day that my fire catches on fire or something horrible.... SO, what size of fuse do I need????
  25. Just got a xs 925 to run my t1000, t500, and alpine pdf-400. How should I wire the second battery in just run it in parallel to ton my battery under the hood? Replace the current battery with the xs? I have just a standard car battery up front, rather large but not agm. Big three is done and I'll be using ofc wire. Please any suggestions on what I should do will help.
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