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  1. The RF 2500.1bd or BDCP are total beast I sold mine recently but will be buying another as soon as finances permit!
  2. I've actually had a failed triple joint on a T2 12" and was able to carefully take it apart with a sharp chisel to gently separate the surround and a thin flathead screwdriver to pry loose the spiders and spacer, I fixed the triple joint and it fit back together without needing a shim in the coil to center it as the spider fits into a tight spot as does the surround.
  3. What do you mean by thick? And what size angle? Like 2x2x3/8?
  4. If you want all your tweeter on one side LOL. DOn't think they make passenger side gauge pods.I thought about that, don't they drive on the other side of the road in a few countries? If so shippings going to suck but problem solved!
  5. Do they make them with less pods? Cause if so I see some good looking tweeter mounts!
  6. If the surround is foam I would not use any acetone or alcohol based chemical the foam most likely isn't going to to be resistant to it.
  7. You too, I went thru the first set and when they went I lost all output, got a new pair under warranty and popped those about a month later but they still play perfectly?
  8. I own a set and after using them I won't be buying anything else but them for all my builds, I have mine on a RF T600.2 at 2ohms per ch so around 398 according to the amps birth sheet, the drivers take that much power just fine and will play for days the xovers however will not take too much more then rated power before the capacitors on the board start to pop.
  9. You should be able to the best way to tell would be to add up the total fuse ratings for both amps then check to see how many amps of current you can pull through the length of wire you have in your car then fuse it accordingly.
  10. I had a set of RF HX2's that had some sag in them and yea they would bottom out pretty easy but loaded correctly with only one window down they would go hard but the second a door opened or the other window was down they would smack the bottom hard, but I do have to add they where seeing about 1100rms each.
  11. I had an older Memphis with the flaming orange logo it was 2k at 2ohms but I insisted on trying 1ohm it went well for a few days then the fets poured smoke but it kept on playing?
  12. I'm on my second windshield because I thought I might get lucky on round two using the rear view.....nope.
  13. Has anyone had any issues with the spiders on these subs? I pulled mine out yesterday to just look it over and when I lift the cone about 3/8"-1/2" small 1/4" long tears open in the peaks of the ridges of the spider, it's only about a month and a half old and it's only been on a RF T2500.1bdcp, it's in a ported enclosure just under 2.5cubes tuned to 32hz and I've used the subsonic filter and broke it in according to what sundown had said? What gives with this thing?
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