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  1. Damn why'd you even have to bring that up! Now I'm thinking about changing my mind to the NS..
  2. Understandable man. Just wondering what people have been running successfully on it..
  3. In a couple months i'm going to be moving to a car so I'm getting rid of my 2 SA's and getting a Sundown Zv4 12 or possibly a 15. Currently I have my SQ2200D and will probably be getting another one to strap it. What I'm wondering is what kind of power these can actually take daily. I'm planning on tuning pretty low 27/28hz and not too sure what I should do. If everything sells how I want it to I may end up going with one of the new SCV3000's..
  4. I had the same problem but I just did free shipping. It said processing for 2 days finally I called and had to verify address, and after another 4 days including a weekend and another phone call I finally got it shipped out. The guy said the last person I talked to didn't even update my address information so nothing changed.
  5. You just don't plug shit in right. i guess if you ration out EVERYTHING and spend a lot on a card.....you can get a good rig for $2,000 but not with a good monitor. Basically for a good PC you need at least $3,000-$3500 (including the monitor). A $2,000 tower on a $800-$1,000 monitor should be decent Yeah I've always had a thrown together gaming PC that got by barely on low-medium settings, and figured 2 years ago It was time to go ahead and just build a great gaming PC. Around $2500 later, my mind was blown at the difference at finally being able to run BF3/4 Ultra at 90+ fps.. But I just built a rig for a friend and was shocked at how much performance you can get nowadays at under $1000 and still able to get 70+ fps in BF4 @ 1080p..
  6. It seems like this is what happens every time I buy a console. I wish they would bring Madden back to PC and even MLB the Show. Those are the only reasons I go back and buy a console every now and then.. Seems like at least once a year I would buy a console play it for a month or 2, then sell it off and go back to PC.. Did this a year ago with the PS3 Bundle for GTA V since they were holding off on PC version.. beat the campaign, played a month off Madden 25, then sold it too a co-worker and haven't gone back..... Yet..
  7. It's because we spend too much time on the PC and try converting people... Sad lifestyle..
  8. I don't know a single person that has said those vary words and actually never upgraded..
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