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  1. Yes that is totally reasonable, subwoofer impedance can change just by you talking while next to it and the vibrations from your voice changing it. I recently ordered a sundown 10 dual 4 ohm and after wiring it in parallel it sat at 1.7 ohms.
  2. What all will be running from this distribution block? More than likely you will need something bigger than 5 gauge. Also what ohm load will you be running the amp? Check out the wire gauge chart below that explains what size wire to use, there are many others this is just a quick one I pulled up. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-rwtqa4wUOJ1/learn/learningcenter/car/cable_gauge_chart.html
  3. Yes you can add a second battery to the trunk and wire it directly from the output of the alternator but I would also add a fuse in line for protection. Have you done the proper Big 3 upgrade and is there any reason you are using 4 gauge instead of 0? I have a 94 camry with an HO alternator and 2 batteries. I still have the original wiring from the alternator to the front battery plus an upgraded 0 gauge wire from the alternator to the front battery directly off the terminal. Then I have 0 gauge going to the back battery.
  4. Have you checked with Singer (http://www.singeralternators.com) or DC (https://www.dcpowerinc.com)? They are also the other two reputable HO alternator manufactures that people on here use. You will most likely have to contact them through phone or email to see if they can make you something because not every alternators is listed under the standard stock on their websites.
  5. When you say really fast how fast are we talking about? Read post #7 below and check all the things listed. Also are you sure that it's bare metal that your grounded to, just asking because I have seen people sand down to the gray primer and thought it was metal.
  6. Well if you are doing the DMM method using the calculations of 2ohm x 1500 = 3000. Then the square root of that is around 54 volts AC. Keep in mind though that rockford's amps are underrated so it is probably putting out around 1800 - over 2K watts. There a video of one being tested that put out 2235 watts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKO_sWLsMhs
  7. I am surprised you were able to get a alternator that big for that camry. I have a 270a from DC power on my 1994 camry with a 2.2 liter engine.
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