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  1. It’s only two months old I don’t want soundqubed to deny me a warranty. I really do want to open it up and look. It’s funny you said about smell I’ve had my nose on it for a while now. Wife is looking at me like I am some kind of crazy person.
  2. Yes after I waited I hooked back up in this order remote wire positive wire and last negative wire. No speakers or rcas. Give me the old right light. Does it matter how long you wait thinking about going out and try to hook it up again. I just can’t think of anything else to try. The other amp still playing and not in protect has me really confused. I would think the the master would go into protect before the slave.
  3. Took the amp out waited about an hour and hooked it back up still in protect. I seen a post about a bunch of stuff to check so I did but nothing came back off. The master amp is still in the car and works. @DiBo there are both s1 2250’s? A little confused on how I would check which one is stronger?
  4. I run 2 aq s1 2250’s strapped. Never had a problem switch vechicals and one went into protect and won’t come out other one runs fine. Why would only one go into protect and not come out of protection? And does anyone know if I can open up the amp and still return it if it wasn’t anything I did. Really want to see if anything is burnt.
  5. I am setting the gains with a dd1. My head unit clips at max volume(38). Factory speakers sound like butt so I only go to 32. When I try to set the bass level on the Lc2i the max light comes on way before the dd1 distorts. So my question is should I just set the Lc2i settings right before the max light comes on or go off the dd1? My head unit does not roll off(as far as I know/can hear). I have the threshold turned all the way up. Everything I have read says to do that if radio doesn’t roll off. Any help would be great thank you.
  6. i am in waukesha where are you hoping it misses me. have to rip my system out and was hoping to get it done this weekend
  7. @Triticum Agricolam found it. box net=3 ft cubed box gross=5.42 ft cubed port vol.=1.68 ft cubed port area=64.13 in cubed port area per ft=21.36 in cubed port ratio=1:2.84 tuned to 34hertz Hope this helps if nothing else i can just put this box in the new vechical. Just wondering if it would be more efficient to build a new box. The suv is a 2014 dodge journey
  8. i was trying to look up the post for my box. you actually helped me with the design. But i think it was under jeff146.4. 12 inch subs the box is tuned to 32 i believe. if i could find that post i could tell you the port and volume i will keep looking. also not looking to chase numbers just like loud bass.
  9. As of right now i am running two dc xl m2s on 2 aq s1 2250s. My box is 20X16x32 i think. (its snowing) I lose control over the cone when there is quick changes from bass tones almost like it is bottoming out. This happens at all different tones. First thing is i got a different vechical and have a ton more room.(suv) Would going to a fourth oder help with this? Amp is set with a dd1 and no clipping. The other question i have is there a big sound difference between a ported box and a fourth? And how hard is it to build a fourth order? If there is any other info i can supply to help i can get it. thank you.
  10. i actually just posted in the original build its called first time building a box
  11. its the one on the left and it is at higher frequency like 40 to 50ish
  12. i would say yes sometimes but thats not when it makes the sounds it makes the sound when going from high note to high note like 45 to 50ish area it handles lower notes really well
  13. if my sub is unloading does that mean i have to build a new box?
  14. my sub is unloading and i don't know what to do. At first thought it was bottoming out but after a lot of reading i believe it is an unloading issue. Do i need a new box?
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