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  1. i actually just posted in the original build its called first time building a box
  2. its the one on the left and it is at higher frequency like 40 to 50ish
  3. i would say yes sometimes but thats not when it makes the sounds it makes the sound when going from high note to high note like 45 to 50ish area it handles lower notes really well
  4. if my sub is unloading does that mean i have to build a new box?
  5. my sub is unloading and i don't know what to do. At first thought it was bottoming out but after a lot of reading i believe it is an unloading issue. Do i need a new box?
  6. rsfm089

    Dual XPR82D

    wow that was impressive. really wish they would of used better screws to see the guts
  7. another question do i want 1/0 or 2/0. Thank you guys very much.
  8. i need to buy more wire and think the better choice (imo) is welding cable. I am wondering what companies you guys use or have tried and what the performance was.
  9. i think people might get confused about the cold weather thing. Its not an issue to run the lithium in cold weather. The issue is charging in cold weather is not at all good for lithium. i made another post about running lithium in cold weather so don't want to post it again.
  10. When everyone is hunkering down and trying to stay warm its time to think about your lithium batteries. The good news is that you can discharge or use your battery no matter how cold it gets, without worrying about damage. You will notice that your lithium battery is dying much quicker than it had in warmer months. When temperatures reach this low, below freezing, it temporarily reduces the capacity. Coming in from the cold your hands can hurt while they warm up. The same thing goes for lithium batteries. When your batteries internal temperature drops below 32 degrees, the lithium cells are unable to accept the same amount of charging current (warmth) as they did when the temperature was warm. Don’t charge your lithium batteries when the battery temperature is below freezing. There is an exception; You can use a 1-amp charger on any lithium battery that is 12-amp hours or larger. This low current is like warming your hands slowly when getting in from the cold. The current is not high enough to damage your battery but allows you to add charge to your battery when you are not able move your battery into a warmer area. The sun helps too. Are you hooked up to solar power? The good news is even when stored in an unheated location the solar panels will keep your battery active to the point where the internal battery temperature will not drop below freezing. Remember: Don’t charge your lithium batteries when temperatures are below freezing unless you are using 1-amp charger, or they are connected to your solar system. (taken from a different place not my writing just doing research)
  11. learning a lot about this now the company i was talking to said at a 327amp draw 4 12v100ah lithium would last for three hours on continuous play. they also explained to me that if i had a 320ho alt i would more then likely damage the battery over time. the other bad thing is that a lithium battery should not be charged at 0 degrees C or 32 degrees F, the only safe way to charge is with a 1amp charger. It takes about 15 hours to charge 10ah lithium. i live in wisconsin its cold. until new tech comes out and some way to properly charge in cold weather other then removing my batteries i will stick to agm for now. If i was in warm weather and could get the right chargers i would be all over lithium.
  12. Anyone every heard of this company or tried any of there batteries?
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