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  1. Wire it just like you always do BUT put the pos to neg and neg to pos on the inverted subs ONLY.
  2. If it's anything like Nakamichi's headunits then I wouldn't even get close to it.
  3. I don't think you'll be satisfied with Pioneer's Auto EQ and Time Alignment. It doesn't have all the options of a nicer DSP. I personally have been eyeballing this one: https://www.minidsp.com/products/car-audio-dsp/c-dsp-6x8 The only thing I don't like it the output is only 2v.
  4. If I was in your situation I would plug the port on the current box and mount 4 - 6 inch ports 14 inches long each into the box. This will get you the port area you need and get your tuning to around 35 hz. A little under 10.5 cu ft after displacements. If you still don't like it sell the subs and buy new stuff.
  5. I didn't save it unfortunately. I put in the volume the manufacturer recommended. So 3 cu ft per driver (12 total) and I use Triticum's calculator for port area. WinISD will tell you the port length.
  6. I'm getting similar results. I modeled the recommended box from MMats and its tuned around 40hz. They must just not be built to play low.
  7. Double check your T/S parameters for now. I'll try modeling it tonight for you. Give me a couple hours.
  8. Upload pics to imgur then post the URL. Triticum uses his spreadsheet to calculate port area (I use it too, Thanks again Triticum). You can also use WinISD or another box program like Horn resp to determine the port area needed. Port noise accompanies port compression. Basically your ported box starts to act like a leaky sealed box.
  9. The best way to stop lights from dimming is to get headlights with their own dedicated power supply. LED or HID.
  10. My phone app shows 11.3ft2 net tuned at 27hz after speaker and port displacement. But you need more port area for 4 15's, at least double what you have now. You are most likely suffering from port compression. You will need to make the next box larger for proper port area. Do you have any room to spare?
  11. If you want cheap China stuff with no minimum order check Ali Express. But it take 3-4 weeks average for delivery.
  12. Just add a 2nd battery to the rear and you'll be fine.
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