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  1. Did you leave the stock sub hooked up or did you cut the wires? Some factory amps wont output audio unless it sees a load from a speaker.
  2. You need to get signal from the sub out of your factory amp. The amp is umder the dash on the driver side. The sub output is in a black 16 pin plug. Gray with brown stripe is positive and dark green with brown stripe is negative. I hope this helps.
  3. Badass. That thing is going to be sooo heavy. Are you planning on beefing up the suspension or will it be a trailer queen? Haha.
  4. I have 1 of those amps (same model but 2 ohm version) and its awesome. I can't imagine what 4 would do.
  5. CrackFactory

    Bass Knob Dc 1.2k

    Sounds like the amp is the problem.
  6. CrackFactory

    Bass Knob Dc 1.2k

    Does the knob work when you turn it down? If it does then you have an input problem.
  7. CrackFactory

    Dedicated AC Voltmeter?

    They just have + and - on the back. I hooked them up directly to the speaker outputs on the amp. Expect to wait 3-4 weeks for delivery from aliexpress.
  8. CrackFactory

    Dedicated AC Voltmeter?

    I've used these with success in the past. Surprisingly accurate and fast reaction. But no lights and if you look at it from an angle you can't read it very well because it's a needle. But they are cheap as dirt. SMD OM-1 is obviously superior, I'm just showing you there are other options.
  9. How often do you blow fuses though? If you're blowing them and everything is set up correctly then you have the wrong size. Fuses only blow if you fuck up or shit goes haywire. Not under normal operating circumstances. I made my own fuse holder out of ABS, nuts and bolts. I used nylon acorn nuts to hold the lid on so that I didn't have any contact points outside of the case. Cost me about 10 bucks and holds 4 fuses with a buss bar on one end for distribution. I'll snap photos tomorrow when I have daylight. It's ugly but someone who cares could easily make it pretty.
  10. CrackFactory

    Port area is confusing.

    I use this for port area: That box should be tuned right around 34hz. You have plenty of port area. It should rip.
  11. CrackFactory

    Kicker q or Rockford fosgate t1

    Too many factors determine what will be louder for us to answer and "better" is subjective. Buy them both and then you tell us. Versus threads aren't allowed.
  12. The dd-1 wont make anything louder. It only allows you to set your gains correctly. If the music you listen to is -7.5db then I would set it using the -5db track. That should give you 2.5db of headroom. If you just want it as loud as possible set it with the -10db and just be careful in the upper limits of your volume. Another option would br to download a -7.5db track and use that to set it.
  13. CrackFactory

    Ground to frame

    I would run one.