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  1. Disconnect all speakers and RCA's from the amp. Measure voltage at amp positive input and remote input. If you have 12v on both of them then measure resistance on each speaker. You will need to measure after the crossover, you will not get a reading through it. Report results. Also try to pinpoint the smell. Air out the car first then sniff it out. Is it the amp, deck or speakers? Check connections under the hood at the fuse and battery. Especially if you use set screw terminals.
  2. Website doesn't show. I have saved the old specs for a m3? I believe. Hopefully it helps. Here are the specs I have: 18" Mounting Depth11.5" Mounting Hole Diameter16.75" Outside Driver Diameter18.5" Motor Width9.84" Weight85lbs VC Diameter4" Displacement.26³ ft Magnet Weight80lbs Power Handling RMS/Peak4500/9000 Impedance (Ohm)D.7/D1/D1.4/D2 Sd1217cm² Vas67.02 liters Cms0.0325mm/n Mms588.52g Fs36.4 BL36.25 Re4.02 Ohm Le7.5mH Qms22.43 Qes0.416 Qts0.409 Xmax31.25 mm Ref SPL @ 1 watt90.7dB Suggested SealedN/A Suggested Ported 6³ ft
  3. Good work man. This is awesome. For the foam try this stuff: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Universal-Seal-1-in-x-1-in-x-12-ft-Impregnated-Expanding-Open-Cell-Foam-Sealant-Tape-HD-ASR-25-25-04/205360418 It's made for metal roofs and seals really well. You should be able to stack it to fill the gap on top.
  4. I run 4v pre outs to my taramps MD8000.1. I think it was the HD models that didn't like higher voltage, but not sure.
  5. I use whatever I have on hand. Mostly window cleaner. I'm sure alcohol is much better though. I'm sure it'll stick good no matter what you use, as long as it's clean.
  6. Download the old ones here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/downloading-older-versions
  7. Amazing job man. I can't believe you even pinstriped the inside of the gas lid! How does the flocking hold up to abuse? I haven't seen it in person yet.
  8. The frequency has 'read only' locked for a couple weeks now. Is it possible to unlock it? @Triticum Agricolam
  9. The dd-1 wont make anything louder. It only allows you to set your gains correctly. If the music you listen to is -7.5db then I would set it using the -5db track. That should give you 2.5db of headroom. If you just want it as loud as possible set it with the -10db and just be careful in the upper limits of your volume. Another option would br to download a -7.5db track and use that to set it.
  10. Keep in mind those Kicker amps have a subsonic set at 25hz that you cannot change. Im not sure how low you're trying to play but that may be affecting your sound a bit. Awesome build by the way.
  11. You need to put the dd1 on the output of the amp. Since its a self powered unit you'll have to take it apart to get at it. Not worth it imo for such a simple setup. This may be the one time I say tune it by ear.
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