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  1. New mids and highs from DC Audio. I think I'm one of the first to get my hands on these.
  2. PAC makes a t harness so you don't have to hack up your truck. https://catalog.pac-audio.com/catalog/amplifier-integration-harness/aph-gm02
  3. The first color is pos. The second is neg. Left front - blue - brown with blue stripe Right front - yellow - yellow with black stripe Left rear - green - green with black stripe Right rear - white - blue with black stripe
  4. If you get me picture of the back side of the plugs I might be able to help you figure it out. Usually video wires have a shield around them so it makes them a little easier to find. Unless they are using a digital signal which would be much harder to tap into.
  5. So coil 1: red is positive white is neg Coil 2: green is pos black is neg
  6. I think you'll be ok in the Chevy's. I've had more problems in Chrysler products with that particular issue. PAC sells a t harness to tie into your factory radio to make wiring super easy. https://catalog.pac-audio.com/catalog/amplifier-integration-harness/aph-gm02
  7. Check for shorted speaker wire and also check your ohm loads.
  8. Anything will work fine for deck power. Just gets something that sound nice to your ears. Go to a couple shops and listen to different brands.
  9. Font and rear: 20x15 Top and bottom: 20x6.5 Side: 13.5x6.5 Port side: 12x6.5 Port A: 17x6.5 Port B: 9x6.5 Double check my work. I did this in my head.
  10. Sub back port to the side. If you need a cut sheet let me know.
  11. I didn't realize the subs were in the title of the thread haha. I will post a design when I get home for you. I'm having trouble upload photos from mobile
  12. Are you putting a speaker in the box? If so what kind? That might help a potential box designer help you. Also might want to mention which way the port and sub should face. And maybe how much power you'll be running.
  13. This is true of a lot of smaller shops. When I first started at my shop they didn't have any nice tuning equipment either and they have been in business over 40 years! You will need to find a high end shop to get what you want.
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