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  1. Just put 8's or even 10's in your doors in place of the 6.5's.
  2. More power? No. Upgrade your sub to one that can handle the power you have.
  3. Check the bottom of the amp for an auto turn on switch. Im not sure if your amp has one but my JBL does.
  4. For that budget and a 2 ohm load. Taramps MD 3000.1 the 2 ohm version. Set your gains correctly and you'll be good.
  5. If you run them from the head unit you will need a passive crossover. If it were me I'd ditch the 3.5s and only run 6x9s or make adapters for 6.5's and put a tweeter where the 3.5s are.
  6. The frequency has 'read only' locked for a couple weeks now. Is it possible to unlock it? @Triticum Agricolam
  7. Check to see if the voice coil terminals were labeled wrong. I've had it happen from DC before, shit happens. Here's pics too. Right: http://imgur.com/ZM1ZR3a Wrong: http://imgur.com/1SVPEWA
  8. Did you leave the stock sub hooked up or did you cut the wires? Some factory amps wont output audio unless it sees a load from a speaker.
  9. You need to get signal from the sub out of your factory amp. The amp is umder the dash on the driver side. The sub output is in a black 16 pin plug. Gray with brown stripe is positive and dark green with brown stripe is negative. I hope this helps.
  10. Badass. That thing is going to be sooo heavy. Are you planning on beefing up the suspension or will it be a trailer queen? Haha.
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