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  1. Disconnect all speakers and RCA's from the amp. Measure voltage at amp positive input and remote input. If you have 12v on both of them then measure resistance on each speaker. You will need to measure after the crossover, you will not get a reading through it. Report results. Also try to pinpoint the smell. Air out the car first then sniff it out. Is it the amp, deck or speakers? Check connections under the hood at the fuse and battery. Especially if you use set screw terminals.
  2. Use this for calculating port length. http://www.mobileinformationlabs.com/HowTo-1Woofer-Box-CAL Port lenth 1.htm Here's what I got. https://i.imgur.com/kYPTb49.png
  3. If you used 20 6.5" mids and tried to play 30hz the 18" sub would win. It's designed to play low. The mids aren't.
  4. Maybe the coil is rubbing? I just had that problem yesterday with a sundown e10v3. It clicked like crazy.
  5. Use a headphone to RCA cable to plug your phone or mp3 player into the amp. See if you have the same problem. Make sure you do not swap RCAs while the radio is powered on.
  6. I would probably run them if that's all I had around. I think you'll be safe enough with them.
  7. I run an md8000.1 1 ohm. I have 300a fuses. I have not popped one yet. My box rises from 1 ohm to 3.6 and I've clamped 2600 watts from it.
  8. You might have the gain up too high. I had this problem with an Alpine KTP445U.
  9. I run one daily. 1 ohm, 2 Batts and stock alt. No problems going on almost 2 years now.
  10. I run an md8000.1 in my truck with almost stock electrical. I just have one extra battery and the big 3. But stock alt and only one AGM. The other battery is a regular old lead acid. I honestly think you'll be ok. I would hook up a voltage meter to the amp for the first couple weeks just so you can learn the limits you can push it to. Get a high quality battery in the trunk at the minimum.
  11. It's short because your port area is super low. You only have 24.5 sq in. I would go with at least 60 sq in if you're running them at full power.
  12. You may have damaged the amplifier already. Check for continuity between speaker wires and chassis ground.
  13. Where does the voltage meter measure from? Does it run all the way to the battery? Or is it tapped to the cigarette lighter that you are using for your charger?
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