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  1. Still around, still have the Tahoe and Cadillac but no beat. I miss it. Glad to see some veteranos still kicking it to teach the youth.
  2. That receiver was the shovel blade bent up that the handle/stock belonged to.
  3. The new changes aren't bad, my only gripe is it doesn't put me in the last place I viewed in a thread (I usually end up at the very first post of a thread and have to backtrack a few pages from the last to catch up)
  4. As much as I want to have confidence in the fidelity and abilities of my fellow service members...... I've seen this kind of shit first hand.
  5. OMFG, LMFAO!!!!!! That bitch crispy ass fuck, lol https://youtu.be/jxsD6ecxDUgFire
  6. I think you took it wrong. I knew she was gay, so it was not shocking. I was being sarcastic.For the record, I am cool with gay people. I got super hammered and sucked a dudes dick in a three way once.
  7. We can have them in WA, but since I'm a short timer we really haven't figured out where we are going to settle down once I get out. I like it here but I can see the little by little stabs at the gun laws starting. I need to buy a house so I can have some space and get a real safe to fill... Then explain to the wife we need another safe to put our important shit in to keep it protected. Muahaha
  8. As cool (neck-beard movie fantasy) as it would be like wouldn't either. I'll stick to handgun or carbine with white light. You're making me want a 590A1 that much more. Don't get me wrong I love my 870, it's just my cross dominance that makes it more comfortable to shoot long guns lefty (handguns right handed). With thumb safety and a regular stock you can't go wrong. Oh, btw.... I still hate you And Rolex too. ?.......................Me
  9. Now I have this fucking song in my head. https://youtu.be/fJuapp9SORA
  10. Maybe srp365 doesn't realize he needs to raise his hand when he speaks to you Bola. Pull your shoes up and let him know. You are the last dragon.
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