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  1. Still around, still have the Tahoe and Cadillac but no beat. I miss it. Glad to see some veteranos still kicking it to teach the youth.
  2. Looks like youre going to have to stock up on bits for your machine to keep up with demand. Everything you need, nothing you don't. Taking SMD into the future. Are you going with the "minus" sign or the schematic graphic for the ground bar? (For those that don't know) Will there be a disclaimer on the positive buss bars too for the ones who decide to go that route but don't have a complete understanding of what they're doing and end up like this? "This wouldn't of happened if I hadn't installed that stupid SMD buss bar"
  3. Krud kutter, they sell it in the paint aisle at Walmart. Shit works on everything, especially old and crusty to fresh and gooey tree sap is no match.Amazing work man, must feel good to walk into a brand new yet familiar castle.
  4. The first pics with you and Psyph = 1, 2, 3, 4? Sweet pics of the trip. Seems like they're making amps more and more compact.
  5. Chillin' with Tupac back in the day, shout out in a E-40 joint and now this? What's next?
  6. That and the new rainbow six look promising. I wonder if there is going to be any movement on patriots also. Still waiting for MGS5 The Phantom Pain above all though.
  7. Waiting for David to post his #1 status. Been kicking it here since April 2008. It all started when I saw Steve's 'hoe on ROE.
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