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  1. Anyone know what happened to Bottoms Up - Brantley Gilbert (Got160s Version)? I cannot seem to locate a working version of this song to save my life! Anyone have it and could possibly send it to me please? PM me if you can help... Thx
  2. Got a show coming up on the 16th, so hopefully i can get some updated numbers for you guys!
  3. Udated video, I should have used the same song as before for comparison reasons but didnt think about that until i was headed home
  4. Sorry just recovered my account... been trying for months now but the email wasnt going through. Yes it is louder by ear. Havent been on a meter since. Ill try to get a new vid up when this crappy weather goes away
  5. My new toy! Replacing the NS1 with a Crescendo Encore 10K. Hate that you have to have 750 post to sell here, owell!
  6. No i belive the SCV's were designed so you didnt have to run 16-18 volts to get the full potential of the amp. Thats my understanding anyway. Wiring down is an alternate to running high voltage.
  7. Lol... my wife walked by stopped and read the topic of this thread, laughed, started to walk off and said "uhhh size duh"! Just thought that was funny and figured maybe someone else would get a kick out of it. Her mind stays in the gutter but I love her
  8. It seems every time i attempt to make a video i cannot remember to record in landscape mode. Enlarge video for better effects.
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