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  1. Have a set of focal 165 krx2 components should you use a hpf or just run full range? I’m running the passive. The crossover has a hpf option and full so I take it full is safe?
  2. Already gave that a try no help. He has to mono sub amps in the rear and both power and ground is off the battery I say ground the amps separate but he’s not willing.
  3. So what’s the best ground loop isolator? I know most say avoid them but if you absolutely had to use one what brand model is the best?
  4. tbeats

    Focal power 165kR2

    Upgraded to the focal krx2 components they have a rms of 100 watts, I ran direct 14 gauge from amp to the doors. When I check Impedance I get 1.9 ohm per so that’s maximizing that Rockford amp given the power that thing puts out would I be safe going into any gain overlap at all?
  5. Strange mine does it on the amp side, I really only like having it for the clipping light.
  6. I’m using the remote gain control and at high volume I get a thud sound from the subs, also does this any time the system is on say if I pull the wire that’s plugged in to the amp any. So I’m guessing the bass moves the wire . Is this common? I have use a few different wires all do this.
  7. tbeats

    Focal power 165kR2

    Currently with the stock wire from behind the H.U to the doors is causing a rise from my speakers my last set that was a 4ohm was reading like 6 ohm in the rear of the car at the amp idk if the car has some crazy stock crossovers from the factory speakers in-line I don’t see or what.
  8. tbeats

    Focal power 165kR2

    You are correct! I’m planing on running 14ga direct from amp to crossovers asap once weather is clear and I have a free day. I’m thinking then 0db might be fine cause amp will see 2ohm or I believe focal says 1.8 , but for now with that 3ohm load would -5db be safe ?
  9. tbeats

    Focal power 165kR2

    They are wired correctly I checked, should I actually use overlap say set at -5db?
  10. tbeats

    Focal power 165kR2

    So I have the focals on a Rockford p300x2 the speakers are 2ohm with my whimpy stock wire they read 2.9ohm at the amp . My question is with that amp should I even set the gain with the dd1 with any over lap? The speakers are 80rms .i set with 0db now and they seem kinda Weak
  11. I have a set of 2ohm focal components 80 watt rms power kr2 165 on a Rockford p300x2 should I even use any overlap ?
  12. I have a pioneer touch screen and when source is anything else but cd I get a whine from my door speakers in the front that are amped the rear off the hu no problem on any source and even does this whit the amp gain all the way down. Any clue?
  13. What about test Probes for the dd1 ? Need a replacement.
  14. My box is 3.12 cubic net tunning from what I get is right at 40hz. So with giving power should I set my subsonic filter higher if I set at -10db track. With tunning at 40hz subsonic should be 30hz according to the manual.
  15. No still haven't figured out my box rise yet. Iam currently set with the -10db track 40hz and when getting at my max volume I can start to smell the subs so I'm thinking-7.5db might be a better choice.