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  1. Try this , this guy came up with a method that works very well to calculate overlap setting..... https://youtu.be/nV-_1f0Z-tE
  2. Actually I'm speaking of both. My gain is at -10db but when you look at any graph on lpf's they all show a range baseline at 0db well with gain overlap we set past 0db.
  3. Ok trying to better understand. I'll admit I'm not 100% sure so try to help me with this lol. Looking at most lpf filter graphs you will see to the left 0db and down and at the bottom going a cross lpf range 20 to 100hz and 80 is chosen. Well that's setting 80hz at 0db well we set with overlap at say 10db so at that level would we need the lpf to be set much lower to counter higher frequency cut off? I'm looking like with 10db of overlap to be correct with 80hz I would need to set around 50hz to 56hz. Idk help me understand. Because I set with 80hz on the money with the cc1 and sounds like shit but set with 50hz and sounds amazing, has this been overlooked.
  4. Went with 0db track since the amp is over power 1500+ at 2ohm. was previously set at -5 and was way to much. In the future we may try -2.5db track but that much power over rms with Potential clipping feels scary.
  5. Would you use the subsonic filter on the amp it's fixed 28db 12db slope, everything I see also the smd cc1 manual says 15's dont need sealed but I'm looking at the over power the subs will get would it hurt? Looking to get as deep as possible.
  6. That was what Forrest at Rockford recommend when we called him was 4.5 to 5 cube and I personally told him the t1500bdcp so was he thinking set the gain with 0 overlap I really wish I had asked him.
  7. Also the Rockford PEQ remote is installed currently set to 0, was told would be needed because running a sealed enclosure but not using until amp is set correctly.
  8. With a Rockford t1500bdcp @ 2ohm said rms is 1626, subs two P3 15's d2 in a sealed 5 cubic net sealed enclosure. With that setup what would be the best gain overlap 0db or maybe -2.5db? Sealed box range is 1.5 to 3.0 cube per I'm at 2.5 per dont wanna really chance over power and kill them. Any help would appreciate.
  9. Strange mine does it on the amp side, I really only like having it for the clipping light.
  10. I’m using the remote gain control and at high volume I get a thud sound from the subs, also does this any time the system is on say if I pull the wire that’s plugged in to the amp any. So I’m guessing the bass moves the wire . Is this common? I have use a few different wires all do this.
  11. I have a set of 2ohm focal components 80 watt rms power kr2 165 on a Rockford p300x2 should I even use any overlap ?
  12. My box is 3.12 cubic net tunning from what I get is right at 40hz. So with giving power should I set my subsonic filter higher if I set at -10db track. With tunning at 40hz subsonic should be 30hz according to the manual.
  13. Hope they come back by this summer, I have a smd om-1 in both vehicles now thanks to sonic electronic has a few om-1's in stock in case anyone looking.. I can't wait to ditch the stinger and get a vm-1.
  14. No still haven't figured out my box rise yet. Iam currently set with the -10db track 40hz and when getting at my max volume I can start to smell the subs so I'm thinking-7.5db might be a better choice.
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