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  1. tbeats

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Not saying your wrong man just trying to understand how wiring lower then what the manufacturer says is safe is actually any safer. I'm not saying this as your wrong just trying to see the logic and not break the amp. I could be wrong but I would think wiring that low would raise the amps thd level same or more then having at 2ohm with -10db.
  2. tbeats

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Well if the amp is actually doing substantially less power at 2ohm and with any box rise not sure how much sealed box , wouldn't -10db be safer vs wiring down below manufacturers recommended load just asking? Seems that -10db would be safer overall idk just trying to weigh the best (safest) for the amp.
  3. tbeats

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Definitely will try but going with the -10db track in the A.M. I have to trust Steve and Tony on the fact they recommend -10db as an option in the book. Big d tested the same amp doing over rated at 2ohm so trying to make that work without wiring to half ohm if all possible.
  4. tbeats

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    We going to try -10db first, just a little worried about half ohm on that amp haven't found to many positive results.
  5. tbeats

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Was in a 05 Chevy trail blazer now in an 09 jeep Cherokee same box just different amp better more powerful amp.
  6. tbeats

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    The cp models say make same power at 2ohm so I'm confused myself.
  7. tbeats

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Can only wire to 2ohm or half ohm with the current subs.
  8. tbeats

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    We went with track 3 -5db the subs still sound a little weak the past owner of the subs and box had them on a punch 1000bd at 1ohm , the t1500bdcp says 1500 at 2ohm so would going on up to say -7.5db or -10 db be the best bet or use the punch boost on the amp? We played with the boost some and it hit as good as the subs did on the 1000 punch but always here dont use boost .
  9. So going to be setting gain on a RF t1500bdcp on two RF P315d2 so 2ohm at the amp. Subs have a RMS of 600 each box is sealed 2.5 cube per sub. Being that amp is doing over rms what would be the best gain over lap to set the amp with?
  10. tbeats

    Rockford T1500bdcp two D2P315’s dd1

    Yep double checked reading 1.8 ohm
  11. tbeats

    Rockford T1500bdcp two D2P315’s dd1

    We chose a larger amp being most of the time sealed needs more power and to have clean headroom of power when we first installed we set with the 0db weak sauce and the try -10db no good now back to 0db thinking about trying-2.5bd but don’t understand with this amps power output at 2 ohm on these subs does any overlap even make sense?
  12. Ok so setting up two P3 15’s d2 subs sealed box net 2.45 per sub sealed on a T1500bdcp when we set with the dd1 at -10 dB sound was awful being chunk up to way to much power. 600rms subs what if any gain overlap would be safe right now set at 0db to be safe. Seen amp dyno saying amps around 1600 Watts 2ohm and that’s where we are running it so would 0db be the best bet it sounds kinda weak for two 15’s currently. Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. Subs is kicker cvr12 , port area is 99.00 in2 tuned to 36.5 gross 9.18 net 5.93 cu ft , port area per foot 16.69 in2 . Honestly two in the kicker pre fab box sounded better then the four in the built box for four.
  14. Have a ported box for four 12’s was built under spec subs need 1.75 min and what I have is 1.48 after displacement. Would polyfil help? Plug the ports and just run sealed or just run 3 subs ? I was leaning on just running 3 as each set of two is on an amp at 2ohm for 1000 Watts I can have the single sub still at equal power as the others and gain airspace idk. Any suggestions would help Obviously a new box is got to happen when I can make that happen will take time.
  15. Have a set of focal 165 krx2 components should you use a hpf or just run full range? I’m running the passive. The crossover has a hpf option and full so I take it full is safe?