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  1. What about making a special piece for a power block. For a quick disconnect? And a single block on the wire side, so you could do some extra jumping outside the box. And don't have to fumble 2 blocks.. And finger grab spots.. Pretty slick though I like it
  2. I'm assuming the 9887 doesn't clip at full volume? I'm gonna install mine soon so just wondering.That's the last of the good one
  3. Quick Update - I made some traction today with Alpine...But let me table that real quick and respond to RW... I do agree, "FULL" Volume, like 35 of 35, in most cases will likely distort/clip.. but as most have shown in video's a majority of HU's go clean to the click before the final volume number, so I think its a safe bet to say as well as accepted in most qulity HU's that I should get 34 vol clean.. My Kenwood X997 was that way, clean to 34, 35 the DD-1 triggered.. Again, 22 vs 34, thats a major difference, not only in volume notches, but also in Volts being sent out the RCA's.. I can live with 3.5v, I cant live with .5 volts. I even tested my Pioneer AVH-5500 in my truck.. Volume goes to 40.. Clean to 39, at 40 it pops the DD-1.. In both cases, the Sub channels and 40hz were clean to 40 volume, the 1kHz was only clean to 39 on the Pioneer and 34 on the Kenwood, but again, thats acceptable. In regards to the 148 vs the 149, the biggest difference is the 2 line Dot Matrix on the 148, and the 3 line Dot Matrix on the 149... thats about it in terms of difference... all the internal settings are the same, crossover, t.correction, 9band ParaEQ.... So today I made contact with the local AZ Alpine USA America rep. I reached out on FB to him, he read through the entire message I sent, even watched the video. He was shocked. He put me in touch with the Supervisor of Tech Support, and provided all his contact information. Honestly, all I needed was their email syntax, and technically, I can now email anyone in Alpine by following their naming convention for emails. I wrote up an entire summary from start to finish covering all aspects that have essentially been posted here, but obviously set forth in a professional email to address and make aware a problem. While I was doing this, I also reached out on FB to the main Alpine USA Americas FB Page and sent a message because the page said they respond within the hour. I sent a summary via message as well as posted a write up and YouTube link to their page for approval. About an hour later, I received a response and was provided with the full contact details for the Manager of QA over Alpine USA America in CA. I also dropped names in my message to the Alpine USA Americas FB Page, they did confirm and state that the Manager of Tech Support is currently out of the office. This fell in line with what the local rep here in AZ told me, cause he did inform me the Tech Support Manager was out on Jury Duty. So that made me feel better that the FB IM person did in fact check to see if that person was available. I took my entire write-up email I sent to the Tech Support Manager, and CC'ed the local rep here in AZ and forwarded it to the QA Manager. I have not heard back from him yet, but was assured the QA manager was the right person to be in contact with.. I'll keep you updated on the progress.... So just out of curiosity... Why r u chasing this? Seems like a no brainier .. Just don't buy Alpine! They've been over priced junk for years.. It seems trival to pursue this.. But again I'm curious.. But it's again good to know
  4. I believe the warhorse exceeds 1% distortion at all times, so it wouldn't work. I have tried a number of kicker amps. I can usually get the dd1 to set an overlap but the cc1 will not set a crossover ever!!! As soon as you connect it green light turns red even without an volume.. I proclaim that they a junky amps... Tony have you tested any of them
  5. I would have posted a screen shot , but I lack the understanding of how to post a picture on this forum lmao
  6. I was going through the forum for idatalink today after reading Steve's post. Here's what I found.. Re: 2014 F-150 Programming Unread postby Dara DeGrand » Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:39 am We are looking into it. However, at this time, we don't have a solution that will retain the safety features that are in the sync module (which is bolted to the factory screen). It is a much more complicated solution than the MyFord radios, as the sync module in those vehicles is external. Because of this, we do not have an ETA for the arrival of a solution. Dara DeGrand Technical/Product Support Specialist MECP Master Installer Automotive Data Solutions Inc. 8400 bougainville, QC If anybody is on this it's idatalink..
  7. That's not what the manual says lmao... Just a quick q.. I found that when amp doesn't have an off switch, it says to max out the freq and then start the tuning. But I found the end result after setting your gain, and then using thecc-1 for the freq setting say to 71 Hertz the sub quiets right down, and everything else is louder.. That's at +15db on the dd1+.. I did it the opposite way the other day freq first then gains.. And left the freq at71 instead of maxing it out with a much nicer result.. Have I been doing it wrong?? Also the cc1 doesn't work on kicker dclass amps.. I haven't tried they new IQ amps yet.. Hopefully know cker made some new changes.. Other then that I probably read the manual wrong , I effin love these tools... Hands down thee best purchase I have made to date..
  8. Well to be honest the deck is more of an interface for the iPad lmao... Oh and swc's ... Other then audio pass through and the swc. Its a paper weight,lol... And I would buy the bluesteer except its over priced.. But for right now I am look to replace my DSP.. What I liked about the 360 is it has F1F2R1C and sub.. I run a full active system currently, the audison doesn't have that unless you jump into a bit one... At the time I wasn't thinking so I had to "Y" the fronts and rears "Sad face" Also I never found the audison overwhelming... Only frustrating when you get half the tune/setup down and you lose connection, or it descided it didn't want to save..lmao
  9. Linking on the audison is a pain as well, connections with it in our cold weather seems to be a pain as well, the contacts shrink and unless it warms up in the truck or you reach under and jiggle the plug my right front network stays off,, I don't care to use a knob, I am using it with an aftermarket deck, I want the control of audio bands mainly... And today's decks suck!!
  10. So, I currently own a BitTen, and I hate it lmao more or less not satisfied with the unit as a unit.. I have been looking into the Rockford 360 for awhile now I used to be a dealer for RF here in Canada, but I have never used this unit.. How does it stack up to the Bit Ten?? Functionality, user interface, over all a good unit?... I am looking for honest opinions can any of you guy lend a hand
  11. Ok so it is normal then for it to have to see distortion, then hit the read button to set the overlap.How accurate is the Audison Bit ten clip lights, if anyone knows.... now about the blinking light on the DD1+ anyone know?? Thanks man
  12. So I got my triple pack aboot a month ago . I am very pleased with them... I use them all the time.. How ever I have had some issues with my dd1+.... Now I know for sure one set of my probes isnt allowing me to read correctly but I'll take it apart fix it up... But anyhow... I notice on the new Kenwood 571 when I am trying to get the distortion point , it randomly blips red as I'm turn it up... And then I can't find the Max point..I'm unsure what it means... I also have tried to set an overlap and it won't let me do it until its seeing distortion, rather then turning it back 1notch to undistorted.. Is this normal... What does "inf+ db " mean. It had this read out yesterday when I was setting up and audio control unit I am sure I am diken it up somehow... instruction are pretty simple , and they don't really tell you much other then how to use them.... I have been watch Steve's videos on how to use them and some other peoples..so I have my angles covered.. Just sometimes something are frustrating any help would be awesome thanks guys
  13. If any wants to sell there dd1 and cc1 I'll be more then happy to take them off your hands..(working and not hit by a truck of course) ... Us Canadian installers don't make the big bucks!!lol
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