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  1. I would probably suggest calling Mechman back and asking them. I am sure they went over how to ground it and didn't just leave it at " you ground them different".
  2. Are you looking for power and/or speaker wire? Want CCA? Want OFC? Want the BEST prices and fastest shipping? We got you covered. 1/0 CCA 50ft spool $77.00 shipped 1/0 OFC 50ft spool $175.00 shipped 4 gauge OFC 100ft spool $140.00 shipped 10 gauge OFC speaker wire 100ft spool $75.00 We offer the wire by the foot as well. Check all the specs and options that are available here http://www.mechman.com/cable
  3. Complete deadly rebuild still in the works. Possibly completed in time for scrappin.
  4. The unit in the top photo is actually an Elite series unit. The single wire plug you are referring to is the stator connection which is done internally on the Elite series units. Just zip tie the single wire harness out of the way. Because the Elite series unit make so much low RPM power, they ship with a stock diameter pulley for better belt grip. The G series unit in the second photo does not make as much output at low RPM, and subsequently requires a smaller diameter pulley for better output at idle.
  5. You shouldn't be having slip issues. Call us and we will try to walk you through everything to figure out what is going on for you. 888 MECHMAN X202
  6. IN STOCK and ready to ship 1996 - 2004 Chevy Truck or SUV 240 Amp G Series $299.00 shipped 2005 - 2015 Chevy Truck or SUV 240 Amp G Series $299.00 shipped While supplies last. Call now because we will sell out. 888 MECHMAN or email [email protected]
  7. This would be something much easier discussed by giving us a call at 888 MECHMAN x202. What vehicle, engine size, pulley type, and alternator size do you have.
  8. LOL All of them are made with TLC. The last thing we want is to have an alt come back due to it being our fault. Sometimes things happen with mechanical pieces made by man, but a lot of time issues arise when people ask mechanical pieces made by man to do things they were not intended to do.
  9. Thanks for all the orders. We got overloaded with orders and are working through them as fast we can. Currently running around 14 days build time right now.
  10. The one listed is all we carry, but you can use the quote option on the website or give us a call or email [email protected] or [email protected].
  11. There is a quote option on the website if your application is not listed.
  12. We have a website that has everything we offer. www.mechman.com
  13. What about a crazy special for the rest of March or while supplies last? $399 for any Mechman Elite Series 250amp alt. That is right. $399 for ANY Elite Series 250amp alternator that we currently make!!! Call to place your order and get the discounted price. 888 MECHMAN (865.522.6166) You can find all of the alternators we offer right here! www.mechman.com
  14. There is a reason good alts cost more than an off the shelf regular alt. You get what you pay for.
  15. That is awesome for you. What do they contribute to keep SMD Forum up and running and especially this section which is paid for by us Mechman Alternators?
  16. Everything we have available is at www.mechman.com. If you do not find what you want feel free to click on the Get a Quote option.
  17. These will be much easier answered via a short phone call really. 888 MECHMAN x202 or even via email [email protected] 1. Yes 2. You can put that will change output depending on the application and size. 3. No the alt and belt is installed correctly what alternator you are using will not cause you to change the belt sooner. 4. No not in most cases.
  18. Order any GM 270amp alternator from MECHMAN and you get a free Big3 Kit with your order!!!!! If you upgrade your alt you need to upgrade your grounds and wiring, so why not do it at the same time........ and for FREE!!!!! And of course all Mechman alts are MADE IN MERICA!!!!
  19. Ground Output (is your stock alt fused to the battery?) The other two are plug and play with your stock alt wiring. You can always call us at 888 MECHMAN x202 or email us at [email protected]. That way you know you are getting the correct info!
  20. Any chance you can get the Big3 Kit? Sure. Just got another production run finished up.
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