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  1. Sorry Kyle.

    1. Kyblack76


      Thanks bro. Sad day....  Sad day...

    2. audiofanaticz


      Sorry for your loss!

  2. Its super easy. Snapchat doesnt auto save to your gallery though. After you take a pic you have to go to your snaps and then select save to camera roll. Should be g2g from there.
  3. This isn't the first time, but I took advantage of this perk recently and thought I'd share my experience. I am helping my brother in law (he's 18) with his first system and we needed a few things. I emailed Tony at the email address in his sig on Saturday to inquire about some product pricing and availability and wasn't expecting a reply until sometime this week. Tony actually responded the same day, and we exchanged a couple of emails over the weekend. After figuring out exactly what I wanted/needed Tony reminded me that as an SMD forum member I get 10% off of my order which is a huge plu
  4. That 20% off Second Skin Mayday sale is sweet!

  5. Stoked! Got some Second Skin for the new install!

    1. Carnines


      Your poor knuckles

  6. Damn those towers ain't no joke!! Damn Steve you could throw one helluva party in there. Sure you've been there done that though.
  7. Just make sure you have the big 3 done and that all of your terminations are done proper. Maybe this will help: Adding batteries helps reinforce and stabilize your voltage around the 12.6v - 13.2v range depending on a few factors. No amount of batteries will help you above that range. Your alternator is what gives you the high 13's - 14's that you want to see. If your voltage is dropping below 12.5 ish then you need more alt and battery usually. If you hold high 12's when wanging on it then your battery is doing it's job, but your alt is not enough. Also, make sure you are using a good vo
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