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  1. Kind of an oxymoron to say "I set my gains properly using a Multimeter" to start. How bad is clipping? It kills stuff, so it's pretty bad. It occurs when the sine waves go from curved to square and you get thermal and or mechanical failures.
  2. First, welcome to the forum. Stick around, read learn and enjoy. I always suggest picking subs/drivers last. Start with your electrical and make sure it's a solid as can be and figure out what kind of power you can support. Once you know how much power you can run, figure out how much space you can use if needed for your enclosure, then shrink if/as needed. Then, fit as much cone area as possible in that space without suffocating subs of course. Box design, build quality, and placement will have a bigger impact on output than anything. Each brand has their own nut huggers and I haven't heard any of those 8's ecept for the Sundowns and I know those sound good.
  3. I'm still alive, but been away from audio for a while. Some familiar names in here for sure. I am easing back into it and have a few things I am working on or planning. Plenty of GFY in here.
  4. Sorry Kyle.

    1. Kyblack76


      Thanks bro. Sad day....  Sad day...

    2. audiofanaticz


      Sorry for your loss!

  5. Its super easy. Snapchat doesnt auto save to your gallery though. After you take a pic you have to go to your snaps and then select save to camera roll. Should be g2g from there.
  6. This isn't the first time, but I took advantage of this perk recently and thought I'd share my experience. I am helping my brother in law (he's 18) with his first system and we needed a few things. I emailed Tony at the email address in his sig on Saturday to inquire about some product pricing and availability and wasn't expecting a reply until sometime this week. Tony actually responded the same day, and we exchanged a couple of emails over the weekend. After figuring out exactly what I wanted/needed Tony reminded me that as an SMD forum member I get 10% off of my order which is a huge plus. We ordered some product that required Tony to do more than just toss some things in a bag, he actually had to measure, cut, crimp etc. and he got our order shipped the same day that I made my payment. The product arrived (neatly packaged I must add, and not just shoved together) earlier than I expected and I was very pleased. His product and workmanship are both second to none that I know of. I recommend CE Auto Electric for all of your 12V electrical needs. Thank you Tony!!
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