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  1. I'm looking to see what you guys think my US Amps 2000X is worth? It's the old school model and is in excellent condition. It's had the coils and board fixed a few years ago and hasn't been played since. Just sits now so I'm thinking it's time for it to go to a good home.
  2. So after messing with it a few tonight I was able to figure it out. I somehow blew the outside speaker terminals on the amp. I swapped them to the inside terminals and now the subs work. Is blowing speaker terminals on an amp something that happens often? How does it happen? What can I do to make sure it doesn't happen again? I'm not to worried about fixing it right now but is this something that's an easy fix? As for the radio station. It was a song that just had way more bass then most songs on the radio. I think I get cleaner and louder sound sometimes from the radio and other time it fal
  3. Amp: Sundown SCV4000D Subs: RE Audio XXX 15s (dual 4ohm) wired parallel to run 1ohm Alternator: Mechman 370 amp Batteries: (2) XS Power D3100s as backup and a XS Power D3400 under the hood Wiring: All Sky High dual 0 gauge wiring throughout with Sky High fuses front and rear Ok so a few months ago I was playing the system and a louder than normal song from the radio came on and out of no where I heard a popping noise. I immediately shut the radio off to kill power to the amp. I figured the amp went to protect but after further investigation power came on with no protect. I pulled the subs
  4. I have myself a build log, it still needs some new updated pics but it's started. This was an actual question that I was hoping someone knew.
  5. Does anyone know the belt length needed to run 2 Mechman alternators on a 99-07 GM truck?
  6. The fuse rating on the 6k says 500 amps. With it needing 2 separate power runs I know to run 2 in line fuses of 250 - 300 amps each. But what if I run a dual run on each output? Do I run 4 inline fuses from 125 - 150 each?
  7. If one battery is the only thing in your budget then I'd run the D3400 off the system by itself and let the stock battery run the regular electrical for your vehicle. Don't tie them together though with them being different makes and models. You would only do this if you had 2 batteries that were exactly the same.
  8. I did notice the contest for that credit. I do have a US Amps 2000X on it now which does fit the criteria but I don't have he 20 posts needed yet. Hopefully soon though!
  9. Yea I knew of that sale they usually have but didn't know if they had anything before that. Guess I'll just wait till then if anything. Like you said before I'll just crank down the gain if I grab that 6k and finish it up over winter.
  10. As the title states, are there any alternator sales we could possibly see soon? I sure could use a second one with my new amp choice.
  11. I found a 2 week old 6k for the same price as the 4k goes for. Might pick it up and grab another Mechman (not sure what size yet) since I don't have the room for any more batteries without making a new rack for them. At least with the extra alternator I'll know the power output will be there. Anyone got the 3k on a pair of subs as a daily? I like the sound of saving some cash especially if running the 4k or that cheaper 6k isn't gonna make that much of a difference daily driving it.
  12. Thanks for that. I wanted to be sure before dropping over $1k on an amp that's just going to drain me for more money just to power the pig. The 3k is a nice amp it looks like it puts out impressive numbers, just over 3,334 watts @12.67 volts. That to me seems like a great fit for what I have. I'm looking into the 4k also like you said for head room. I think its better to have a little more power than wishing for more.
  13. I just removed my US Amps 2000X from my truck due to the SAT light staying on. I'm looking for a higher power amp now and would like something that is going to fit my current overall amperage now. I have a Mechman 370 amp alternator running by itself charging a stock battery off the shelf for under the hood for just the truck. In the back for the amp I have 2 XS Power D3100 batteries with 1 run of Sky High 2/0 power wire from the alternator to the XS batteries. All power and ground are the same 2/0 gauge wire off the batteries. For subs I'm running 2 15" RE Audio XXXs (dual 4ohm) but I'm not s
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