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  1. Steve did you guys shorten the exhaust tips eventually because they appear shorter in the latter pictures???
  2. Looks great steve, your sons did a great job! After looking at whats all involved and being that I don't have a lift I think I'm going to pay a reputable suspension shop to do it for me lol.
  3. Hey steve I know you're busy as hell. Quick question, just bought a mechman 370a alt. Putting on 05 escalade. Its PCM regulated any special steps to wiring it due to this? Havnt been able to get a 100% straight answer. Worth a shot asking. Thanks man!

  4. Hey guys, looking to purchase a XS 3400 Battery along with the 551 side post adapters. I see they offer also a Billet Aluminum cover and Billet holdown. Where would this go? Bottom of battery and would this fit in an 05 Escalade EXT in the stock location? Any pics of it installed? Is it just for vanity or purposeful? Thanks!
  5. I have a very similar truck and am interested as well in hearing the response. Also is second skin used alone or in addition to another sound deadening product?
  6. So im thinking of just adding the 3400 in addition to stock battery according to the post so far. Do the batteries come with the necessary gauge wire or is that purchased sepratey?
  7. Would I be better off adding this as a second battery in addition to my stock factory battery or replacing my factory battery with this d3400? Also, what is the benefit of getting the billet mounting tray? To better secure the battery? Do I need side post adapters ? Any other post or fittings? Thanks!
  8. Can someone explain the benefit of this to me? Complete newb here
  9. Thanks Tonasty, Also, which alternator would you recommend for my vehicle since its a bit different in that regard?
  10. Chris, I just recently had 2 t1412 RF's put in a ported midgate box along with a t1500bd amp, everything else is stock. If I replace my stock battery with an XS3400 do I need to upgrade the wiring to the battery as I have not done the big 3 upgrade yet?
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