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  1. Hey guys, got an 05 escalade ext. My High Beams are HIDS, I would like to convert my low beams and fogs to HID as well so they all match. They are currently halogens. Any websites you guys suggest ordering from? Will I need a conversion harness or can I just swap out the bulbs? Is the wiring difficult? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as always! Thanks!
  2. The max tire pressure on the side wall says 50psi but on my 05 escalade it says 35 (stock). What do you guys suggest? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Brandon, I wonder why some alignment shops have so much trouble doing a good alignment? I've had cars in the past that have had the same problem, is it that difficult? weird
  4. Thanks Brandon, hes been helping me a bunch, ive been bugging the shit out of him like I do you. lol
  5. So I got the FRONT now looking how I want. Is there a range that you can only lower it to... that prevents you from getting the alignment right? Also is there anyway to remove the rear shock absorbers without dropping the whole rear suspension? Could you use a spring compressor enough to just pull the absorber off? The guys who did the install left it in and Tony said I was to remove it, I would get a bit more drop in the rear.
  6. damn just turned them all the way down the front is slammed lol, too much lower than back. I guess I just need to measure and find a happy medium?
  7. Thanks steve! So are the keys an actual bolt or is it the hex looking key? I see two bolts more midway back that seem to be backed out some
  8. I also see two bolts more midway back that seem to be capable of being backed out. One looks more backed out than the other...
  9. Hey Guys, So I recently had a suspension shop install norcallSS's 3/5 drop kit. I also bought the 3inch lower control arms. It came with new uppers, springs, shocks, lower shock mounts ect. So the shop did not lower the front fully because they were concerned with rubbing even though I wasn't. So I decided that I want to just turn the torsion keys out myself to get the full 3inch drop. Tony has helped me a lot but I know hes busy so I don't want to keep bothering him. I called DJM suspension and this rude girl I spoke with who wouldn't put me through to a tech said I needed to buy a torsion bar key tool from them for $80.00 to be able to adjust them. Is that right? Also is the key a HEX style socket? I located the torsion bars but I am not sure if I am looking at the right thing. If is is the HEX female socket, which way do you crank them out? The rude TECH also said if I crank them out too much I will not be able to get my truck aligned properly. The Shop did a shitty job of this already so I will be taking it somewhere else to aligned as they do not seem to want to help. Would really appreciate some help guys and possibly a link to a picture so I know exactly what I'm looking at? I can always take a pic if that would help? L
  10. I remember seeing Steve post up something awhile back about some grommets he was offering or affiliated with. Any idea the website? I need one for a .4awg
  11. Thanks ChevyBoy95 & Reedal!!! You guys have helped tremendously! Tomorrow I am dropping my truck off at to get lowered with Norcall's 3/5-6 Drop kit (New Upper/Lower Control arms, springs/shocks/ ect.) and alignment at a local shop that does good suspension work. Then I'm going to order the second Mechman so I can run my stock OEM alt for trucks electrical and the other 2 along for my audio like you guys recommended. I have a XSD3400 sitting in my apartment as well, I am assuming it would be helpful to install this at the same time under the hood? I know ToNasty told me I can get the second battery bracket like they run in the diesels and it basically fits nice under the hood. I also bought the Copper Battery terminals from Showtime.
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