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  1. Here's some SPL scores taken on last show of the year, not bad with 25Hz tuning 99 seconds average, door open and meter on dash (I was prepared for 5min 158dB deathmatch run but there was problems with term-lab) Music (Axel Thesleff - Bad Karma): Peak score: Peak score with bolted door:
  2. Long time no videos, it's BASS TIME Second show of the year, that pancadao build is crazy loud Third show: Neighbour wanted to hear some real bass so deathmatch song it is
  3. My build is still waiting for LTO's but here's two friends builds: 3x12" 8000w, built for low lows 4x15" 25000W Pride car audio build This years first car audio show in Finland:
  4. Here's current situation: I'm going to upgrade my battery bank. I'm going to test different lithiums during winter, LTO etc. Not sure yet which I choose. Winstons are already sold so I won't be using them anymore. Maxwell caps I'm not so sure yet, maybe I have some use for them. Space is the only limitation
  5. And of course I broke one subwoofer, got it fixed though 2x15" worked surprisingly well with lows I got a lot of questions about my subwoofer box etc so here's some videos:
  6. Windshield smash Hifi Store demo day: Got two trophies that day but there were casualties Friends builds:
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