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  1. My build is still waiting for LTO's but here's two friends builds: 3x12" 8000w, built for low lows 4x15" 25000W Pride car audio build This years first car audio show in Finland:
  2. I have about 0.5dB difference with small setups, subs and port back is the loudest. But with big setup all up is loudest.
  3. Here's current situation: I'm going to upgrade my battery bank. I'm going to test different lithiums during winter, LTO etc. Not sure yet which I choose. Winstons are already sold so I won't be using them anymore. Maxwell caps I'm not so sure yet, maybe I have some use for them. Space is the only limitation
  4. And of course I broke one subwoofer, got it fixed though 2x15" worked surprisingly well with lows I got a lot of questions about my subwoofer box etc so here's some videos:
  5. I've been fixing subwoofers for a long, it's easy with lightweight subwoofers but heavy ones take much more time. So I decided to make a turntable for reconing because I couldn't find any with correct specs. It was hard to find a bearing which is large enough and works with heavy weight. I found "Lazy Susan" bearing meant for food serving. It is available in many sizes, I decided to use 6" (155mm) and it works great. All you need is two plywood pieces, eight screws and some time. I also added some carpet to avoid scratching the motor. Reconing is so much easier now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtW_w5W_P9M
  6. Windshield smash Hifi Store demo day: Got two trophies that day but there were casualties Friends builds:
  7. Biggest car audio build in Finland, maybe even biggest one in Europe?? 300 000W, 28x15" etc 28x15" subwoofers in 4th order & 14x Soundigital SD12000.1d EVO2 16x12" mids & 4x Soundigital SD12000.1d EVO2 16x8" midranges & 8x SD1200.1d EVO2 12x horn tweeters & 2kw a/b class amplifier
  8. Soundigital VS Taramps power supply: Low And Loud SPL competition: Leather seat paint: Wicked Car Show:
  9. New videos: New amplifiers, 2x Soundigital SD20000.1D Power 10Hz +150dB: Propper Droppers Finland first competition:
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