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  1. New videos: New amplifiers, 2x Soundigital SD20000.1D Power 10Hz +150dB: Propper Droppers Finland first competition:
  2. First basshead demoday, friends +167dB Golf was ridiculous Some spl testing with Janiq99 Friends video of my Punto
  3. New videos: Of course I had to test SPL first Demoing with FinLowAudio. We got 160,1dB 34Hz from dash, not bad score First car show/meet
  4. New videos Subwoofer deathmatch: Subwoofer box paint: Peak SPL score test: Punto battery bank, 3000F Maxwell caps and 480Ah Winston lithium: Friends Pride build update:
  5. Testing 1500F Maxwell capacitor banks with and without BMS, huge difference in capacity: Maxwell 3000F bank test fit: Best subwoofer box position for SPL test
  6. Continued with reinforcements Now is time to test what all this did to SPL score: Next some paint, U-Pol Raptor Liner And of course another SPL test, 1.24dB gain Friends projects: 9x15" 36000W, DD Audio & Soundigital 4x15" 25000W, Pride Audio
  7. New subs arrived after half year of waiting New spare wheel well is now installed, there will be lithium and caps Started to reinforce the rear Bought DD Audio LE-M12 12" prefab for some SPL testing
  8. DD Audio LE-M10 10" prefab box spl test with sd35k ? Winston lithium 370Ah vs Maxwell ultracapacitor 1500F spl test: Rear lift with spacers: New spare wheel well, this is getting out of hand ?
  9. For spl with less power yes. Yes I have already seen new 815. DD9500 series motor but 4" coil of course. Should be available soon :)
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