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  1. Should I set it flat.. Really just trying to bring my component speakers to life.. I can bring my low end settings up.. I'm mainly focused on getting my mids/highs crisp
  2. I have 2 Soundqubed HDC4 15s on 2 Soundqubed 4500 strapped. Front and Rear Soundqubed 6.5 components on a Soundqubed 120.4. Trying to set my Kenwood double din built in eq. Right now I have my eq custom setting: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]+1 [email protected]+2 [email protected]+3 [email protected]+4 [email protected]+5 [email protected]+6
  3. When using the SMD DD-1 where do I put my deck subwoofer level. It ranges from -10 to +10.. I'm looking for max head unit volume out of 35
  4. What do you have your subwoofer level on. Are you using the crossover setting on the deck or the amp
  5. Is anyone familiar with the eq settings on Kenwood decks.. If so do you leave the eq on flat or custom settings.. I'm running this deck on 2 Soundqubed HDC4 15s strapped on 2 Soundqubed 2200s. When choosing Custom setting what are some good settings. It has a 13 band eq
  6. I'm running 2 Soundqubed HDC4 15s on 2 Soundqubed 2200 strapped in a '08 Tahoe.. Good Electric too
  7. What is a good low pass filter and subsonic filter setting on Soundqubed amps. Is it good to use the deck lpf setting with the amp lpf setting.
  8. What is best to use, the head unit lpf or the amp lpf setting. I have a Pioneer avh-4100 deck and a Soundqubed 2200 amp. If I use the head unit lpf, do I turn the amp lpf all the way up and put my head unit lpf on 80hz.
  9. How did you do your grounds under the hood. Where did you ground that XS D3100 in the rear
  10. How many 1/0 grounds you have under your hood. Where are they connected to from the battery's negative terminals
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