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  1. You are some what sunning something like what I'm running. I have a 2005 crown vic lx sport. 200 amp police stock alternator 4/0 welding cables under hood xs power 6500d under hood northstart 34/78 battery trunk 4/0 welding cable to battery in trunk 3 10" FI subs in a box tuned at 32hz RF r1200.1d for subs RF r600.4d for 4 10" prv rear deck RF r400.4d for 2 PRV bullet tweeters and 2 PRV 6" door speakers Yes, my subs are under powered big time. I had a nice wolfram 2400 amp for the subs which I just sold to a member here. couldnt run it because in the location I had it hooked up it would over heat. used it for a few hours only. Went back to my RF1200 and problem solved. With that said and with the set up I am currently running, I am doing pretty darn good with voltage. Now, my alternator voltage is controlled by PCM so I do get dips here and there but I am getting through. Nothing under 13.2v. I am looking to change that with a ford pcm module from US Alternator in which I am considering in getting.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/142778588337 Give them a try. They arent expensive. I have the 4ohms but if you need the 8ohms, they have them aswell. If you do go for them, i would like for you to tell me thw difference between the rf and these as i was planning on trying out them rf.
  3. Prvs get pretty loud. I am running my prvs off a rf r600d feeding them 100rms each and they can handle it all day. I have them on my doors with a dome pioneer tweeter and its clear
  4. I cant give my amps open spaces. I have a very huge trunk but I use it alot si I need my trunk space. I am running 3 amps. RF r400.4 for front door and rear tweets. RF r600.4 for 4 10" rear deck midrange and my bass amp. They are all behind the sub box tucked away nicely. These RF never over heated nor have they given problems and they are pushed really hard. Now I will say this. Dont know if adding a new radio made a difference but at the same time I switched my bass amp, I also installed a double din Pioneer avic 5201NEX. The radio that I had in my car I bought new in 2008. This is the Pioneer DEHp60000UB. This radio was built good and its still working. But I figure I treat myself to something more modern and I am glad I did. With that said, When swapping radios, I also swapped bass amp. I do understand that the Wolfram is a powerful amp and can give out more power but the overheating is a bad hit for me. So yesturday I swapped the amps again. Went back to my RF r1200.1D. Let me just say, was I surprised of the difference in power it had. I was blown away in the amount of bass I was getting out of these subs. Boy am I happy I gave it a another try. I actually almost had it sold figuring the wolfram was going to be a keeper. Now, I understand that the subs are under powered and they can take double the power this RF amp is putting out but, for what im using it is more then enough. Once again, Wolfram is a very powerful amp as we all know but if you cant add fans or if the amp is not mounted in a open area, then I guess it will overheat. With that said, This amp is now for sale if anyone is interested.
  5. What happen, RF not loud enough? Ive been considering these. I have PRV's on my doors right now.
  6. Your amps are in a open area and it still overheated?
  7. If this were the case, wouldnt this had happen with the RF amp? My electrical is solid. 4/0 royal excelene welding cable underhood with a xs power 6500 under hood and a 200 amp stock alternator. Car is a 2005 crown victoria lx sport. Trunk has northstar 34/78 battery. Once again, this has never happen only with this new amp. I will look into the batteries and its charge. I do have a hf1215 intellicharger
  8. Adding fans surely would be a solution but i have no room for fans where the amp is set up. I mean, i have to check and see my other options. But the fact that my rf 1200d didnt let me down not once and its been kicking hard for over 3 years saids alot. I was thinking about getting a cresendo which have built in fan also as the taramps. Knowing how good my bass now sounds with the extra wattage from the wolfram, will be hard going back down to the rf 1200d.
  9. So when wolfram 2400.1 was on pre order for 199.99 i had purchased one. Never got around to installing it as i had other plans with the car with rebuilding my engine and doing other work. Then this pandemic came in and just put everything on hold. Plus i was running my RF 1200d so i had something going on. So my RF 1200d was pushing my 3 10"fi subs wired down to 1.3ohms. Never did it over heat nor shut down on me and i was playing it hard none stop. I finally get around to install the wolfram. Same location where the RF was. Upgraded the power and ground wire with 1/0 ofc skyhigh. Tripple checked everything. The difference is night and day. Those fi were being under power for sure. Every part of my car vibrates. Theres just one problem.............amp overheats and goes to protect in 20 mins or less. I removed the amp, checked all wires, reinstalled amp, hooked up all wires and gave it another try. Once again, gets really hot and goes into protect. Takes a few minutes and comes back on. Wonder if i received a defective amp. To bad that i spent this long to install it and cant really do much with it now. I will reinstall my RF 1200d and see what happens. Now what?
  10. Anyone in the NJ area that builds sub box? I'm looking to have one built for my subs. No im not a box builder.
  11. I was running a clarion eq on my set up with a very old pioneer deh-p6000ub. I finally upgraded to a double din pioneer avic touchscreen navigation unit(yet to be installed). Installing this double din will eliminate the option of installing the eq in the same spot with the radio. Is this EQ really needed is my question? I have 3 amps. one for tweeters one for midrange one for bass.
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