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  1. yeah, i have the plug. im just trying to leave the stock one in the car. im totally fine with pinning a raw plug, just trying to find the end id need to do that. in the picture, the side with the wires goes back into the car to the stock speaker locations. Just trying to interface with that. Honestly, i guess all i really need to wire up is the front and rear doors, a total of 8 wires as the tweets and 6x9s will be rewired. Tweets are too big of a pita, and the 6x9s are... well.... right there
  2. All I think I really need is the opposite end of the plug pictured here. It looks incredibly similar to a regular wiring harness usually stuffed behind an aftermarket deck.
  3. that was my original thought too. none of my local salvage yards has one (oddly enough) and theyre proving to be spendy for just the plug online. $80 minimum from what ive seen
  4. im looking for a molex plug for my 2012 Altima SL Bose amp. Im wanting to reuse the factory wiring to the speakers as im not planning on using too much power, but i am replacing the speakers themselves, deck, rca's to the amps and so forth. I have a handle on the vast majority of it and will test each +- pair for continuance and so forth, id just like to be able to wire into the factory plug for the sake of simplicity. Any suggestions yall?
  5. thank you. im looking for a specific band and it just might be that they arent being upped by anybody. Dont flame me on my taste as ive been feeling kinda pop-ish as of late. im trying to find a band called "Loote". Maybe theyre just too obscure. I appreciate the responses and any further info you guys can give
  6. thanks for the heads up, i have a vpn thats been treating me quite well. gives me a list of about 130 or so places i can mirror out of. I try to change it up just for kicks. Might try Warsaw tonight. Do you know if there is something people are using instead of the good ol torrent sites?
  7. while trying to stay in the legal reals of downloading stuff, what services is everyone using to download things these days? seems like the pirate bay is pretty barren. PM me if this isnt allowed to be discussed on a forum post pls
  8. ill prolly swoop it up from the guy and give it a whirl. any suggestions on the grounding issue? just retouch the solder points maybe?
  9. gotcha. i know a guy who has a Bash 300 he will sell me for cheap(like $30). He says it sometimes makes a motor boat sound at idle and thinks it might be a ground issue
  10. that is a clever arrangement, but yeah, its not what im needing. Im really looking to daisy chain off my current sub and put this conceptual one back in the corner behind the couch for some more oomph. I guess a Micro Tech would probably work, just wanted to avoid the chunky size of it. Im still open for suggestions of an amp that can handle 2 ohms before i settle for a 8 ohm situation. I do have my heart set on using this HE2
  11. they failed? seriously? thats lame then :( thank you very much for diggin this deep into this with me. are most plate amps from dayton and the likes like this? yeah, didnt think about the two dollar pistol aspect of that. also, nice euphemism! i bet many folks havent ever heard that phrase LOL so, youre thinking a PA amp is the only feasible way for me to put this HE2 into use again in a HT sub situation, right?
  12. dang, i was hoping to avoid the pro audio amps. im terribly familiar with those and just procured a crown micro tech for a buddy not too terribly long ago. Im not against running it at 8 ohms, but it just goes against everything i know about getting power out of an amplifier. just as an example, this guy has these specs 156 watts RMS into 8 ohms @ 0.1% THD, 252 watts RMS into 4 ohms @ < 1.0% THD even dropping to 4 ohms, id be leaving 96 watts on the table by running it at 8. 156 watts isnt anemic by any means, but it just feels wrong leaving so much power off my radar because of impedance mismatching. Id probably be letter off getting a 8 ohm resistor to have the amp see 4 ohms. The parasitic nature of the resistor would easily be offset by the wattage gain, wouldnt it? I could be dead wrong too
  13. yeah, its a dual 4 ohm driver. 8 ohms seems like it would be horribly inefficient tho
  14. any of yall know of any plate amps thatll handle a 2 ohm load that isnt stupid expensive? The daytons on PE look great, but only handle 4 ohms at the lowest. I have an old HE2 id love to use in a HT box build, but would like to avoid using a Micro Tech or something of that sort if ya know what im talking about
  15. gotcha. thats kinda what i figured. thanks man
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