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  1. Tonasty, it's clear you dont know to set the gain, let the noob teach you. Lullz
  2. Maybe a bad batch? First I've heard of SS not sticking. Man that sucks cause nothing's worse than removing panels and seats for deadening. At least you didn't have tear it all down again.
  3. Great video Steve lots of good info on wire. Plus the dog was cool to watch. He thought the wire roll was a toy for a while till he realized just more car stereo stuff.
  4. I'd go 2 XL 12s ported and not 4 XL10s or LVL4 sealed. XLs are rated to handle 2200 watts, but if don't clip the shit out of em they can handle 3k. GL with your build.
  5. My shit would have been way off but the blown fuse saved me.. ha ha I had a big number on the .5 test.
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