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    Just chillin been messing with car audio since late 80's.
  1. You could do sooooo much more if you didn't have tiny port area.
  2. How much power and what subs? Cause your port area seems tiny, unless your using some low power. I'd go with a single large port aero port, or a slot port.
  3. Heat Car Audio 1/0.

    The name of the wire does seem correct, it's going to cause some HEAT.
  4. Port tuning help

    Not even close to enough port area. Try a 10 or 12 inch dia port, and yes they need to be longer.
  5. Old School Guts

    I'm guessing the neg speaker terminals were replaced at some point the nuts on the inside the amp seem chewed up.
  6. I feel it's kind of outdated. It's hay day was back in the old school days when a shit ton of music was recorded with almost no bass.
  7. Best amplifier to run 2 18" fi sp4 v2 (THA HOE Build)

    I wouldn't by buy from JP either, and I'll leave it at that.
  8. walled civic 2 21s...

    Sounds like classic JP to me. Lulz
  9. Best Way to Break in a DC Lv6

    Here's the specs the for the box in his build log. Box way too big snapped leads. Burnt leads AudioPipe say no more.
  10. Steve, your the man for making the videos not the mention giving out prizes. SMD FTW
  11. My shit would have been way off but the blown fuse saved me.. ha ha I had a big number on the .5 test.
  12. 25320 By far the hardest amp yet to guess number for. Never seen AI clamped or on the dyno.