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    Just chillin been messing with car audio since late 80's.
  1. I'd go 2 XL 12s ported and not 4 XL10s or LVL4 sealed. XLs are rated to handle 2200 watts, but if don't clip the shit out of em they can handle 3k. GL with your build.
  2. Sounds like classic JP to me. Lulz
  3. The manual states 300 amp fuse.
  4. Here's the specs the for the box in his build log. Box way too big snapped leads. Burnt leads AudioPipe say no more.
  5. Steve, your the man for making the videos not the mention giving out prizes. SMD FTW
  6. My shit would have been way off but the blown fuse saved me.. ha ha I had a big number on the .5 test.
  7. 25320 By far the hardest amp yet to guess number for. Never seen AI clamped or on the dyno.
  8. Pride audio is hardcore, damm, everything you guys touch slams!
  9. Ebay alts are unreliable put it nicely. I'd take a stock alt over a Ebay alt.
  10. So are DC amps worth the money?
  11. I know a guy that lost a phoenix gold "the one" amp " for no real reason........ just saying. I know a guy thats beat the fuck out of this audio pipe for 5 years ......... again.... just saying... not hate, no care, no worries.. Cool story
  12. True but I've owned other amps where the protect doesn't kick in til the amp is toast... Some of the older MTX amps were famous for it.
  13. My used DC 3.5k has stood up to me doing stupid shit to it on purpose, wiring it to .5 ohms and seeing voltage well into the 9s repeatedly. Plus, being a total dumbass when I first installed it a screw driver was touching the pos and neg speaker bolts coming out of my box oops, the amp went into protect instead of frying. DC audio amps are worth the money cause they are tough almost moron proof, and they have great custom service.