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    Just chillin been messing with car audio since late 80's.
  1. How do I wire dual 1ohm Subs

    I'd keep em at 1 ohm, running at .25 ohm is asking for trouble.
  2. 2 dual 4 ohm subs can be wired to 1ohm.
  3. Shizzon, from a different forum that had problems with SoundQuebed amps?
  4. Not sure how this is going to help Mosley pick a system.
  5. matching amplifiers phase

    The phase switch is binary it's 0 or 180,. there is no in between. Push or pull
  6. You could do that sure, but after the job you've done so fare outlook is bad.
  7. CT sounds AT7000.1d up in smoke

    Those amps are known fire starters, something about not enough vibration damping.
  8. How to power mids and highs?

    Tweets in the rear are not for full sound, they are there for the passengers and they mostly ruin the sound stage.
  9. You could do sooooo much more if you didn't have tiny port area.
  10. How much power and what subs? Cause your port area seems tiny, unless your using some low power. I'd go with a single large port aero port, or a slot port.
  11. Heat Car Audio 1/0.

    The name of the wire does seem correct, it's going to cause some HEAT.
  12. Port tuning help

    Not even close to enough port area. Try a 10 or 12 inch dia port, and yes they need to be longer.
  13. Old School Guts

    I'm guessing the neg speaker terminals were replaced at some point the nuts on the inside the amp seem chewed up.