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  1. Tonasty, it's clear you dont know to set the gain, let the noob teach you. Lullz
  2. Maybe a bad batch? First I've heard of SS not sticking. Man that sucks cause nothing's worse than removing panels and seats for deadening. At least you didn't have tear it all down again.
  3. Great video Steve lots of good info on wire. Plus the dog was cool to watch. He thought the wire roll was a toy for a while till he realized just more car stereo stuff.
  4. Yes, hes the owner. DC has always treated me right .
  5. Necessary no but it does help... Especially with multi and big alt setups.
  6. Alt back which is its ground to frame or battery neg is a must for the Big4 upgrade. Electricity travels on the path of least resistance..
  7. All three 90 bucks shipped lower 48. Never used but one of one fuse holders mounting holes is broken. These are from the early batches and have metal cover nuts. The speaker terminal uses grade8 bolts and is from some of the earlier batches. The piece is dull where the cnc machine cut in case the pics don't show.
  8. Check ohms at the amp with a dmm make sure you are running the correct ohms.. I seen many times where people wire subs wrong.
  9. I I ran a system like this... 80 amp alt and a 4 big ass batteries. It would drop to 12.5 quick and hold pretty steady. I mounted the charger to the fire wall and ran the cord up by the front bumper didn't even need to open the hood. My system was a dc 3.5k at .5ohm..
  10. I'd keep em at 1 ohm, running at .25 ohm is asking for trouble.
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