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  1. gotta get started on garage

  2. Yeah keep us posted on that. I'm in the automotive refinishing industry and have also been curious about sunflash in lets say a 2.0 tip or higher primer hvlp spray gun?
  3. Soundmanca is a great resource and this sunflash use was outstanding. I need to order some to begin my doors.
  4. That is awesome! This I must start my garage and build thread for sure. Now I'm motivated as fu..... by the way thanks to Steve for providing a great product cc-1 and dd-1 just finished setting my gains and old system sounds so great even on cheap amps. This system of the month would be a great upgrade. I just freshly painted car so def in for this sotm.
  5. 1999 12" rockford fosgate power DVC dual 4 coils box specs 2.0 cubic ft with 4" pvc port don't recall exact tuning but thing would get down
  6. I'm diggin it! Big difference in output for sure allot cleaner light not all yellowish. Are the bulbs all color matched I know sometimes some of them are a bit off in tint.
  7. Looks well appointed. Congrats! Any pics with the gate down? I love how the LP tank is hidden and all makes the whole thing look very stream line. This is one of those bucket list thing for me I wanna get in before the kids get too old and too big for the small bunk beds that most campers have. Any plans for a wall setup in that thing? lol
  8. Cameras do funny things for imaging, I see yellow. If you ever go to South America ,have the passion fruit it taste like real fruit. All the flavors are great, here we get some nasty ass flavors but if I had to pick one it would be fierce grape bluish/purpleish one. Lemon-Lime YUK MOUTH, taste like sweaty donkey balls.
  9. Like Op said measure up a good portion and know what you can play with first. Universal boxes may give you poor results. A good audio shop can build you a spec box.
  10. I was gonna mention the rosstech as I use it myself and fairly easy to ramp the idle with the program. The vagcom/rosstech is so cheap to buy like the light version an invalubal tool for vw/audi owners. Saves you from false repair diagnostics cuz local repair guy has no way to communicate with car properly so they make some crap up or guess, lolz. Been there bought rosstech lite version $99
  11. Looks sweet, I wish SM came out with a i phone 6 plus dash kit that way I could dock it like a ipad. Great attention to detail.
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