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  1. Ive notice a lot of bugs, or just general weirdness, when visting on a mobile device since the last site update. Hadn't seen any recent topics about it, but recent topics doesnt fully work, kinda fig'd it was on my end. Why are all the ads now for threads on this forum? Like, yeah i just checked the RPP, so why would i click an ad sending me back there?
  2. Here's a quick way to test things. Go into the headunit eq, and jack one of the bands up, like turn the 1k band up to +9. Does the dd1 detect distortion when playing the 1k test tone? That being said, I've personally has good luck with the Excelon headunits; as far as signal distortion is concerned.
  3. Kudos Steve on showing yet again what a stand up dude you are! Bumming on how shitty other ppl can be, but you saved a life man. Funny little cosmic side note, the 15yo dog that we just had to put down last week was also named Baby. Weird little coincidence there.
  4. Try -1.5dB for your 4 channel and -5dB for sub amp. That should be a safeish starting point. Common overlap for sub amps seems to be in the -5 to -10dB range. Some ppl who compete push waaaay further than that, like -15dB and even higher.
  5. Return the whole amp because parts were missing/not as described. Then order another? Probably waaaay past their return date, but might be worth a shot.
  6. Let's see if this whole attaching and image without hosting it on a 3rd party site works..? Hells yes! That alone makes the whole upgrade worth it to me, and probably most other mobile based users. In that image you can see the star next to Gunnem's avatar because I've replied in that topic before, then the next topic has a dot because I've never replied to it. If I click on either that star or the dot, it will load that topic at the newest post since the last time I opened/ read the topic.
  7. For right now, you can use this link to get you the most recent activity, like the New Content button used to do on the mobile version. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/discover/unread/ If you click on the little icon to the left of the Topic Name, either a dot or a star depending on if you've ever replied to the topic, it SHOULD take you to the newest post(s) of that topic.
  8. Just wanted to say, I'm on mobile and I'm glad that the "reload" issue when you jump to the next page of a topic had been fixed. Thanks for working the bugs out as this whole site transition moves forward.
  9. You're getting arcing across the contacts of the fuse holder due to a loose fit. Type "melted+fuse" into the search function here and you'll get a ton of topics.
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