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  1. Subwoofer sounds horrible when cranked up

    Yeah, something is wrong. You wouldn't head it in trunk only because the backseat would muffle the noise, it would should be there. When you say your sub is a 2ohm, do you mean a dual voicecoil 2ohm, which is wired up to 4ohm? Edit: how did the shop set your gain for the amp, what equipment did they use? Did they happen to tell you the Max Clean Volume that your headunit can be turned up to before you start to distort the signal?
  2. Put ferrules on your wire, that'll help prevent broken wires. You can wrench down your set screw, then thread another set screw in as a jam nut if you're worried about it backing out.
  3. Grommets half off

    BREAKING NEWS! Some companies buy things then sell them for more than they paid. It's the business equivalent of hustlin
  4. Clean looking bike man. Going from a fazer to a fatbob seems an odd choice, how you liking the cruiser life?
  5. Needs moar low, too much wheel gap there.
  6. blown subs

    I'm guessing you melted/slinky'd the coils? Is the box ported, and if so did they start to smell after wanging on em? Hows the voltage look in this rig? I agree with the others that you're just blindly guessing where to set the volume, bass boost, and amp gaim.
  7. L.p. surfboard 48"

    This thread needs moar pics!
  8. Lol, the surround on that thing looks like a tire for my kids bike! Thing looks beast
  9. Some random vids you say? https://youtu.be/QIjKijhv1OU
  10. The ads I'm seeing are placed between the first and second posts in a topic
  11. Ive notice a lot of bugs, or just general weirdness, when visting on a mobile device since the last site update. Hadn't seen any recent topics about it, but recent topics doesnt fully work, kinda fig'd it was on my end. Why are all the ads now for threads on this forum? Like, yeah i just checked the RPP, so why would i click an ad sending me back there?
  12. No seriously dude, google. "The Grand Cherokee received a minor facelift for 2008. The bottom part of the headlights became rounded and High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamps with auto leveling were added." 2008 is when they were produced solely by Chrysler and not Daimler-Chrysler.
  13. Just rabbit-holed myself into some weird hipster audiophile/self-righteous jerkoff dimension. So naturally i thought i should post it here lol. I'd love to walk into this guy's place as a perspective buyer, then demo some got160's and tell him it's not what I'm looking for.