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  1. Let's see here: the manufacturers SAVE money so there is more profit on phone sales, and you are forced to buy shitty accessories you wouldn't normally purchase? Sounds like a great business model to me. All its missing is a way to make your purchase obsolete in a year, forcing you to "upgrade". Oh wait, Apple already has that going too.
  2. I've never tried to link a FB vid before, I hope this works https://m.facebook.com/groups/1651940015133629?view=permalink&id=1910522215942073
  3. Can you provide proof of this claim? I'm unsure on Florida, but i find it hard to believe that Texas is that far in debt considering all thier oil/petrochem industry and the ridiculous population growth there. And yes, I do believe that Trump doesn't (or at least didn't) know that Puerto Rico is a piece of America. He probably thought they were some form of water-mexican.
  4. I used to paint coaches is a large production facility. Every year they had a mobile hearing test center come out and check us all out. It had a bunch of small testing bays that were sound proofed, where you'd wear head phones and press a button everytime you heard a test tone. It would play a tone several times, each one being quieter than the last, then it would raise the freq and repeat. I was getting scores that shit all over my other coworkers, but i had the problem that i couldn't sort out sounds when theres a ton of background noise.
  5. Hunting without earpro, metal concerts, and working with air tools has definitely taken it's toll on my hearing. When its quiet or i have earpro on , i can hear the ringing. When there is lots of background noise (like a crowded bar/restaurant) i have problems separating a person talking from the ambient noise. But when I'm out in the woods i hear animals and shit that no one else can pickup, its weird.
  6. While I'm kinda jealous of your mad skills Mark, I'm more jelly of the tools you've invested in! You definitely have one of of the better equiped+organized shops in the YouTube car audio world.
  7. drill and tap a hole for every second lug. Make it look like you intended to have every other one offset from the previous lug
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