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  1. I've never tried to link a FB vid before, I hope this works https://m.facebook.com/groups/1651940015133629?view=permalink&id=1910522215942073
  2. drill and tap a hole for every second lug. Make it look like you intended to have every other one offset from the previous lug
  3. God don't care about your Popeye's, God be busy focusing of that Church's Chicken not hittin the floor.
  4. Quarter turn, back up. Quarter turn, back up. Quarter turn, back up. Use oil, clear chips, go slow. That's what i was taught YMMV
  5. The OG bogger and crawler, making today's 4x4's look like chumps. Not even a Dodge fan, but this was funny EDIT: Srp's images never work for me, always see a circle with a line through it like a UK do not enter sign
  6. Please note that the motherfuckers recording the video failed to contact any sort of emergency services. Granted, the guy was still moving before the video stopped (apparently he died from he injuries?) but i didn't hear one person yelling at a 911 operator.
  7. When i was in school and was printing a ton, i did some napkin calculus and decided that it was cheaper to buy a new printer for $30 at Wal-Mart and then just replace the whole thing when it ran dry. With the cavet that this is totally shitty for the environment and completely wasteful. Ink refills are the income generator for manufacturers. They want to lock you in to a printing system and rape your wallet with toner costs down the road. Unless you need a really high DPI or fancy features, there isn't a justification in my mind to buy refills. The crap Canon printer I got for $30 was a print/copy/scan combo unit with wireless printing capability, good enough for the girls i go out with.
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