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  1. I would do that but I already started the sealed box build. If it sounds like crap then ill rebuild and try a ported box
  2. I’m in need of box design help. I need a box for 6 kicker l3 12’s. Thinking it’ll have to be sealed since I’m short on space but I prefer ported. My max measurements are 49L x 30w x 17h. They’ll be ran on a Taramps 5k. Manual says I need 1.25cu sealed or 1.75 for ported.
  3. I'll upload them when I get home from work. I listened to mostly rap and some heavy metal and chopped.
  4. Its for an 84 Old Cutlass. Got to love those G bodys
  5. Running two Audio pipe 3000.1 running at 2 ohms.
  6. Looking for some help designing a box for 6 12" Kicker L3's . My max dimensions are 52'W x 42'L x 18H. I want the ports facing upward so I can extend the up through the rear deck.
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