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Found 46 results

  1. Can anyone help me find a high output alternator for a 2015 Nissan Sentra SV 1.8L? I can't seem to find one online anywhere. I currently have an Ignite r3000 amp and and an american bass xd 15 running at roughly 1000 watts at 1ohm. I also have an alpine amp thats 55x4 for my highs which are memphis. My stock alternator is 110amp and I can't seem to find anything higher! Please help
  2. Hi! I'm rebuilding my Punto for next year events. I bought it 5 years ago so let's start from there: First system including Ultimate T2 12" subwoofer, Twister TW1000 "1000W" amplifier and Hertz low end 6,5" coaxials and JVC head unit. Then there was Pioneer DEH-P5100UB head unit, better Hertz 6,5" coaxials with Focus Acoustics Formula FX-4150 amplifier, SPL Dynamics XTR-380D2S 15" subwoofer, Focus Acoustics Formula FX-1500D 1500W amplifier and Optima 55Ah battery. In the next step I upgraded speakers to 6,5" Hertz Energy ESK163L.4 3-way component system, made bigger and better subwoofer box, added 20Ah BSB battery and some tuning parts. Next I changed Kenwood KDC-BT92SD head unit, added another set of 6,5" Hertz Energy ESK163L.4 3-way component system speakers to rear, changed FX-4150 amplifier to SPL Dynamics ICE-150.4 and 15" XTR subwoofer to Focus Acoustics Black MK5 15D2 15". Then I upgraded the whole system and started to work with the interior. New system: Optima YELLOW TOP 55Ah and 38Ah batteries Focus Acoustics FX-2500D 2500W amplifier Focus Acoustics Black MK5 15D2 15" subwoofers x2 SPL Dynamics ICE-150.4 amplifiers x2 Hertz ESK163L.4 component speaker systems x2 SPL Dynamics SPL-HD25T Horn Loaded Compressor Tweeters x2 Match PP72W-D subwoofers as midbasses at front x4 To be continued in new post
  3. First time posting in this thread. Looking for a reliable hard pounding card audio system for around $1k. It is for a chevy Tahoe. So far I am considering getting a pair of Sundown Audio 12" 750W Dual 4-Ohm with the sundown audio 1500.1 or going with the skar audio 2000.1 monoblock (200$ cheaper). Will custom build the box accordingly and have a solid aftermarket head unit. Does this sound like a good set up for someone looking to get some extra bass from using a pair of L7s in the past?
  4. Hello everyone, I am planning on building my own single 12 SEALED box for my sub. The sub recommendations for the box volume is 1.37 cubic feet. I'm new to this stuff so can anyone just give me measurements of wood i need so i can go cut it and put it together? I'm going to use 3/4 MDF wood. Just give me the height X width of each side i need. please and thank you very much.
  5. This is the hardest i've ever seen these things move so far. watch in fullscreen 1080p for best quality. enjoy
  6. Ok so i wanna install my car audio in my garage as garageaudio i have speakers,subs,amp,capacitor,headunit. What else do i need? Links would be helpful...
  7. I got a pair of Massive Audio DC 10's and i was wondering if anyone could help me with a box design. I want a box good for SPL as well as a decent daily box. Preferably Tuned in the lower to mid 30's or higher if i can still play into the 20's. I mainly listen to decaf and big pimpin. Thanx.
  8. Well, I'm a poor college student.. And I had a few vector designs I made a while back.. Decided I would put some on some shirts and see what happens. And for the accord lovers: I'd link to the site and shirts, but I'm scared that would cause this to get deleted.. So I guess I'm asking you guys if you'd be interested in them at $12.40 each? I'll probably be making more soon, and I'm open to creating shirts for teams, etc.
  9. Does anyone know how i can get a hold of a pair of dual 1 ohm or dual 4 ohm massive audio dc 10 recones? I don't care if they are psi or massive recones as long as they fit. Thanx.
  10. Everyday, we post a new deal of the day that ranges from installation accessories, to pro audio, to car audio. Each deal is well below our regular prices, and gives people a chance to get the item at awesome prices. Check back in this post day by day, as I will be updating it with new deals, or you can go to our homepage at http://www.audiosavings.com where they're posted. You will also see our best sellers and other deals we have at the moment Today's AudioSavings deal is the..... Numark M3 (dj Mixer) M3 is a tabletop DJ mixer with all of the DJ-essentials plus bonus music-manipulation controls that set you apart from the crowd. M3 has two channels with phono and line inputs so you can connect turntables, CD players, your iPod, or any other sound source. A mic input gets you heard, and a headphone output with tone controls lets you listen. Three-band EQs and gain controls on each channel, crossfader-style cueing, and a reversible, slope-adjustable crossfader round out the usual list of DJ-essential features. Numark's team of engineers didn't stop there. M3 hosts a sets of High, Mid, and Low Kill switches and a Transform (Punch) button on each channel so you can create sonic variation at the flick of a switch or the press of a button. Step up to M3 and hit your next gig out of the park. Features: Two channel tabletop DJ mixer Inputs: two phono/line switchable (RCA), two line (RCA), mic (1/4") Outputs: Master (RCA), Record (RCA), Headphone (1/4" stereo) Three-band rotary EQ and gain on each channel High, Mid, and Low Frequency Kill switches on each channel cut -35dB from frequency ranges Transform (Punch) button on each channel for sonic excitement at your fingertips Replaceable crossfader with direction-reverse and slope-control Mic input and headphone output each have with gain and tone controls Specification: Packaged Dimensions: 14.6" x 13.4" x 6.7" Packaged Weight: 8.8 lbs. Product Dimensions: 9" x 14" x 4" Advantages of buying from an authorized dealer: Best prices - We sell all Numark Products at great prices Full Factory Warranty Guaranteed legitimate and authentic merchandise PRICE: $69.95
  11. I know DC amps do rated power but are they underrated like some other brands out there? if so by how much if anyone knows. thanks!
  12. I am slowly counting down the days in anticipation for the day when the dc level 3 15s arrive at my doorstep. I will post a video when they arrive to show how much I support the whole dc team
  13. please read the for sale section rules.
  14. does anyone know when a new version of the sundown e-12s are coming out or the sa-12 looking to get some but would wait if a new version is coming soon thanks guys
  15. I'm very impressed with the quality of the Skar VVX series. I definitely haven't been disappointed. For only two 12s in a Full size SUV there is decent flex and air movement. I have them on just a HiFonics Hfi1000.1 D So they are not getting even the 600RMS each they are recommended. Plus If I'm careful I could probably put 750 to 1000 watts on each sub and they would take it easily. These subs can definitely take a beating and they love hitting nasty lows. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzT9-IlwbhY
  16. hey guys, im from Australia, and was really interested in buying some Fi Car audio apparel, however they dont ship to Australia, ive made a list of what i want and wanted to know if it is possible to get this : 2 x Medium Fi hoodie (1 x black, 1x grey) 2 x Fi Sleeve ( 1 x Small, 1 x Medium) 2 x Fi Front Logo ( 1 x Small (Black), 1 x Medium (White) i have totaled it to be roughly 120-130 and id be happy to pay for shipping so it gets here in 3-5 days shipping is to Sydney Australia (New South Wales) 2171 My email adress is [email protected] if nick or someone could pass this on to nick or scott or someone in Fi to send me out a Custom invoice so i can pay, preferbly by paypay or direct deposit including the total as well as shipping - Cheers Marcello AKA 1 of 2 people to own an SMD 18" in Australia
  17. Owned by @Dannys Rosenberger and located in Germany....All i can say is this is probably the best collection and display of classic/vintage car audio i have ever seen. This video is a must see! The MUSEUM is a must see! I hope i can soon! He just invited me on FB I really wish Germany wasn't so far away, but someday i hope to see it! If he posts more video's i will post those here too. Thanks for the invite Dannys!
  18. Hello guys, i'm going to wall a jeep cherokee with 4 zv.4 15" d1's. Is it possible to drive them on a banda 10k? What would you guys recommand me? Regards from germany, Jacob
  19. Ok, I'm looking into buying either a XS D2700 or an XS D3100 battery.... Issue is that I am only allowed one battery in the class that I am running. I can barely fit the D2700 in the stock battery location, and the D3100 is way to big to fit. Question is: Should I just deal with the D2700 and keep it in the Stock location, or go with the bigger D3100 and just put a distrobution block under the hood and run the battery in the trunk? Thanks guys
  20. What up guys I need some help on gettin my system started. Even though Im pretty good with home stereos and surround sounds im fairly new on car audio. I want to start a build in my 1974 Plymouth Duster. Since im just gettin started and i dont have too much money i was thinkin I should start off buying everthing from walmart. I was looking at some Pioneer subs there because in my opinion they look better than the Xplods. Its Pioneers TS-W304r 12" sub. I just want to know if its a good starter sub, or if i should get the Xplods. I have a rear fold down seat so i wanted to have two subs faced towards the front of the car with the box sealed off from the truck, i heard on one of Steves videos that that would sound best and produce virtually no trunk rattle. I really dont know where im goin with this i just need some advice on getting everything going. so any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hey guys! So I'm new to the whole SMD forums as well as car audio in general. For years I've been watching bass videos and always aspired to get my first setup and finally accomplished this goal. Today I worked for almost 12 hours installing my first setup which consists of one 12" Kicker L7 and an RE Audio XT2000 amp. I wired everything but was disappointed to see the sub was barley even hitting. Even when I cranked the volume the sub was barley moving and you could only tell it was by touching it. Also, while I was filming the "i need help" video, for whatever reason the sub wasn't even playing at all. I need help! What could be going wrong? I made sure everything was properly connected, could it be a setting on my aftermarket headunit? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys :tup: Video I just took a new video this morning, but this is the one from last night (figured out the reason it wasnt even playing was because i had the switch on slave) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ52kCBQ-08&list=UUzfYGV3CBu7X7ooQrEkbRgA&index=1&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ih0vPOJEXuM&list=UUzfYGV3CBu7X7ooQrEkbRgA&index=1&feature=plcp
  22. Everyday, we post a new deal of the day that ranges from installation accessories, to pro audio, to car audio. Each deal is well below our regular prices, and gives people a chance to get the item at awesome prices. Check back in this post day by day, as I will be updating it with new deals, or you can go to our homepage at http://www.audiosavings.com where they're posted. You will also see our best sellers and other deals we have at the moment.Today's AudioSavings deal is a.... PEAVEY MSP2 PV Series Microphone + Mic Stand Package w/ Carry Bag + Mic Clip + Microphone Cable + Mic Stand http://www.audiosavings.com/audiosavings-day-deal/index.aspx?item_cd=MSP2 The PV® MSP2 is a complete microphone and accessory package designed for working musicians on the move. The package includes essential accessories for stage and rehearsal setups, all in a protective gig bag. The PV™ MSP2 features Peavey's performance-ready PV®i 2 dynamic cardioid microphone, which can be switched off when not in use, as well as a fully adjustable, tripod-style boom stand that works equally well with vocals, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, drums or any other instruments. The package also includes an XLR-to-XLR or XLR-to-1/4" cable; a mic stand clip; and a protective nylon mic bag. A durable, zippered gig bag allows users to transport their entire microphone setups from rehearsal to the stage. Features: Complete microphone/microphone stand package Includes PV®i2 dynamic cardioid microphone Designed for stand-mount application Black powder-coat finish tripod microphone stand with boom arm 6 meter microphone cable Mic clip Convenient nylon carry bag Also available with 1/4" cable Specifications: Dimensions(W x D x H): 5" x 35.5" x 4" 12.7 cm x 90.17 cm x 10.16 cm [*]Weight Unpacked: 7.50 lb(3.4 kg) [*]Weight Packed: 7.50 lb(3.4 kg) Advantages of purchasing from an authorized seller: Best prices - We sell all Peavey Products at great prices Full Factory Warranty Lifetime Customer Service by Peavey product experts Guaranteed legitimate and authentic merchandise Please note: If you purchase Peavey from an un-authorized seller then you are taking a big risk. You will not have any manufacturers warranty, and there is no guarantee that the item is authentic, brand new, or even working. PRICE: $49.95 http://www.audiosavings.com/audiosavings-day-deal/index.aspx?item_cd=MSP2
  23. I plan on buying 4 SA-8v2s 4 ohm to go behind the seat of my single cab F250, I was wondering Which amp I should buy to give them a good 800 - 1k watts ea and how should I wire them. I don't have much experience with systems so any extra input would be appreciated.
  24. Hey guys I didn't now whether t post this here or in the enclosures section but here we go. I would like to build a custom ported subwoofer box for my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. I have 36 inches wide to work with and 31 tall. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh and this is for 2 DC level 3s 15".
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