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Found 110 results

  1. Hi! I'm rebuilding my Punto for next year events. I bought it 5 years ago so let's start from there: First system including Ultimate T2 12" subwoofer, Twister TW1000 "1000W" amplifier and Hertz low end 6,5" coaxials and JVC head unit. Then there was Pioneer DEH-P5100UB head unit, better Hertz 6,5" coaxials with Focus Acoustics Formula FX-4150 amplifier, SPL Dynamics XTR-380D2S 15" subwoofer, Focus Acoustics Formula FX-1500D 1500W amplifier and Optima 55Ah battery. In the next step I upgraded speakers to 6,5" Hertz Energy ESK163L.4 3-way component system, made bigger and better subwoofer box, added 20Ah BSB battery and some tuning parts. Next I changed Kenwood KDC-BT92SD head unit, added another set of 6,5" Hertz Energy ESK163L.4 3-way component system speakers to rear, changed FX-4150 amplifier to SPL Dynamics ICE-150.4 and 15" XTR subwoofer to Focus Acoustics Black MK5 15D2 15". Then I upgraded the whole system and started to work with the interior. New system: Optima YELLOW TOP 55Ah and 38Ah batteries Focus Acoustics FX-2500D 2500W amplifier Focus Acoustics Black MK5 15D2 15" subwoofers x2 SPL Dynamics ICE-150.4 amplifiers x2 Hertz ESK163L.4 component speaker systems x2 SPL Dynamics SPL-HD25T Horn Loaded Compressor Tweeters x2 Match PP72W-D subwoofers as midbasses at front x4 To be continued in new post
  2. Question for any person, I'm building a box for a friend. He has 2-JL Audio W7(not the AE) svc 3ohm subs with a Taramps 5000.1 mono but switching to a JL 1000 mono amplifier. He wants a sealed enclosure but he likes loud so I suggested a ported box. Doesn't want that, so I had mentioned having both types either going 4th order being sealed and ported or go with a 6th order. By experienced ppl out there, which type enclosure would be best for these 2 12W7's? The system is going in a 06' Buick Regal. Thank yall if any ideas on this
  3. I need help guys! Is there anyway possible someone could draw me up something on sketchup or something similar for two skar ma-8, they are recommended 1 cuft per sub tuned to 35hz, I have no real experience designing boxes and all help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Back with a new car, and a new build. 2018 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback will be the new canvas. And here is the Sub! DC Audio Level 4 12 D1 with direct leads, carbon fiber cap, and candy red basket: So far I have designed a box in WINISD and Torres to come up with a 2.5 ft^3 Net box with a 22" long 6" aero port (Big Ass Port.) I will post up screenshots from each program to get a second look at the specs in the box building section. Plan is to hook this bad boy up to my Rockford Fosgate T1500bdcp at 2 ohms, providing 1500 watts at a slightly higher efficiency than the amp provides at 1 ohm. For the doors so far, we have some SSA Evil 6.5s tucked in with some NVX deadener and Stinger FAST Rings. Doors are definitely not complete, but it's a start. Evils vs stock speakers: This will be a slow build, but it's going to get exciting, so stay tuned!
  5. ive had this sub sitting around tryin to figure out a good box for it (sub up port back!) its wanting 5 cube after disp. sub disp. is .26 now i want my box 20x38x17 which is about 6.06 cuft. now the port is where im having the most problem cant really figure out the right tuning im wanting about 32 hz ANYONE HELP!? :huh2: :huh2: :huh2: :huh2:
  6. Anybody ever heard of these guys? Supposed to be some Italian company, the guys down at my local audio shop just started carrying them. They're solidly priced and they sound great, heard a demo. Opinions, experiences?
  7. All of this is going into my s10 Speakers Dash: Polk Audio MM series 4x6 Doors: Some crappy 6 inch kickers that i got for free and they are better then stock (hardly) so i put them in Subwoofers Two 12 inch DC Audio Level 3s both are dual 2 Amp DB Drive a31500.1D at .5 ohm Head Unit Jensen Phase Linear UV9 (not good but traded some old JBLs for it) Wire Audio Technix 4 gauge ofc amp kit
  8. hey guys here is a look at my home theater wall build figure it might intrest a few off you just finished up a bunch of renos i have been doing on my new condo i bought part 1 part 2
  9. I have recently fallen upon a peavey puma-1502 amplifier. I am getting two big America RTR-1530's and I am wondering how I would hook these two speakers up to this amp. Do I need another piece of equipment to split th wattage to the two speakers? Rtr-1530 speakers: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00009WBYI Peavey amp: http://aa.peavey.com/products/index.cfm/item/117683/UMA%201502
  10. Subs sold This is a old picture of my box and my subs just to show you them installed First off I would like to say this amp is a BEAST! The Sundown audio amplifier can produce lots of bass for your car. The reason I am selling this amp is because I sold my car that it was in and no longer have any use for it. This SAZ amplifier has only 4 months out of box and only 1 month actually used. I have used a lot of amps but this one blows all the competition out of the water! The defect in this amp is it has a couple of scratches on one of the sides. Look through the pictures and you can see it. Other then that it's a perfect amp! I am asking for 800 OBO (or best offer) These are the specs: Double Sided Through Hole Epoxy PCB Efficiency : 86% @ 4 ohm, at 100Hz 24dB/Oct Variable Crossover Multi-Way Protection Circuitry (Thermal/Over Current/Speaker Short/Speaker DC Protection) Variable Subsonic Filter Variable Bass Boost Variable Low Pass Filter Variable Phase Shift Dual Zero(0) Gauge Power Supply Connectors Tested Voltage & THD : 12.8V & Less than 1% THD Operating Voltage : DC 10V~18V (Absolute Maximum 18.5 volts) Digital Class-D Linkable Mono Block Amplifier 1 Ohm Stability Wired Remote Controller MSRP $2149 USD Text or call 480-309-1603, my name is Austin! I don't really use these forums anymore so don't try to private message me. However I will be checking bi-weekly on this forum. I am really trying to sell these items locally (Tempe, Arizona) but if your interested enough we can negotiate.
  11. I couldn't upload straight to Smd so just click the link below to view the gallery http://imgur.com/a/tatQ4 Box is 3.5 cubes tuned to 35 hz It was just pieced together to get and idea. the box still needs to be fiber glassed and needs bondo. i know it seems like theres gaps bit its completely sealed from the inside. i just had a bad blade.
  12. i have a pa1500.1 and i came across a orion hcca d2400 for cheap but my friend told me that it would only put out 1200 rms and to just keep my pa1500.1 what do you all think would put out more power?
  13. Take a look at this Planet Audio AP3000D. Fried possibely caught on fire. Defiantly smoked. [/img][/img][/img][/img][/img][/img][/img]
  14. selling a DC Audio Level 5 m2 motor. motor is in decent condition, I'd rate it a 7/10 because of scratches and one small spot about nickel sized on side of bottom plate where chrome is chipping. asking $450 shipped to lower 48 i know pics are from 15th, i will add pic with current date if necessary.
  15. i just got a 2006 hyundai azera and the stereo needed to be replaced. i upgraded to a kenwood dpx792bh. its ounds great except there is a faint hissing static noise that plays all of the time. no matter what source its on, aux, usb, bt, radio, cd. even when its at 0 volume it has the noise. it doesnt increase in volume at all its just one constant hiss. i took it back to the best buy installer and he said it was unfixable, and probably a factory amp problem. i dont know much about car audio in general and wanted some second opinions. Thanks!
  16. Sup guys, First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum section. I couldn't decide where it fit best, but I knew it wasn't SQ or Ground pounders so here's the deal: My friend is going to be getting his car soon. He does have a job, so I don't have to scamper around looking for crap equipment, but I'm still on an ultra tight budget. Basically I'm looking for equipment that is from good companies but that won't break the bank. Here's what I'm thinking so far: Sub: 1 12" C2 Audio Threatcon 2 (the one with minor cosmetic flaws is 110 dollars) Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-150MP (65 bucks) wire: Knu 4 gauge wiring kit (27 dollars) and 6 ft of knu 8 gauge (3 dollars) with a knu 1x4-2x8 distribution block (10 dollars) The part I've been having trouble with are door speakers and an amp. Since the budget is so limited, we are focusing on the front-stage only. His brother has a cadence 5 channel amp laying around that we will use to power whatever door speakers (hence the distribution block) but I think it'd be best to use a seperate amp for the sub itself. As far as speakers I've seen, RE makes some decent looking cheap components / coaxials, and Cadence makes some that look ok too. What else looks good? I don't want to spend more than 70 for a pair. As far as amps, I've looked at a couple. The alpine mrp m500 does 500rms into 2 ohms. You can get it for about 125 on amazon. The other one that I like is the Sony XM-ZZr3301. I would usually avoid sony at all costs, but this one is Cea certified so it should do the 600rms into 2 ohms that it is rated for. It's 100 bucks on sonicelectronix. So what do you guys think? What would be some other good options? I don't want to spend more than 125 for the amp, and I'd like it to be in that 500-700 watt range. Thanks alot!
  17. If your into Sundown audio then this video should definitely hold your attention.. Actually, if your into car audio just the slightest bit, this video will do wonders for you. Filmed and edited by myself. This is Dennis Romasco's Isuzu with a badass 4th order inside. Watch VIDEO Comment Like SHARE and subscribe=]
  18. So I bought this bohemoth of a subwoofer, the X 15 from sundown. I got a box already built with 5.4 ft^3 after sub displacement, just waiting for an aero port. I'm probably going to tune it to ~29-30 Hz. I'll be putting about 1800 - 2000 watts on it. My true question is about some recommendations on the port area, port diameter, and port length you guys have. Which would be best? I have two 4" aero ports, and I could use those, but I was thinking either a single 6" or 8". Just let me know. Thanks in advance, Kyle
  19. So my friend and I been talking about his build for a long time now so he is now starting to purchase his equipment. I told him what I had like RF and DC audio and he asked me what was good. I suggested the same of course, soundqubed, crescendo, or sundown. Even american bass. So he comes up with the bright idea of Audio Pipe. I said okay amps are pretty good don't know about the subs so he showed the subs to me and I was amazed... until I read the specs and how much airspace each sub require. I know my 12" DC's only need 1.5cuft per sub and these... well just look at the pics and tell me if I am overstepping on telling him to take these back to the store... Then he is thinking of getting two more... and running a Sound Digital 8000.
  20. Introduction: I have purchased a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe and would like to lay out a plan as to how I am going to upgrade it. I plan to make two main changes, those being: blacked out interior/exterior and a high quality audio system. This topic is going to focus around upgrading the audio aspect of the Tahoe. I wanted to gather advice from more experienced users in car audio before getting started so that I could create an effective and efficient plan as to how I am going to upgrade the audio in my new vehicle. Vehicle Information: The vehicle I am going to be working on is a brand new 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe LT with four wheel drive. As far as audio related components are concerned, this particular trim comes with the upgraded Bose nine speaker surround sound system. The stereo that comes with this Tahoe is quite average and is not of exceedingly high quality. The Tahoe also has plenty of space to install a subwoofer(s), so space is not going to be a problem. Initial Plan: My initial plan for the audio system in this vehicle is to keep the Bose nine speaker surround system (I know these may not be of the highest quality, but replacing all of those speakers would be quite expensive and I don't think I could justify the money spent), upgrade the stock stereo (looking for a stereo that is a bit more advanced), and install and subwoofer or two. While I do have a base plan established, I still have many questions as to how I should approach these upgrades. For those who are interested my budget is anywhere from $1000 - $2000 for just the new audio system. Specifics: Music is very important to me and because of the amount of time I put into listening to music and organizing it, I have become quite the audiophile. I listen to a lot of older music, mostly rock, metal, blues, folk, and other genres similar to those. One of my main question's is what audio equipment I should get if I am listening to music like I have listed above. This primarily relates to the subwoofer, as it seems to be the piece of hardware that will greatly effect the sound of my music. I heard that 10" subwoofers are best for rock music, so my plan was to buy two 10" subwoofers and put them in a sealed enclosure so that I would produce more of a accurate and clean bass sound. Please remember that I am aiming for sound quality, volume is also important, but I am much more focused on putting together a system that is based around sound quality. Is two 10" subwoofers too much bass for sound quality setups? Should I only go with one 10" subwoofer? I also need more information as to what brand subwoofer, subwoofer enclosure, and amplifer I should get. I heard JL Audio is quite good, but I am not that familiar with car audio so I need some more feedback. As far as upgrading the stereo, I just want one that functions well and will work with my iPod that has lossless audio files (FLAC and ALAC) loaded onto it. I believe that encompasses most of what I want to do to the Tahoe as far as the audio system in concerned. All help is appreciated and sorry if I make stupid mistakes, I am quite inexperienced when it comes to car audio. Thanks For Reading
  21. So my 16th birthday is in 4 months. My car is an 06 Toyota Camry (clean and almost new!) My dilemma is that I want to find the best pair of 15 inch subs to install for under $300 and I'm deciding whether to put two Alpine type type r 15's or two Kicker L3 15's. I'm planning to wire the Alpines to a Hifonics BRZ1700.1D and then if I get the kickers I would wire them to a Hifonics 1400 watt amp instead. Any suggestions? P.S. I'm installing my whole system myself, so any suggestions for good wiring kits and etc are appreciated.
  22. I'm going to be building a box for my 1996 Honda Civic EX, and it's going to be tuned to ~32Hz. My sub is a sundown audio SD-12 D2. The question: If i have a single sub like this in a not so big box, should i be fine without baffles or bracing? I also don't fully understand what those things are... So anyone who can explain those would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. -Dylan
  23. Hello everyone. I'm new here! My name is Josh. I figured I'd write up a little build thread of what I'm working on right now. I'm building an under seat enclosure for my ext cab Silverado to hold my 2 SA8 V2s. This is only the second box I've designed and built. I'm fairly new to audio. I've always spent my money on suspension before subs but I'm coming around now and finally getting some bass! I got all my numbers through the Torres calculator and I drew the box up on Sketchup. I'm not quite finished with the box yet. Should be done in the next couple weeks. And I'm waiting on buying a ct sounds 1400.1 to power these subs. I'll start with the screenshots from Torres and Sketchup Then I bought the subs on Black Friday. And I got a 5x5 sheet of 13 ply Baltic birch for the box. The enclosure is 2 separate boxes with an amp rack in between. The 2 square holes are for 120mm fans to help keep any heat down from the amp. I raised the seat 2" to accommodate the box. Then finally got to test fit the box as one piece. And this is pretty much where I'm at now. I have finished the feet. I'm gonna be putting a truck bed liner finish on the box after I smooth all the seams and screw holes. And hopefully I can get the amp soon so I can power this baby up and get some vids! Thanks for reading! -Josh
  24. An Idea of mine. After being told how wrong I am I'm changing the title to an "IDEA" for a wiring diagram.
  25. Does anyone know of any car audio competitions going on in the Atlanta Georgia area in the near future?
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