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  1. 1750W TRUE RMS 3'' high temp VC 25mm one way excursion Pack from 4pcs of nomex spiders show excellent control of moving part on any excursion. 210mm magnets with 27mm height made from highest level of raw materia
  2. Mass production will be finished soon. Then we'll show them on website.
  3. Solo v.2 6,5'' - 1,75'' CCAW voice coil - 300W RMS (HPF 140Hz 24dB/oct) - Sensitivity ~97dB 1W/1m - Extended radiation area by optimizing the geometry of the moving part. ~149sq.cm. - X-Max 6mm (two way) - Small mounting depth - Very high loudness sound with low THD from high power. We worked and working above many factor, as special kind of chemistry inside paper pulp for cones, geometry and stiffness of cones, optimal kind of resin for nomex cloth by vacuum impregnation and many other important things. - Decorative gasket from ABS plastic makes possi
  4. Their magnet systems beckon my eyes. Solo v.2 6,5", 300W of clean power with ~97dB 1W/1m sens makes them the 1st in the front battle. Russian loudest wide-band speakers.
  5. New version Solo 6,5'' available. (old one will be produced till end of this year) What's new inside? - 1,75'' voice high temperature CCAW voice coil (look for the 1st picture. Comparing of 1,5'' and 1,75'' voice coils) - much more powerful magent system - new suspension optimized to 8mm traveling - new cone with extended area of radiation - self designed and made basket can hold heavy and powerful magnet system without any problem. 8 holes for fixing the speaker, low installation height it's task from our clients, which we made in this series. - additional capabilities on freq
  6. Hard to say for 100%, because we don't have any problem with gluing (from the point of view of strength of the adhesive joint) when we working with both type of surfaces. Flat or wrinkle not important for us, but labratory of the factory were we bought the glue informed me about next: MIN gap between glued parts means best adhesive joint. Much more important to use special type of glue for surfaces which you using. For example, special glue for clean steel, steel with powder coating, abs plastic and other materials, which we using in production.
  7. How do I contact you for pricing and availability on your sv.3 18's? 

  8. On the left in pair with Russian bestseller Ruby.New model of speakers(white logotype on dust cap).Emerald 6,5''.1,25" voice coil, 100W RMS, copper voice coil, self made nomex spiders, great moving capabilities for this kind speakers, loud and clean sound from 150Hz to 6kHz.Real sensitivity higher than 93,5dB from 1w in 1m of distance.
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