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  1. Congrats steve, thats awesome, any idea when the issue will be out so i can grab a copy?
  2. Are there any UK dealers online or brick and mortar as the overseas shipping and customs gets quite expensive. Hopefully there is as I may be in the market for re cones. Lol
  3. In using dewalt apprentice boots, lightweight and comfy. Haven't found a boot that beats it yet. Not sure how much they go for over in the states, but in the uk they're about £45-£60 depending where you go
  4. Have you tried sonicelectronix, they seem to ship to a lot of places, and have a lot of rockford stuff. Pretty good prices too. Hope this helps
  5. Sorry to hear about your situation bro, keep your head up, and vent here whenever you need to
  6. You sir are a true gent, it's nice to know that there's still people around that will show kindness when someone really needs them.
  7. I use a cut throat razor, but it has disposable blades, to be honest, it's a great razor, I find it takes longer to grow back compared to a safety razor. To start off I was getting little cuts here an there, but once i got the hang of it, I barely get any cuts at all, only if I'm rushing! Lol I got my razor from eBay, by a company called sanguine scissors
  8. You could wire them to the remote wire and ground on the amp, that way as soon as your amp turns on, they will as well. But you may need a resistor in order not to blow them, depending on which voltage ones you buy. Hope this helps
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