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  1. Congrats steve, thats awesome, any idea when the issue will be out so i can grab a copy?
  2. Are there any UK dealers online or brick and mortar as the overseas shipping and customs gets quite expensive. Hopefully there is as I may be in the market for re cones. Lol
  3. You sir are a true gent, it's nice to know that there's still people around that will show kindness when someone really needs them.
  4. Hi Steve, I know this is probably cheeky to ask, but is there a deal available for ebay users, as its cheaper shipping on ebay than your shop site for international buyers. Cheers
  5. please excuse my noobish question, but does the delivery charge shown on amazon include shipping to the u.k, or if not does anybody know what it would be? This is for the dd-1 btw. Many thanks
  6. Vibe is massive over here in the u.k. They're basically the affordable audio product, with three lines, they have "edge", which is pure budget brand and poor build quality imo, then there is "fli" which isn't too bad, but isnt exactly the best sounding, then there's the "vibe" line, which is there top of the range audio. Imo the subs are weak as they are tuned high, and trying to get a low note out of them is hard, again my opinion, but there 6x9's sound pretty good to be fair, they have a nice bass, mid and high end output, and sound really clear. Hopefully the rest of the components follow s
  7. They look nice man, is there any vids of them In action? And what do the midbass drivers go down to hertz wise?
  8. Not to thread jack, but out of curiosity, what would the amp put out cleanly at 2 ohms at 14.4v, being as sundown amps achieve "rated" at 12.8v, also does anybody know how efficient they are at 2 ohm? Thanks
  9. Do you know where i could find out, unfortunately our dealer is on holiday atm
  10. Im not sure about american version, but the song is Gyptian - Hold Yuh drum and bass remix.
  11. That is one nice looking caddy, I personally like how the red calliper and black rim go with the blue. Great job steve/chicken
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