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  1. Not really, just the fact that there are similar issues with some other amps. That is why they can't do the "Sonic Certified" rating on all of their amps they sell. I agree though with it just being an issue with the JAD1200.1, I have 2 of them and they do the exact same thing. I have used the DD-1 on other amps without any problems. By set it to the certified voltage I mean put it on the -10db 40hz test tone and use your voltmeter and turn the gain up to the sonic certified specs, for example @ 1ohm it is certified at 1380 watts, so you would adjust your voltmeter to 36-37 volts AC. The same would apply to the 2 and 4 ohm specs.
  2. Yeah, It is pretty weird. I talked to the guys at NVX about this and they knew that this was an issue. They told me to either use an O-Scope, or with a multimeter, set it at around the certified tested voltages like the ones done by Sonic Electronix, and you shouldnt have any issues. Here is a little snippet off their site: http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w296/MxRacer_25/Capture_zpsbt1e6sn7.jpg~original
  3. I have my HU EQ set to flat, and the amp all the way up, and I was trying for the -10db track. I checked on the 0db track and I could only get a real faint bit of distortion (light flickering) with the gain set to max. I am pretty puzzled. It is hooked to the outputs of the amp itself with the probes. I checked the head unit itself through the RCA's directly to figure out the distortion point of the head unit, but like I said even when i would put the head unit into distortion I wouldn't see it out of the amp either. Yes I am getting the signal light, and the 40hz light to come on also.
  4. Ok, so I have a Pioneer AVH#### head unit, and the volume it distorts at is 37. So when adjusting the gain on the JAD 1200.1 I can max out the gain on the amp and still get no distortion, but even when I have the gain all the way up and put the actual head unit into distortion above 37 I still get no distortion from the amplifier. I do notice that when adjusting the gains I hit tiny bits of distortion but it quickly goes away. Could there possibly be an issue somewhere with the amp? Has anyone had any similar issues? Note that I have 2 of these amps and I get similar results with both of them. I know it may be a slim chance both of them would have the same problems, but you never know.
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