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  1. I have a 370 amp Mechman alternator on the way and I'm trying to figure out which Gates Fleetrunner belt to order for my 2001 Yukon XL 2500 6.0 Anyone have a Yukon, Suburban or Tahoe around the same year who is using one with a Mechman?
  2. You can add me. Placerville, CA 95667 DD-1 16 Ton Hydraulic Crimp Solder station Heat gun Digital Multimeter I have pretty much everything needed for installs but nothing for fabrication. Hopefully I'll be able to get the tools I need to build boxes in the next few months.
  3. JDay


    I have a BEX2015.1D and there is no mention of CEA-2006 compliance anywhere.
  4. I'm still building it up. Just got a couple Kicker 12" subs in there right now hooked up to a hifonics Brutus BRX2015.1D, Rockford T2652-S components up front and Arc Audio XDi 602 coaxial in the back doors hooked up to a Rockford R250X4. The bass hits just hard enough to shake the latch loose. Started doing it right after I did the big 3 and upgraded my main power line to 1/0.
  5. My doors auto lock. I'm probably going to tear that door apart tomorrow and see if I can tighten the latch.
  6. Does anyone know how to keep my passenger side barn door from popping open from bass? Usually it just pops half open and is still slightly caught but other times it swings open.
  7. A friend of mine did this to his Tacoma years ago. It kills your gas mileage.
  8. why would you take it off everytime unless your doing it yourself this doesnt make sense, tint ticket is 250ish, just got one and paid 250 to have the tint put on i just pay the ticket and move onIdk what kind of tint ticket you get but mine are correctable, i fix it show a cop and get it signed off pay a $25 fine & im done. The place that does my tint charges me $75 for front 2 windows. I take it off myself. $100 > $250 Here in California they get you with BS court fees. That's how a $65 speeding ticket turns into over $300. What's really crazy is that they hit you with court fees even if you don't dispute the ticket and just pay it online.
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