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  1. I bought this in order to throw into the glovebox and put an ipad in the dash. However I'm having a bit of a problem and not sure if it's just me or the unit. I cannot open songpal from the ipad to change settings without having to manually go into the glovebox and set the headunit to bluetooth on the source. Is there anyway I can leave the unit playing spotify via usb and open spotify while still playing spotify music and change the subwoofer level through songpal? Or do I have to go into the glovebox every time and switch sources between usb and bluetooth whenever I need to change subwoofer level? I could use a subwoofer gain knob but would like to just bypass it if I can.
  2. Good to hear. Thank you. Was afraid of power from both amps. I checked the factory amplifier and seems to be plugged in still but didn't really look in there as it's behind hard foam. There are new rca's from the HU to the Alpine PDXv9 amp.
  3. Trying to find more about my specific vehicle with monsoon and upgrades but only see LOC with a stock headunit. Nothing similar to my setup or what I've wrote. :\
  4. I used torres for the diagram then I used delphiforfun for the cuts.
  5. That's what I thought. I thought they were going to bypass the factory amp. :\
  6. Took my vehicle into a stereo shop. Vehicle is a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta with a double din, and Monsoon system with amplifier. I took the vehicle in to install a 4 channel and upgrade my door speakers. What they did was tap into the factory monsoon amplifier somehow and combine my aftermarket amplifier with it. Their reasoning was to it will help keep alternator whine away. At the doors, they cut into the factory wiring speaker wiring and use those wires, crimped on my 14 gauge wire and ran them to the speakers. In the back, they cut some factory speaker wires, crimped on 14 gauge wire and ran that to my aftermarket amplifier. I'm not entirely sure what's going on but it works. When I went to set my gains when I got home with the DMM I noticed at 28/35 volume of the alpine headunit, I was seeing a few volts show up with the aftermarket amp gains all the way down. Now, with my previous installs by doing them myself, I never noticed voltage with the gain all the way down. These cars never had aftermarket amp neither. Does this sound normal? Another thing I've noticed is the front left speakers on two different sets I've encountered problems. First, the mid woofer having soldering issues and not playing correctly and lower volume than norm. Had to RMA those. Second set I had the same issue almost but with the tweeter cutting in and out. Two different speakers with similar issues. Is this a cause of concern? I did buy them off ebay and maybe were b stock for all I know. I just installed some new speakers and don't want the issue to arrive again. Should I be worried? Is tapping into the stock amplifier a cause of concern or anything? Not sure what to do here. Forgot to add, using an alpine 149bt with the vehicle.
  7. This one seems to have quite a bit of talk in the pc community currently. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-CROSSOVER-404K-FINAL-UHD-HDMI2-0-40-LED-3840x2160-4K-VA-Monitor-NEW-404K-/400989831333?hash=item5d5cdb40a5
  8. My Morel tweeter is going to shit and need new components. No warranty sadly as I'm an idiot and wanted to save money. I very much liked the mids and highs from the JBL's. Anything similar in this regard? Been looking at the HAT Imagines but the response graph from 2khz-5khz dips. Which for my ears is where I notice and love that area. Vocals sound the best for me there. Also, a bit of a random question. I just finished building some HT speakers for my bedroom. I used some foam mattress padding to cut down the resonance. If I were to add deadener to my doors, would it be really stupid to cut a piece to fit inside the door behind the window glass with velcro to cut down resonance? I don't see that done with car doors. I ask because I think it should cut some down, annnnnd my car has carpet padding or some kind of denin padding in the very rear inside the trays for tools or first aid kits up against the quarter panels. Maybe that would be better to use. I know SHCA sells some closed cell foam for this purpose but it's quite expensive. The carpet underlay or mattress foam are more cost friendly and better than nothing right?
  9. KMS

    CAB 1600.1

    Too good to be true. Buy at your own risk, buyer beware, need I say more?
  10. Building an enclosure from left over 0.75" BB for an SA12 and won't have much left over for the IDQ10. Will half inch stock be sufficient?
  11. In the process of building an enclosure for a SA12. In torres, I have implemented the subwoofer displacement. However. I'm not sure if I should be looking at gross volume or net volume. For instance. If I wanted to go with Jacob's recommendation of 2 cubes at 35hz. Would I be looking at 2 cubes in gross volume or net volume?
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