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  1. for that much money you could have got a badass crescendo or sundown anp
  2. 2014 Black Hyundai Veloster, Stock touch screen head unit but about as loud as a church mouse. Had to shrink images down to get them to fit in the allowed 0.21MB upload allowed on this site. 2 12's would sound great in this little hatchback!
  3. Also you deleted most ifbthe bullshitbyou say cuz you dont eant people to see the shit you say... but you really gotta look in the mirror and seebwhy you get so upset about the mildest critisism
  4. If somone calls you a horse.. blow it off...if a second person xalls ypu a horse... might want to look in the mirror.....if a third person calls you horse you better get some damn horseshoes to wear, cuz u a horse... When a ton of people say you over react in comments you got to start to thibk maybe they are a little right..Jp , bigdwiz and exo dont do shit like that. You literally just told me I should have been aborted as a baby butbthat its never to late to fi ish the job as well as say you hate me and I am a cunt rag... all of this because I said i love your shit but wouldnt mind seeing more bass videos... I have seen many people who juat say small little things and you go full on nuclear on them ..you make fun of people who get ohm math wrong or bitch at people who say they would have done something different... a lil skeptisim isnt worth the hate... We are more than a fan base, we are your money..youtube money, smd products money... we are your customers...quit takeing such offense and respect your fans and customers... like dude...you wished death on me and called me a baby cunt rag for being offended... how did anything I do deserv that?
  5. Im a little confused... I have been pushing 600w to my sa 12s rated at 750w... i have been told if i push 1000 to them they are way louder as long as you know what your doing....heard several people doing this... But... Then there is this whole double power only increases 3db andbit takes 10db to hear double volume... so..whats the point? Why go from 1200w to 2000w if it aint even gonna make a difference... os this theory actually true??
  6. Im hesitant to put down 600bucks on a dc 2.0k when similar amps like cab1600.1 and hifonics brutus are under $250... Is the extra cost just how well made and how long they will last? Dont plan to be banging sundowns till my 80th birthday.
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