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  1. For an infinitesimally small blip of time in our universe, I really think I felt the rage of Steve through my monitor from his van incident haha

  2. Thanks dude. I was looking at Temco on ebay, used to buy all of my microswitches from them. Now that you said that though... though it's not listed on ebay, Temco does list a nice spec sheet on Amazon. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71OHBWJUbML.pdf AFAIK, that should apply to most lugs out there on the market within 1-2mm.
  3. Hi everybody - hoping this is the right place for this question as most of you doing electrical wiring will have these on hand. Could anybody tell me the width of one of your 2/0 copper lugs? Doesn't matter if they're the kind with a radiused edge or square, just need the total width of them. I have some coming in by the end of the week, am having a surprisingly hard time finding any general spec/dimensional sheets on google images (or anywhere) and I'm trying to machine my flat terminal adapters before the lugs get here so I can install everything in one day. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  4. I really fucking wish my alternator wasn't under coolant hoses and an engine...
  5. Waaaaaaait. I might just be dumb. I guess I'm just worried about the height because my current bat is 6.75 and it looked kinda tight on the vapor shield. I guess the best idea would be to stack something 8" high and see if the hood closes? I wouldn't exactly want my terminals pushing into the vapor shield, sounds kinda dangerous if it rips and then the terminals are hitting the hood frame... but fuck, I want a d3400 in this bitch
  6. Hi all - it would appear that my four year old Autocraft gold 96R-3 is shitting the bed at a bad time. My mounting dimensions look to be L- 11.5" W - 6.875" H - 6.75" to maybe 7.5" Unfortunately, that width is really tight and I don't see any way I can expand it. Very cramped area in the bay of a 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. I really want to put in a D3400, but I would be banking on mounting it side down and hoping there's enough height for everything... and that's probably not a good idea. Without being able to put in a D3400, it seems to drop me all the way down to a D1200. At that point, I don't know if going the XSPower route would even be a good idea. Any input?
  7. Going to welding school.... not grinding school A grinder and paint makes ya the welder ya ain't is kinda like D's get degrees xD
  8. that looks like some sort of cover.... Did you take the initial out of the box plastic seal off lmfao? If not... I don't want to accidentally have you break your shit... but I want to say hit it with a heat gun for a few seconds and then give it some evenly distributed pressure.
  9. My bad, by harbor freight crimper, I just thought you meant the chinese yellow shit in general. For good-enough die making though, all you need is a file, drill press, and hack saw. But yeah, that die is obviously fucked.
  10. The dies are actually what looks to be a quality control tolerance issue. Only one of my dies isn't to spec, and it's not off by much. The big issue in Amazon reviews is fucktards putting them in mismatched. Not like it's a hard thing to make your own die either tbh. But yeah, ring terminals aren't great in the massive hydro crimps, just lugs, as Audio stated
  11. Dude, a large amount of the world is really fuckin dumb. Having a consciousness in which you can even deduct and reason the way you did in your post is not actually a "normal" or "average" ability of the population. Like, I'm not conspiracy theoristing or anything. That's like, the truth. Don't worry about shit like this or you'll be eaten alive.
  12. Huh. When I use a dremel on plastic... For the most part, I actually run the tool high RPM to melt the plastic. Feel like it's easier to do what I want that way once you get the hang of it down. Just de-burr the blobs at the end and everything comes out clean. Easiest way is just a sanding drum at low RPM, breaks the re-hardened melt right off
  13. Like, you either go all the way or you don't. Anything else and a thief won't steal it, he'll just destroy it and more of the car most likely. Bluetooth dead-bolted doors on their own battery system and an interior mechanical trunk opening system. Like, bolt some metal to the inside of the top of the trunk, then run a steel cable wire system to inside the cab. At that point, probably want to do something to keep the hood secure too. Same thing, bolt on metal to the interior, have it go down into a vertical latch with a manual key system hidden somewhere in the grill of the car or under the front of the car. All of that sounds really dumb and shitty cause I'm in bed on a shit laptop... but yeeeaaaah dude
  14. Was going to say this. Very impressive response. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to post on Facebook with context for that sweet sweet PR Thanks SecondSkin
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