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  1. For an infinitesimally small blip of time in our universe, I really think I felt the rage of Steve through my monitor from his van incident haha

  2. Was going to say this. Very impressive response. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to post on Facebook with context for that sweet sweet PR Thanks SecondSkin
  3. Huh. I've actually been wanting to ask this question for a while. It's probably going to seem like it, but I'm not trying to sound like a dick - genuinely curious. I also love every SecondSkin product I've used... which is butyl rope and that sweet sweet B Stock Damplifier. Anyways - my question is - I think that the majority of the world that's somewhat well versed in materials knows that Melamine foam is absolutely cheap as fuck to produce, which was why Magic Erasers were a scam and you can buy like, 500 melamine sponges from china for $10 or so. That being said - how is SecondSkins melamine products engineered to justify their price? Obviously, I presume you can't go into an incredible amount of detail for reasons, but anything would be appreciated. Once again, not trying to sound like a dick, because as far as I and everybody else is concerned... everything else SecondSkin offers is fucking awesome. I just thought it was somewhat common knowledge Melamine was really cheap to produce, so I'm curious if there's anything different in your product. Thanks.
  4. Lend me your past memories What Are You Currently Listening to posters

    Looking for a song I found when I went through... all 300 pages. Can't find it via search, and don't have the time to go thru that all again. It's inspector gadget themed, like, go gadget go. Heavy bass.

    Having absolutely no luck via google/youtube because apparently a bunch of fucks make bad inspector gadget theme bass remixes. 

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    2. Karkov


      I will search when I have more time

    3. s5300


      I can't believe I'm having such trouble because it's actually GOOD. Everything that unfortunately fits the keywords on youtube absolutely sucks dick. Not sure why it's not in my history either, but I guess it's seriously been two years since I heard it...?

      Goddamn, doesn't seem like it but I found it in highschool..

    4. s5300


      Found it.

      Page 261 - Gunnem


  5. Was about to say gotta buy that shit online, then realized you're getting impact stuff. Might still be cheaper online, haven't looked at it though. Company I'm going to be working for covers all PPE including prescription eyewear
  6. The first time this happened to me was a really fuck it type of day Is it by chance anything that uses Ford parts 2003-2012? Shit happens all the time and took them 9 years to put out a reinforced replacement.
  7. Decide after 10 years of keeping some old specialty clasps in my component drawers and never having the slightest need for them I can throw em out...

    Fuckin two weeks later and I need them. :dammit:

  8. I think it would do the world some good to turn off the internet for a little bit...

    1. s5300
    2. Ron36


      I agree 100% , Aleast once a week I tell my wife I’m going off the grid for a day and I enjoy it.

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