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  1. This is perfect exactly what I'm trying to do. thank you
  2. I'm in need of more power so I'd like to strap two identical amps which don't strap (in the normal way). Amps: 2 - Arc audio 2300SE Interconnects from the processor into each amp. Except one of the amps will be fed the same exact signal, but 180° out of phase. Use the positive terminals only on each amp Wire the in phase amp to the positive post on sub. Wire the out of phase amp to the negative post on sub. Gain match both. Mtx did this on their thunder elite amps, but they had a dedicated phase switch. Check out their instructions...
  3. Looking to get my hands on a pair of jbl gti 12's, either the mki or mkii.
  4. jnasty

    JBL BPx2200.1

    I had 2 of these 2200.1's. fantastic amps, def run them @4 ohm. Big, Clean power! Also very efficient at 4ohm
  5. Hole is cut, there's no going back now. At the moment, only the subs are hooked up. They move A LOT of air below 25hz, feel like it peaks at 15hz. Pretty flat and musical up to mid 50hz ish. What I totally dislike is that once it starts getting real low, besides the bass.. all i hear are the doors & sunroof slapping back n forth. Havent gotten my gf outside yet but definitely hair trick type of air movement.
  6. I certainly hope so, I've got a good feeling.. and thank you, I agree that guy Peter from PS does some killer stuff
  7. Dude! They said they can repair it! If I get this thing fixed I swear I'll venmo you $8 for a cold beer thanks for the referral
  8. Who's Zed? Sh*t I'd be willing to give anything a try. I did contact the amplab & 2 other places but it didn't work out
  9. Awee snap, so after a bit of huffing & puffing I'm gonna continue. My Arc 4000se is shot, nobody will take it in as a repair as arc doesn't publish their schematics. I spoke with arc and was told it's reached end of support and nothing can be done. I was leaning towards the Acoustic elegance subs as they were suited for more SQ. But Now that I had to buy more Arc SE amps to make up for losing the sub amp money's tight, so it's gonna be the FI ib3v2 18's (will be here tomorrow). My sub amp is now the 2300se which outputs 1300w @2ohm, each door will have a 2075se which outputs 150 per midbass, tweets now will be ran with a 4100se with 2 spare channels.. maybe 8" midbass center console at some point
  10. I agree with mrskippy, those rear speakers might hurt your soundstage.. buttt I've heard of people delaying their rears 20-25ms (Haas effect) which sometimes makes the front stage better.but I haven't experimented. Also, no need to use up 2 outputs for your substage. You've got plenty of options with 8ch outputs
  11. What's up guys, I've read a bit about gain overlap and believe I understand it pretty well. I understand that music isn't ever recorded at 0db so that's why we'd set gain at (to make this easy) -6db. So the overall experience will be much louder & yes, clipping at those peaks every meaow & again. But let's say I was going for SQ and didn't want to send my amp into clipping at all.. or much less. In theory, couldn't I get an amplifier 4 times as powerful (6db) (amp overhead) and set gains with a 0db tone?? In theory a 100w amp set with a -6db tone will be the same loudness as a 400w amp set with a 0db tone. Except the 400w won't clip at all..
  12. If it's any help, I'm running an active setup with 2 6.5" mids & a tweeter in each door. I experimented with each mid on its own channel controlled separately with the DSP & both wired in series on one channel. I can honestly say I liked the sound more when they were wired together. If you've got the same speakers in the same location (like all 4 mids) treat them as one channel. If you've got 8channels to work with and wanna sound good & loud, I'd probably do tweeters on 1ch, 2-mids on another, & bridge the rear channels and do a midbass/woofer where u would've had the 3rd & 4th mid or center console.
  13. The tweeters wired in series will work fine with 1ch. But if you're looking to have each mid on its own channel, then you'll take up 4 outputs from your DSP. That's 5 channels per door (including tweets), which exceeds your DSP capability. If you Y-split the mids, there won't be individual tuning for each mid, thus making it unnecessary for a 4channel amp for each door. You'd have to wire the mids in series/parallel too. If you've got the 4chan amp already, you can Y-split a RCA out of the the DSP into each input of the amp, but then your tuning for each mid will be with the amplifier & not the DSP which makes the DSP unnecessary
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