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  1. Thanks for letting me know, I didn't know a woofer would do that. I've just only ever seen unwound/burnt coils before. Probably just gonna send the order through for the recone, hopefully they'll accept an exchange with the $difference for the beefier PR's.. fingers crossed.
  2. I'm almost positive it hit bottom when the PR blew.. it more or less went free air at full volume when it ripped. Enclosure is tuned to 28, sounds great.. wanted a sql daily. only way I was getting that low and saving space(4.5cu) was with the PR's. As far as getting free stuff or replacements.. Not really looking for that, just a fair shake. I emailed last week offering to ship everything back for a diagnosis and id pay the difference in price for the PR's from their standard to high excursion and id ship these back. I've also never seen a coil with a bubble like that.. was hoping I didn't blow it, obviously would like to save some money if it were covered
  3. 1 - 18" tc sounds lms ultra 5400 with psi recone. 2 - 18" psi passive radiators. Alright, so let me start by saying a few months ago I had got into contact with psi about my passive radiators really reaching their limits in terms of excursion.. they confirmed with me that things were alright and.. hey, they recommended 2 18" PR's would be good enough, so obviously I believed them & continued about my business.. Last week-ish, I heard some distortion with the reconed lms and got into contact again.. thinking it was blown and wanting a fix because i had told them it was going to receive 2400w rms.. they assured me it was able to handle the power and told me I was probably clipping and burnt it that way (I just I installed a new alt) and didnt retune the amp. Alrigjt, they offered me a discount of the subwoofer recone & i was gonna upgrade to the high exvursion PR's.. we started an order form and all that jazz.. Obviously, since I'm buying a new recone.. I might as well turn this one all the way up.. 10sec into the bass drop one of the PR's explode and rip apart. Now, these are out of warranty.. But shouldn't my email months back count for something?? When I said they were being stressed too much? So, I pull the sub, remove the magnet and find something surprising as well.. theres a bubble or void on the coil thats rubbing the motor. The copper wire isnt discolored or burnt. this doesn't look like a blown coil to me. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this looks like a manufacturer defect that could be covered under warranty(I hopeeeee)
  4. Hi Steve, not much to read about with overdriving pr's on the web so i thought id bring this back from the grave. I believe I'm running into the same problem. When Cranked up high it seems the two 18" pr's are reaching their limits. It literally seems as if a spider spacer or something is banging into the basket or cone. At the same time the tuning gets thrown out of wack and the box kinda jumps or shakes side to side(pr's are on opposite sides of box, so that shouldn't be an issue) is this what you encountered?? Am I doomed?
  5. somehow i deleted the first video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbsYStgsISI
  6. Thanks man! theres def some imperfections here and there, happy for my first try though. i bought a 2nd pare of door panels on ebay, didnt want to hack up the orig. i was almost forced to go with the passive setup, port wouldve been 96in long and i really wanted to see out the back of the car.. did a lot of research, most are used in home audio but gave it a whirl for my car
  7. little video, just threw the box in, no tune.. just set crossover points so i dont blow any speakers. def sounds like garbage on the vid because its recorded on my cell, cant wait to get it tuned. loudddd in person, vocals have no problem keeping up with the lows, very happy with the outcome so far
  8. had a lot of trouble getting everything back in due to the thickness of the deadning and mlv, close to 1/2 inch... back and forth to ace hardware for longer bolts. real pain in the neck. off all day today, hopefully will get the wiring done & everything juiced up. Ive got a friend whos an audio engineer for ABC and he will be tuning the helix dsp(no idea what im doing) hopefully soon...
  9. 20160623_144936 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160629_161707 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160625_142021 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160625_141908 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160701_155534 by Joe drago, on Flickr inside & out... this stuff is THICKKK 120mil butyl, 10mil foil & 120mil CCF 20160714_101026 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160712_124034 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160712_123741 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160712_125228 by Joe drago, on Flickr 1lb MLV 20160707_135205 by Joe drago, on Flickr more MLV on top of deadning 20160712_132002 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160712_133555 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160713_105244 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160713_111247 by Joe drago, on Flickr these doors are sealed up to the max 20160714_104624 by Joe drago, on Flickr even more mlv 20160714_124110 by Joe drago, on Flickr
  10. ebay seller "techsoundsystem-shop". I bought both the dsp and director from them.. paid 270(director). nice people too, good communication and they dhl next day aired it from italy.... didnt even pay for shipping.
  11. so just got the word the deadner will ship next week, so little edge lighting work was needed. decided to install fans too, since ive got the extra time n all... 20160611_115823 by Joe drago, on Flickr one side in, the other out. also installed 4 more fans throughout the spare wheel well so it spins all the way around hitting every amp and processor. 20160622_124808 by Joe drago, on Flickr clamping curved plexi for led lights 20160622_131454 by Joe drago, on Flickr speaker mesh over the fans 20160611_115758 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160611_105800 by Joe drago, on Flickr 2 fans in the back 20160611_105806 by Joe drago, on Flickr space for led's 20160610_193052 by Joe drago, on Flickr lit up 20160622_183248 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160622_183633 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160622_184628 by Joe drago, on Flickr
  12. So, im STILL waiting on my GP audio deadning which was supposed to ship May. who the hell knows whats going on. So i cant actually put anything in yet, just small updates with a few pictures. First time using bondo, or even attempting doors 2016-06-06_08-33-47 by Joe drago, on Flickr 3 coats primer, 4 coats paint 20160602_163323 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160602_215148 by Joe drago, on Flickr before/after 2016-06-06_08-30-35 by Joe drago, on Flickr started raining when i put the speakers in so it got messed up, will have to repaint 20160606_202154 by Joe drago, on Flickr voice coil temp reader (you see it glued to the basket) 20160601_181519 by Joe drago, on Flickr THICK speaker wire & VC reader going out the bottom 20160601_201911 by Joe drago, on Flickr LED's 20160606_202017 by Joe drago, on Flickr have them set inside aluminum c channel to you cant actually see the led, lust the light.. 20160606_202127 by Joe drago, on Flickr
  13. 20160520_115910 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160519_183847 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160518_161259 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160518_161309 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160518_161225 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160518_161405_Richtone(HDR) by Joe drago, on Flickr threaded rivets to keep baff in place 20160523_164857 by Joe drago, on Flickr trimming some sheet metal & door panel 20160523_143732 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160523_170455 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160523_120714 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160523_134723 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160523_143144 by Joe drago, on Flickr 20160523_143138 by Joe drago, on Flickr