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  1. idk if it shows, but 3 of those are videos
  2. Epoxy Time! Poured it on the top and side pieces, mounted the PR's.. & threw in a few pics of my carbon fiber rocket car powered by a G40 engine that i finished up for some extra content!
  3. Not much done today, kept raining on and off here in NY.. Cut maybe 1/4 of the pieces i need for the front beauty panel, flush trimmed the box & routed abound the curved edge.. also got in some EL wire, i will be laying this around the plexi, around the curve (between top and front panel) and around the window for the amp once its made
  4. Thanks Steve! It's more of a budget stacked fab lol, was able to use all of the wood.. Just really wanted something different & ran with this, pretty happy with it so far though
  5. I don't think it's just cone area, it's loosely based on volume of the box.. 12-16in^2 per cubic ft of volume I think. Don't quote me. I've went past this and while at low volumes I got way more output, (pretty sure larger port makes a more efficient enclosure) but when cranked up, the sub would get sloppy & want to bottom out. I think you'll be just fine with going a little more than the 47.25 but I wouldn't go to 90 in music
  6. jnasty

    Sp4 18 plus power question

    Nice sub! I was between that 18 or a suindown 18.. I think you're gonna be just fine, i've heard those subs can take a bit over rated power. Youre gonna link the amps though right?
  7. ahhh, so i had to cut the top! i really wish i was able to fit it in in one piece but no shot. Now theres 2 little 'wings' on the side, theyll eventually be leveled out and a nice coat of epoxy poured on top. I really dig the grain where the edge is routed too. also, waiting on a new flush trim bit to cut the top to match the curve of the single piece of wood, on the front
  8. Where'd you get this info? I too am wondering about ground runs up front vs using that extra wire to run more power... Everything I've read seems like an opinion, did you come across any test results?
  9. Seeing that this arc amp draws 470A at full tilt, I'm thinking of doing another run of 2/0. I've already got 2/0 power & dedicated 2/0 ground going all the way up front. I'm torn between switching that 2/0 ground to power & just grounding to the frame in the back. Orr buying another 2/0 power & ground to run up front... After reading a bunch, everyone's got conflicting ideas of chassis ground vs dedicated runs
  10. Some small updates here.. realized the 4000se didn't really fit, about 2" too long on either side to fit in the spare wheel well. Had to modify with a lump hammer & torch. Sanded & resined the box, finished the top... Then realized it's too big to fit in through the tailgate in a single piece. Will have to make some seams unfortunately .
  11. Not much finished! assembled the box, will be cutting the holes this weekend, the grain looks great inside though! heard the NSV4 can take a boat load of power, so i felt obligated to pick up an amp that can power this thing 100% CLEAN signal. lets see if you guys can guess the amp!
  12. I'm saving it, probably do a re-cone and toss it in my home theater
  13. This weekend im gonna tough it out and devote some time though.. stay tuned
  14. Anywho, work has been kickin my ass made very little progress. bonded all the strips and plained them flat & sanded a bit. the top of the box which will house the plexi is gonna be a bit different though. I cut 3.5" strips and gluing them in a herringbone pattern.. i got the idea from a table i saw on youtube.. heres some pics