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  1. I just purchased 3 with the intention of running them in a shared 3 cuft sealed enclosure. But doing further research, 1.3cubes per is the "magic number". Which would bring me to 3.9cubes total, which is pretty darn tight for me. Has anyone had theirs in a 1cf and went bigger & noticed crazy results? Or should I be fine with 1cf per driver
  2. Titans are definitely smaller & about half the weight too.. I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly with this online calculator but it seems the titan will last only 6min with 100a of current & the JY 30min @ 80a. That much of a difference doesn't seem right to me
  3. Oh snap, yeah I meant HP-40.. typo there. For the $ the HP-40 looks like a great deal compared to XS pwr titans which are 10/20ah (per/reserve).
  4. I plan on doing 2 banks of caps too.. I thought the reserve would work best with the quick discharge of the caps. Although my setup isn't super high wattage, the amps are 60% efficient... So my 5560rms is actually drawing 8900.
  5. It's come time for me to switch to lithium with my upcoming build & I've had my eye on xs titan8 reserve.. but I've just come across jy power hp-40 which seems to offer substantially more power than XS for less$. There's not much comparison or material on either.. just seeing if anyone's also checked them both out
  6. All my equipment is in, just need some help with an enclosure design. I've got 2 12s sealed on 1200w each. The design calls for a down-firing box. Now, this box will be tight between the wheel wells and a wedge type of enclosure(against the back seat). So in reality, the only room for them to breathe out of is the space in front. (See crude drawing). I've read that 1/3 or 1/4 of cone diameter should be my clearance from surround to the floor. 3-4in in this case. When the rule of thumb is 1/3 cone area, is that assuming that much space on all sides?
  7. I may be overthinking this but I'm still gonna ask lol.. I'm doing a 2/0 run of neg and pos from up front to the rear with 2 Batts & a distro block. Distro & 2nd battery are in the rear. I've come up with 4 ways to wire- I drew them out on paper as explaining it would drive everyone mad.. Those squiggles aren't resistors, they're fuses for the sake of this drawing. Trying to figure best way to wire for optimal flow A B C D
  8. This is perfect exactly what I'm trying to do. thank you
  9. I'm in need of more power so I'd like to strap two identical amps which don't strap (in the normal way). Amps: 2 - Arc audio 2300SE Interconnects from the processor into each amp. Except one of the amps will be fed the same exact signal, but 180° out of phase. Use the positive terminals only on each amp Wire the in phase amp to the positive post on sub. Wire the out of phase amp to the negative post on sub. Gain match both. Mtx did this on their thunder elite amps, but they had a dedicated phase switch. Che
  10. Looking to get my hands on a pair of jbl gti 12's, either the mki or mkii.
  11. I had 2 of these 2200.1's. fantastic amps, def run them @4 ohm. Big, Clean power! Also very efficient at 4ohm
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