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  1. Hey guys, so it's new sub time.. I'm debating between the SI HST-18 MKiii or ZV5. I've read that SI is a sister company of sorts to sundown. Anywho, they're both rated at 2k rms but i've seen people give 3,500ish CLEAN to the ZV5 with no issues. Can the same be said about the HST? If i'm able to provide both with good power, which one should i go with? i've got 7ish cubes to play with, wont be using a port as i'll be using my 2 18" PSI high excursion passive radiators.
  2. HAHAh good to see PR's of interest elsewhere! Youve got the pr thing correct though, build as if you were going ported. this"or.asp is a great online calc that will help. BUTT! the final weight this calc tells you to add also includes the weight of the cone of the passive radiator itself. Say it says you need 1000g of mass, but your 2 15" PR's are 300g each. 1000-600 = 400g added mass / the 2 PRs = 200g on each pr. email psi and theyll let you know As far as mounting, i dig the bolt frankenstein look, and it would be a hell of a lot easier to play with a few more grams here and there to fine tune.
  3. jnasty

    Tidal Hi-Fi vs Gain Overlap

    ive realized my my gain settings are trash & need some work. If i understand correctly gain overlap is to pick up where music falls short of the test tone that was used to set the gain. So, mp3's and compressed files might need a big -10db overlap, whereas a cleaner file from tidal hifi (streaming FLAC) might be best with a -7.5 or -5db overlap. where do you guys have your overlap on MIDS/LOWS?
  4. Go figure i didnt see this until i was back, def wouldve helped
  5. have it working again had to chop into two vids, one for the vocals and the other for the low end. I realized when i stuck my head in the trunk that my amp is clipping, looks like ive gotta tune this thing..
  6. Looks like Christmas came early! - 2 18" high excursion PSI passives. Each passive has an added mass of 484g, giving me 28hz. I'll have a vid up today, going out in the cold to install these puppies
  7. The epicenter might be amplifying the signal too much & into clipping, which overworks your amp.. just my guess though
  8. 2nd vid is some nice SQ, sucks that the cell microphone doesn't do justice
  9. Quick vid of the finished product.. well almost. Gonna hit the jbl amp trim with another coat & patiently waiting on the new PR's to arrive! Supposedly shipping this week they said. Other than that, it's all ready to go. I'll take another video In daylight.
  10. jnasty

    In need of some help choosing the right mids and highs.

    look into the JBL 660GTI!! I picked up 2 component sets (active) after doing a TON of research & couldnt be happier! Go with the 660's, theyre cheaper compared to the newer 670's and are identical except for 1 large crossover on the 660 vs 2 smaller crossovers on the 670.
  11. jnasty


  12. Thanks man! i grabbed it from home depot, $1.39/foot, 4-gauge solid copper. it comes in a roll, i put one end in a drill & the other in a vice.. spin it a few times and it straightens itself out. i always dug the look of hard-lines for an air ride and tried to recreate that a bit