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  1. Hello my fellow basehead friends I like you all I'm obsessed and infatuated with Bass my life is not complete without it I'm not by any means the master of all bass but I've been in and around it for many years now build 6th orders 4th orders wall builds many many systems I've had I can even count the number I've owned check me out on YouTube if you're all interested just type in the search box Kyle Kari and you'll see a man with the red beard more than likely in a tree click that that's my YouTube I have lots of content uploaded lots of bass videos thanks enjoy and continue bassin


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  2. Hey Big D Wiz my name's Kyle I'm from Minneapolis Minnesota I recently picked up an amplifier that needs repair the CT sounds 4000 mono dual power inputs. Just curious if you knew of a good place for amp repair that you could suggest to me it's hard enough to find anyone to do and prepare nowadays and I would like to just make sure I send it to someone who is reputable I would truly appreciate any help in this sense thank you love your videos.

    1. rocking.that.eclipse


      If you have a facebook look up John Vandenburg and shoot him a message. He's really good but super backed up right now

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