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  1. I'll be there. Been there every year since 2013.
  2. Well would you look at that. Didn't expect to see some of these people post. Still lurking around here every now and then. I took a break from the audio too for a while, then decided to just throw money at it and let someone else take care of all the building for me. you'll see me in a year or 2 with a real real OG vehicle.
  3. 1st post.... wonder how long this one lasts before it gets taken down....
  4. Just ordered. 13135 is order number. I think I got everything in there you needed tho... Daily will get to be a little better done now
  5. Looking at all the tools that I wanted for Black Friday... IMSG is sold out and so is AMM-1....


  6. If you find me friday too I can get you out to see Jake Warvels build. Plus Casey M's Golf is pretty sick and all FI gear too
  7. Hey it was 92 yesterday in Michigan... Installed a dock after work for someone and it was like being in piss water it was so warm
  8. Got a little bored at work today so made my own side slider kit model. Going to 3d print it here probably tomorrow
  9. https://www.polarispartsking.com/product/21839/4-inch-gear-reduction-box-for-polaris-rzr they use these a lot of times if they get to ridiculous. I thought the same thing for a while too until I saw these gear boxes.
  10. My father and I installed 30sq of luxury liner in our wakeboard boat 4 years ago. Still going strong in there
  11. Contact Scottie directly. He may take a day to answer but he has a few new s1400 in b-stock last i knew
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