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  1. https://www.mcmaster.com/cap-nuts pic your material and size you'll pay an assload for them from here but you can window shop so you know exactly what you want
  2. Well would you look at that. Didn't expect to see some of these people post. Still lurking around here every now and then. I took a break from the audio too for a while, then decided to just throw money at it and let someone else take care of all the building for me. you'll see me in a year or 2 with a real real OG vehicle.
  3. Fuck man. I'm at a loss for words. He talked to me about having cancer and said he was doing well the last time I talked to him.... This breaks my heart
  4. Working at a nuclear plant we are being really careful as to who we let on site. Government has basically waved a lot of requirements we have right now and all the audits they come and do on us. Of the 13,000 employees we employ there are like 50 cases right now. We even had it broke down by site. New Orleans got hit hard (kept Marti Gras going) and our New York site is hit pretty hard (right north of NYC) and when I say hit hard i mean 10-13 confirmed with anyone they came in contact with in previous 14 days sent home for 2 weeks. I ho
  5. If you have a facebook Jay Doty runs the shows in Michigan. I know he was working on a few for the year. There are always shows at Soundcheck Customs if you want to make the trip down there
  6. I went from having 16 xs power d1600s to the 2 xs power 40KSPLS. The weight savings for me was awesome. I know a lot of people didn't like the first renditions of the lithium batteries that xs had but I was one of the few that did. I would hold 15.6 with the AGMS on 13k (rated) and when I swapped i held 15.9 on the same 13k Looking at LTO right now but I'm not sure if I will buy any new batts until I let them be released for a while
  7. Did you end up finding a way around the chimes? I've got a 2016 Sierra and looking to put my dsp and 3 way set in mine too. PM me or facebook me (Shane Sullivan, should be able to find me as a mutual friend of Jeff Rollenhagen) and lets talk
  8. Just ordered. 13135 is order number. I think I got everything in there you needed tho... Daily will get to be a little better done now
  9. Looking at all the tools that I wanted for Black Friday... IMSG is sold out and so is AMM-1....


  10. If you find me friday too I can get you out to see Jake Warvels build. Plus Casey M's Golf is pretty sick and all FI gear too
  11. Hey it was 92 yesterday in Michigan... Installed a dock after work for someone and it was like being in piss water it was so warm
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