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  1. The stock wiring goes to the little + red box that comes from the battery on all these new body gm's. You can't see it in the picture because I pushed it back behind the alternators in order to get the triple alt bracket to fit. Or it may be ran into the stock wiring that's ran into the side post of the front D3400 battery. I put the I-bar kit on that battery so I could use side posts for my stock battery wiring and use the top posts for everything aftermarket. Oh and I don't have my negative runs going from front to back. That's why you don't see them. The rear batteries are all grounded directly to the frame.
  2. I've got stock wiring to the stock alt, 1/0 going from battery to + and - of each Mechman and then 4 runs going from front battery to rear batteries..
  3. Here's one of when I first got these subs and amp in there. It's changed since then. Same equipment but better looking and different box.
  4. I have 4 runs + and - of 1/0 sky high ofc. Big 3 done. Front and rear batteries are both grounded directly to the frame. Stock alternator is in stock location with stock wiring. The 2 Mechman 270s both have 1/0 on + and - . I'll try and post some pictures here in a few.
  5. I definitely thought something was strange too. I figured my electrical would be solid enough. But everything is fine. I tested everything. The alternators are all less than a year old and all the D3100s are just a few months old. I don't know what it could be. I know my amp pulls like 800 amps, so I thought maybe I needed more alternator power, but I see plenty of guys out there running more with less. I don't know.. It's very annoying.
  6. Yeah, doesn't make much sense to me either. But I've looked everything over, charged up my batteries, etc. and it still isn't as solid as I'd hoped. I was banking on never dropping below 13s, but that didn't happen. Granted I don't drop to 11s all the time, but I do see it.
  7. What do you guys recommend running for 7,500 watts at .5 ohm? It's an scv7500 on 2 z v.5 15" d2s. I currently have 2 Mechman 270s and a stock alt on a triple bracket with a D3400 up front and 4 D3100s in the back, but it still doesn't seem like it's enough. It goes into 11s even while driving. 02 Tahoe 5.3L
  8. Okay so I'm looking at getting a triple alternator bracket for my 2002 Chevy Tahoe 5.3L. Are there any triple brackets that allow you to run less than 3 alternators? I ask because I have 2 alts, waiting on my 3rd and I want to go ahead and get it and be running 2 while I wait on the other. Also, which company makes the best alternator brackets? Thanks in advance!
  9. Yeah I've got a fairly solid electrical. Luckily I have a Tahoe so I can run multiple alternators easily.
  10. Thanks a lot. I just Googled that and was looking at that exact page. I thought that may be what I needed to do. Simple. Wire the amp as normal, run RCAs from one amp to the next, and one subwoofer to each amp. Then switch one to master and one to slave. Now can you answer me this: I have one T2500-1bdcp. Should I get a second or should I just buy like a SCV-7500d? Would it be better to have just one big amp?
  11. Okay. Makes sense. I'll see if I can track down my manual.
  12. Well what exactly do I do then? Wouldn't it be difficult to run one sub per amp? I know gain matching is a tough thing to do..
  13. Okay so the amplifier I'm referring to is the Rockford Fosgate T2500-1bdcp. I understand how to strap for one subwoofer, but I have two subs and I want to run one sub per amp. My subs are Sundown zv5 15" d2s. I found this chart, but it only shows one speaker:
  14. So as the title says, I just bought a Sundown ZV5 15 and was wondering if anybody had a good box design? It will be going in an 02 Tahoe and ran on a Rockford Fosgate T2500-1bdcp. Any and all help will be appreciated! Thanks guys!