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  1. Currently I hsve a TPI440 but not the biggest fan of it. The screen is small and it’s hard for me to see small clips. Looking for an oscope like the ones Like the actual boxes with bigger screens, but not crazy expensive. Just something basic for amp tuning
  2. Don’t think it was from clipping. Both subs were tunes to a 0db note before. About 71 volts on each. Used a -5db tone this time and got it to about 74/75 before clipping on the one that clips sooner so I set both to about 72.5
  3. I get what you’re saying. I should of mentioned I had that scope open when I matched both gains too. Didn’t look like any clipping anywhere. Been breaking them in a bit and not getting a smell now even if I full tilt for a few minutes, but will still do as you suggested.
  4. Just gonna retune and make sure the tone is -5db and see what’s up. Thanks
  5. No everything on the deck is the same as before. Should I be good with a -5 tone then? I will try the method of testing which clips first tomorrow then matching to that.
  6. Thanks for the input. I normally use a -5db tone, but it got deleted off my phone when I reset it. Wasn't at home when tuning to reupload it to my phone. Was using a bass maniak 40hz off apple music. I was under the impression that tuning to a 0db is safest, and that something like a -5 for decaf would be putting the gains up higher though? I listen to a good amount of decaf when full tilt, and lots of stuff that's "rebassed" to specific frequencies that I like playing at. What test tone should I use then for this?
  7. Finally finished my new Orion build. Ive got a 285 hairpin alt from US alts, normal super start battery under the hood, 3 xs power d3100s in the back. Big 3 is done, 2 runs of 0 gauge to back for 4 total, ( 2 +, 2-). 2 orion Hcca152s. I have an Orion XTR 2500.1D amp on one sub, and a 2500.1dz on the other (One I ordered they sent me what they said was a D, not a dz). Got everything hooked up, tuned with my oscope on a 40hz tone so no clipping. Set one amps gains then matched voltage on the other. Played full voume for a bit on my way home just to here em and after a bit, the subs started to give off a light smell. Did not smell like burning. Is this normal if I haven't broke the subs in yet? Plan on playing them at half volume for a few hours before I go full again. I'm staying above 14 volts when driving even at full volume and at low RPMs. I figured it was a new sub thing and not having broke them in yet considering it is all tuned with an oscope, and nothing seems to be getting too hot.
  8. Update: haven’t hooked tweets up yet, bur I unhooked crossovers and direct wired back to deck and it doesn’t do it. Do tweets just need hooked up too? Next week I’ll be adding a 4 channel for everything to run off of
  9. I have a 97 suburban. I had some hertz aftermarket 6.5s all around for a while which I never had a problem with. Decided to try out the NVX VSP65s. Got all 4 speakers done (2 components, 2 Coaxials, Tweeters are not hooked up yet), and added the crossover to the fronts. I got my speaker input and speaker wires from the kick panels. Tweeters are not hooked in yet, haven't mounted them. I now have a problem where if I turn the deck up (Kenwood KDC-X702) to about 26, all the speakers shut off, deck stays on until I restart it. If I fade to the back it doesn't do it. If I unhook the inputs from the crossover to shut the fronts off, it doesn't do it. If I only have one of the fronts hooked up, it then goes to the cutting out problem (one or the other both do it). The only thing I have done different from the Hertz was add the crossovers (didn't have any hooked up on old one). Where should I go from here? Crossovers are not mounted near metal. Speakers are directly wired into them, and I don't know where to go from here.
  10. 4th and 6th orders arent generally used for dailys but if he has to choose between the two then hed probably want a 4th based on what youre saying
  11. Hello everybody, i have a universal bass knob for my one amp that runs through RCAs. My new system will have 3 amps and im going to be using a RCA Distribution box. If I run the rcas from the head unit that the bass knob is connected to into the distribution box input, will that bass knob work for all 3 amps connected to the boxes output?
  12. Wiring 3 XS power batteries in parallel in the trunk of my car. Wiring with 2 runs of OFC 0 gauge, and wanted to ask a question about grounding. I plan on grounding underneath the back seats directly to the cars body. Should I ground each battery separately for a total of, or just one run ground from one battery to the body since they are all wired together? Thanks in advance
  13. Get LED headlights to minimize dimming if you dont have them already
  14. I have component speakers that came with a passive crossover for the speakers and tweeters. I have two of the hertz dsk 165.3 speakers. So my speakers are mounted inside the door panel. Whats the best way to wire from the speaker to the crossover without it looking bad? Should I wire it through the door panel via a small hole and go around the kick panel or should i just wire from the crossover to the speaker wite on the back of the deck?
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