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  1. Wiring 3 XS power batteries in parallel in the trunk of my car. Wiring with 2 runs of OFC 0 gauge, and wanted to ask a question about grounding. I plan on grounding underneath the back seats directly to the cars body. Should I ground each battery separately for a total of, or just one run ground from one battery to the body since they are all wired together? Thanks in advance
  2. CodyDaGoat

    Electrical for 6000 rms

    Get LED headlights to minimize dimming if you dont have them already
  3. I have component speakers that came with a passive crossover for the speakers and tweeters. I have two of the hertz dsk 165.3 speakers. So my speakers are mounted inside the door panel. Whats the best way to wire from the speaker to the crossover without it looking bad? Should I wire it through the door panel via a small hole and go around the kick panel or should i just wire from the crossover to the speaker wite on the back of the deck?
  4. CodyDaGoat

    Electrical for 6000 rms

    I have a 270amp alt on 3 d3100s with 5k rms. If you can get 1-2 more than thatll help. Youll want to have a voltage meter and check on it to make sure you arent dropping too low. I suggest you top off the batteries 1-2 times a week.
  5. CodyDaGoat

    XS Power Battery Question

    I planned on going with an XS power charger. I have a 270 amp hairpin alt im throwing in. I still would like to know how often to check voltage and how often to charge them?
  6. Just finishing up my first “high wattage” build. Ive got 3 D3100s sitting on around 5k rms watts. Plan on bumping anywhere from 10-30 minutes per day. How often should the batteries be charged? And what are some goodrecommended chargers for these
  7. Just finishing up my first “high wattage” build. Ive got 3 D3100s sitting on around 5k rms watts. Plan on bumping anywhere from 10-30 minutes per day. How often should the batteries be charged? And what are some good recommended chargers for these
  8. Ive owned 2 sundowns for about 2 years now. If you set it up right, both will have good sound quality, and both will get loud. I can tell you from personal experience that if its done right, sundowns will sound a little bit better than Alpines when both are in the same price range. if youre referring to the $400 type Xs, you will probably get better sound quality out of them then the sundown sa 12s. If its in your price range, I’d say upgrade and go with the sundown X12 subs.
  9. I’ve never personally owned Fi subs, but I have heard good things about them. If its in your budget, I’d go with the BTL. You get what you pay for. Make sure your system can handle whatever you go with electrically.
  10. CodyDaGoat

    Behind console box for 2 SA6.5sw

    Only one for MAC I ever seen was MacSpeakerz which isnt around I don’t think unless you can find a download somewhere for it. Your best option which would be highly recommended if you want to do it yourself is to get bootcamp and install windows and go from there.
  11. CodyDaGoat

    Amp has more power than subs

    But since I am on my stock system as of right now I should be able to just tune it notmally with my oscilloscope and I should be fine then?
  12. CodyDaGoat

    Amp has more power than subs

    Yes thats the one thats on the way. This is on my stock system with an optima and the big 3 done. With my new system, im running two of these amps ( not strapped) 1 per 2 ohm sub so that each is wired to 1 ohm. Im also going to be using a mechman 270 Amp alt, and 3 xs power d3100 batteries along with my optima under the hood
  13. CodyDaGoat

    Amp has more power than subs

    Hello, so Im in the process of upgrading my sundown 15s to a much louder setup. I sold the amp the sundown 15s were on, and while I slowly buy everything I need for my new setup (to handle it electrically) I still have my sundowns and a amp rated to 2500 watts at 1 ohm which i will use later for one of my orion subs. If I want to run this amp on my sundowns (rated 750 watts rms each) at 1 ohm. How would I tune the amp to make sure the subs arent distorting? I have an oscilloscope to set the gains normally, but would that cause distortion to the subs since their rated 1000 watts lower than the amp?
  14. 5000 watts RMS. I have 3 XS Power d3100s ordered, and the best alt I can run is a 270AMP Hairpin. Running two sets of 0 gauge to each battery and I bought a TPI440 Oscilloscope for tuning